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How To Ride Rise of the Resistance At Disney World

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Walt Disney World’s newest E-Ticket attraction is Rise of the Resistance. Star Wars fans are ECSTATIC about this ride. If you’re planning a trip to Batuu in the near future, this is how to to ride Rise of the Resistance. It’s more complicated than walking up and standing in line. Here’s what we know so far, including my firsthand tips for grabbing a boarding group. Information updated as of January 15, 2020.

Entry to the Boarding Group line for Rise of the Resistance

Entry to the Boarding Group line for Rise of the Resistance.

Rise of the Resistance For runDisney Runners

First note of business: there is a good chance that this whole process could change by the time the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Weekend kicks off.

We did get the 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon maps posted, and Galaxy’s Edge did not factor in at all. So that’s good for park-goers, even though we all wanted that option! 

Could it happen at future races? It’s Disney! Anything could happen! I’m keeping the hope alive.

Star Wars Rival Run in April would be an excellent time to have runners trek through Galaxy’s Edge.

The reasons are obvious: less people at this race weekend, more time will have passed from the opening of this ride, the theme practically screams for it to happen, yadda yadda yadda.

Of course, that’s all just conjecture and a guess at this point. But I’m saying a little prayer to The Force (hey, it can’t hurt!) that runDisney and Hollywood Studios are able to make it happen for us. 

Here’s what we do know about the current process and steps needed to ride Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World. 

How To Ride Rise of the Resistance Podcast Episode

The No-Guilt Disney Podcast team talks you through getting on Rise of the Resistance: at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. 

Take a listen- this information is accurate as of 1.29.2020


How To Ride Rise of the Resistance At Disney World

This is THE ride to get on at Walt Disney World, if you’re a Star Wars fan or not.  

It’s being described as something no one has ever attempted before, and in spite of the occasional breakdowns, the ride is a huge winner.

And the real question on every Disney World goers mind is: how do I get to ride the Rise of the Resistance? 

There are no standby lines for Rise of the Resistance at this time. 

So how does this work? Here are the steps to ride Ride of the Resistance. 

Storm Troopers inside Rise of the Resistance at Galaxys Edge in Disney World

Storm Troopers inside Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. Photo: @realmousewifewdw

1. Be Prepared to Arrive Early to Ride Rise of the Resistance

‘Cmon, runDisney fans, you’ve trained for this your whole life! 

We are a special breed of Disney goers who know that you don’t sleep in on vacation at Disney World. The early bird gets the best spots in the corrals and earns all the medals. 

If you want to ride Rise of the Resistance, the early morning race experiences will serve you well. 

You’ll want to make sure you check the Hollywood Studios opening hours the day before you plan to hit up the attraction. Opening times can and do change frequently for this park right now, so make sure you are up to date by checking the My Disney Experience app

You no longer need to arrive HOURS in advance. But I’d still recommend arriving well before the park opens. 

We arrived about 15 minutes before park opening and managed to walk straight through security and the turnstiles without any wait. 

hollywood studios entry

How to ride Rise of the Resistance: arrive early! Photo: @realmousewifewdw

2. What Time Is Hollywood Studios Open For Rise of the Resistance?

Current Disney Calendar shows the park hours of 7 am to 8pm through January 2020.

Extra Magic Hours- a special extended entry for Disney World Resort Guests- are scheduled for Sunday evenings at this time. 

Extra Magic Hours - How to ride Rise of the Resistance Disney World

Extra Magic Hours Extended For The Rise Of the Resistance?

Extra Magic Hours for Hollywood Studio are usually Sunday mornings. But this has changed recently. 

Now you can enjoy evening Extra Magic Hours on Sunday evenings, typically 8-10 pm or 9-11 pm. 

Can You Ride Rise of the Resistance During Extra Magic Hours?

Yes. Rise of the Resistance is open during evening Extra Magic Hours, but you do still need a Boarding Group reservation. 

There are no standby lines. 

3. Can I Get A FastPass For Rise of the Resistance?

There are no FastPasses available for Rise of the Resistance at this time. 

You cannot get a FastPass for Rise of the Resistance at 60 days or 30 days in advance like you can with other attractions. Basically: you can’t FastPass that, Flyboy

But there is a system in place to book a reservation in the line and this is called joining a Boarding Group. 

Rise of the Resistance FastPass scanner

I tried it- butttt… they didn’t let me in. This was at Galaxy’s Edge opening in August.

4. Join A Boarding Group To Ride Rise of the Resistance

The Boarding Groups are essentially virtual queues for riding Rise of the Resistance.

Important note: you do not need a Boarding Group to enter Galaxy’s Edge or to Ride Smuggler’s Run. This is just for folks who want to experience Rise of the Resistance. 

Steps to joining a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group:

  1. Line up and enter Hollywood Studios before it opens. You must be inside the turnstiles before the park opens for the boarding groups to be available for your party. 
  2. Park hours are being upheld for the most part, but for a 7am opening you may be let into the park at 6:30 am. If you are, you still won’t be able to get a boarding group until 7 am when the park officially opens. 
  3. Once you’ve scanned in and the park is officially open, you’ll wait until the announcement of park opening hours.
  4. Pull up the My Disney Experience app immediately and click the “Find Out More” button when you see Rise of the Resistance on the main page. Here’s where you will join a boarding group. If it’s not available yet you will need to close the app and re-open it. 
  5. Each member of your group must be linked together via Friends and Family to ride together- and they must all have tapped into the park before opening. You cannot let the kids sleep in and just add them to your Boarding Group. 
  6. You’ll be assigned a group and a return time. Your app will alert you when that group has been called. 
  7. Once you’ve been assigned a Boarding Group, you may leave the park. You do not have to stay all day waiting, but you do have to return within your boarding group window. You’ll have 2 hours to return when your group is called. 
how to ride rise of the resistance with boarding groups at disney world

Inside Rise of the Resistance at Galaxy’s Edge in Disney World. Photo: @realmousewifewdw

5. FAQs About Rise of the Resistance & Boarding Groups

Can I join more than 1 boarding group?

  • You cannot. There is a 1 time per day limit on Rise of the Resistance. 
  • If I cannot get into a boarding group, what can I do? You can join a backup boarding group. This will show up on your app as well.
  • Backup boarding groups are only called if all previous boarding groups have been called and there is extra capacity for additional Guests.

Can I join a boarding group as I run through Hollywood Studios during the runDisney Marathon?

  • Only if you are able to scan your magic band at the turnstiles and enter the park within the sweet spot of time where boarding passes are available. I know a few of you are going to work out the runner math to make this a goal: let me know what you end up with! 
hollywood studios during the walt disney world marathon

Running through Hollywood Studios during the Walt Disney World Marathon in 2016.

Do Boarding Groups cost anything extra?

  • Nope, they are free to join as long as you are a guest inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

What time do the Boarding Groups “sell-out”?

  • So far, it’s been fast. Within minutes of the Boarding Groups becoming available, they are filled up for the day. This is why being early to Hollywood Studios is so important. 

What happens if the ride is down during my return window? Cause… it’s been down a lot. 

  • Disney has been offering 1-day park hoppers and an “anytime” FastPass for the following day when this happens to guests. There is no promise this will continue to be the case, but for the opening week this has been the process.

How to ride rise of the resistance at Disney World without a FastPass

How Long is Rise of the Resistance?

  • About 18 minutes

Is Rise of the Resistance a roller coaster?

  • Nope. Not even close, though there is one small drop in the ride that you will feel in your tummy!

Will Boarding Groups be available for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend?

  • We just don’t know yet. There is a chance that this will not be applicable by then and Standby lines will be in use. I’ll keep this post updated with any changes as we get closer to the runDisney Marathon weekend. 

Hope this helps you know How To Ride Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World!

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John Campbell

Friday 3rd of January 2020

If you scan you ticket and manage to get a boarding assignment to ride - Rise of the Resistance - and leave the park— you will loose your boarding assignment. Once in park you have to stay till ride is complete. Unless Disney changes policy again. I was fortunate enough to get access on New Years Day - it was worth getting there 1.5 hrs prior to park opening. It is just plain Awesome

Patty Holliday

Sunday 5th of January 2020

That's so great! But they do allow you to leave the park once you are assigned to a boarding group. That will not kick you out of the queue.