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Disney Memorable Moments 3: Stitch’s Great Play Date, The Next Phasma, Disney Is Always Watching

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Why do we keep going back to Disney? The Disney memorable moments that the parks and resorts provide, of course! This week we rundown a few: Stitch, Phasma, and more!

runDisney character stops before the Star Wars race include Captain Phasma

Photo: Melanie Adams

Disney Memorable Moments 3: Stitch’s Great Play Date, The Next Phasma, Disney Is Always Watching

The Memorable Moments- and man, do we need some of these in our lives!- are why we keep going back to Disney. 

And we know that you are as eager as we are to make some more of these.

You’ve got some of the best stories of magic and love that happen in the parks, resorts, and on the cruises. And we cannot wait to hear more- so please keep submitting! 

Elvis Stitch on the runDisney race course: Disney Unpopular Opinion is that we dont like the movie

Got A Disney Memorable Moment You’d Like to Share?

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Patty 0:05
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast – where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane 0:12
We are three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should – and we are perfectly okay with that.

Theresa 0:20
Yes, we are.

Patty 0:22
Completely okay with it.

Theresa 0:24
My name is Theresa, and you can find me on Instagram at and more often on Twitter at @GertieTheDino.

Jane 0:32
My name is Jane and you can find me on Instagram at @RealMousewifeWDW. And because I’m now on Twitter for like three days, you can find me on twitter at @RealMousewifeFL.

Theresa 0:46
Did you have to go look to make sure you said that right?

Jane 0:49
No, I was like oh – FL. And then I was like, “What if they hear S L?” And then it all spiraled out of control after that. But follow me on Twitter for my three wise words of wisdom.

Patty 1:02
Hey y’all, I’m Patty Holliday from and the No-Guilt Fan Girls Podcast. You can find me on all socials at @NoGuiltLife. And again, thank you, thank you for being here. Thank you for hanging in with us. We get a little ridiculous at times, but we’re having a lot of fun with this podcast. And we also hope you’re learning a little bit along the way.

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And if you really love what you’re listening to and you want to participate in the conversation, join us over on Facebook in the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group where we talk about Disney all day long.

Patty 2:20
Hey, that’s why we’re here, man. Speaking of these reviews, I wanted to give a shout out here for…this is a fun one that we just got last week. This one’s from Tom and Michelle. And they gave us five stars, thanks to Tom and Michelle. And they said, “This is a fantastic Disney podcast. These wonderful women know their stuff and have a great time talking about all things Disney. The show is an easy listen and contains a lot of info while still maintaining the fun. We are also big runDisney fans -” Holla! “- and participants. So we appreciate any show that can talk knowledgeably and entertainingly about it. Give them a listen and subscribe.” And that’s Tom and Michelle. They are also from the Hyperion Adventures Podcast. So you guys are gonna want to check them out too, another great fun podcast. I think Jane had a chance to listen to a couple of their shows.

Jane 3:09
I did. I was listening to them on the way to work this morning, and I just love listening to them. So I hit subscribe on that, too. Can’t get enough Disney.

Patty 3:18
You cannot. Alright, so we are going to talk about magical moments. I think this is episode three of our magical moments. And you guys seem to love it. We absolutely love it. This is one of our favorite episodes to record because we get to talk about those times, those stories, those moments that basically keep you going back time after time after time to Disney. I don’t think we have a specific topic for this one. I think it’s just kind of a general magical moments topic, right?

Theresa 3:52
Yeah, we were having people send us some of their most memorable things that happened to them at Disney, and so it’s it’s a good mix here.

Jane 4:00
Honestly, we live for these kinds of stories. So go ahead and keep sending them to us if you’d like to share your magical memories at [email protected], yes?

Theresa 4:13

Patty 4:14
Yes, Jane.

Jane 4:15
I always have such a hard time with email addresses.

Theresa 4:19
And there is also a form on where you can fill it out and there you can have a choice: you can send us a memorable moment, you can send us an unpopular opinion, awkward character interactions, there’s a full list there that you can pick from. And if you join us in the Facebook group, that is going to be the first place that we asked for stories. So if you know you’re gonna have something you really want to share, make sure you go there and just keep an eye out.

Patty 4:47
The link is also in show notes, so make it real easy for you and just click on through and share your stories with us, because these are a lot of fun. Alright, let’s get started. I think I am actually up first this time. This one came from Ashley. Ashley says her most memorable Disney moment was when they rope dropped Magic Kingdom and Stitch was just coming out. And he grabbed her little guy by the hand, and walked him all around Tomorrowland. They played for 15 minutes together until other kids started to show up.

Theresa 5:20
Now does this make either of you like Stitch more?

Jane 5:25

Theresa 5:26
What?? It’s such a cute story.

Jane 5:31
It’s adorable. But Stitch wasn’t holding MY hand.

Patty 5:36
Oh my gosh. It’s all about Jane. <laughter> It’s all about Jane. Yeah, it’s a super sweet story, and I will give Stitch some props for completely staying in character and having fun with it and playing, because that’s very Stitch-like, right? Do I remember that correctly? So that’s sweet.

Theresa 5:54
He’s very playful. This is a slight tangent. But if you’ve ever seen videos when it’s snowing in Disneyland Paris, every single time I see a video of Stitch having a snowball fight with a bunch of kids.

Jane 6:05
Oh, that’s fun.

Patty 6:07
Yeah, that is fun. All right, who’s next?

Theresa 6:10
I’m gonna take this in a very different direction. And this was sent in by Leslie. And she wrote, “I once was shot directly in the eye by a ball of water at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean when I was looking closely (yet still seated) because it looked like something was coming out of the cannons. I swear it was Disney saying ‘Stop scrutinizing the magic!'”

Patty 6:35
They see everything. And they know. They know things.

Theresa 6:41
Do you know the story of George? George, the ghost of Pirates of the Caribbean?

Patty 6:46
Yes, but pretend I don’t so we can tell the story to everybody else.

Theresa 6:51
It’s one of those urban legends that there is a ghost named George – and I forget if…there’s like, if you say “I don’t believe in George” at some point during the ride is when he’s going start to cause some mischief, so it wasn’t Disney saying this to her. It was definitely George.

Patty 7:08
Yep, blame it on George.

Jane 7:10
Hold on while I’m booking my Fastpass for Pirates. <laughter>

Theresa 7:13

Patty 7:15
Jane’s gonna try it out. Yeah, I also heard with George that the Cast Members at night have to say “Goodnight George” or something specific that you have to say. Otherwise the ride will let you know that it is displeased the next day. So one of the Cast Members is always tasked with making sure to say goodnight to George for us.

Jane 7:34
All right, I guess I’m up. This is about my favorite topic. From LJ. “I remember being at Walt Disney World for Halloween when I was 5 or 6 and they had a Halloween event at the Contemporary (where we were staying) and the Snow White Wicked Witch had a walk around character that scared the living HELL out of me. I ran back to the room and refused to get back in the elevator the rest of the night so we trick or treated back and forth between our room and the room our family friends were staying in.”

Patty 8:08
Awww, Disney. Scarring children, one Halloween at a time.

Jane 8:13
She’s scary. I understand.

Patty 8:18
I wonder how old she was. Did she say?

Jane 8:21
She was five or six.

Patty 8:23
Oh my gosh. All right. Yeah. That’s not hilarious. It’s actually kind of sad.

Theresa 8:29
Oh no, I’m definitely leaning towards hilarious.

Jane 8:32
It’s amazing.

Patty 8:34
Oh my gosh. The two non-parents <laughter> Yeah, you guys don’t understand what the parents had to go through! I’m just telling you from a parenting point of view, that was that was some trauma and some drama that we did not need from Disney. Thank you very much. Speaking of some trauma and drama related, this has a side of Ew to it. But this comes from Jill, and Jill’s hilarious. Jill says, “This one time my toddler licked everything at Walt Disney World and came home with the souvenir called pin worms and he shared it with half the family. Memorieeeees
.” Y’all, you got to remember, there are so many people. And people have so many gross, nasty germs.

Theresa 9:25
Wash your hands, everybody.

Patty 9:28
You cannot Purell enough, you cannot wash and scrub and everything enough. And yeah. Do that.

Jane 9:38
Yes, please, for the locals do that.

Patty 9:44
Oh goodness.

Theresa 9:47
So we’re gonna take a turn. Step away from bringing home diseases. This one was sent in by Sandy, who is actually a former coworker of mine. She wrote, “Long ago, waiting in line at Space Mountain, Michael Landon was behind us (he was in a TV show, Bonanza, and quite a heartthrob).” So do either of you – I know the name, but I can’t picture who he was.

Jane 10:11
Wasn’t he on Little House on the Prairie?

Patty 10:13
Oh my gosh. You’re so young. How do you not know Michael Landon?

Theresa 10:16
Well, Little House, I know who this is now.

Patty 10:19
It’s Pa Ingles, man. And yes, he was hot.

Jane 10:22
And wasn’t he on a Heaven show or something?

Patty 10:26
Yes, he was, in the 80s. Heaven Help Us? I can’t remember what the name of it was.

Jane 10:33
I think my grandparents used to make me watch it.

Patty 10:35
Yeah, that would sound like a grandparent-y thing to do.

Theresa 10:41
Anyway, tangent. There is more to the story. I just want to get anybody who’s like me, who just needed some clarification.

Patty 10:50
We got a little sidetracked.

Theresa 10:51
“We didn’t speak with him, but you could see the “news” that he was in line spread like a domino down the line. He was behind me when exiting the ride and a friend took a quick photo with the two of us in it. She then lost the photo! ”

Jane 11:08
Oh man.

Patty 11:12
Alright, so Michael Landon: I looked it up real quick, and it’s Highway to Heaven, which I should have known that.

Theresa 11:17
Ohhh. I remember seeing previews for that.

Patty 11:20
I think he was an angel or something? I used to watch that show, but I’m getting so old and I just don’t remember everything that was on in the 80s.

Theresa 11:29
I was watching cartoons.

Patty 11:32
Thanks. Thanks. Thanks so much. Appreciate you.

Theresa 11:36

Patty 11:38
All right. What else you got there, Jane?

Jane 11:41
This one is from Laura. Laura says, “Being at the Osborne Christmas lights -” let’s have a moment everyone “- and trying to find a gingerbread cupcake. I finally found one at one of the little carts. I was telling the Cast Member how I had been looking for this particular gingerbread cupcake, and he holds it out and says ,’It’s from Mickey.’ He put one of the glow cubes on it. He wouldn’t take my money. Which is, of course, another reason I keep going back.

Theresa 12:12
Now I really want a gingerbread cupcake.

Jane 12:16
I love to do that stuff.

Patty 12:18
I still want to know if there’s any Cast Members out there that can tell us like, is it a trade secret or not? I don’t know. But I still want to know: how many magical moments can you gift or can you pixie dust on people in a day, a month? How does this work? I’m sure that cupcake gets tracked, because first of all – Disney has spies, it has cameras everywhere. So they know that you gave that cupcake away, which is all good. So I’m assuming it’s on the up-and-up, right? So I’m just very curious, how often they get to do that? Because what a fun little gift to do.

Theresa 12:50
Yeah, so any Francisco’s out there, any Cast Member friends, please, please share with us and tell us. Because we’re going to keep asking every single time one of these stories comes up.

Patty 13:00
And that’s fun to say. All right, I think I get this last one. So this one I adore, and I adore it so much because the little girl who is featured in the story is one of my friend’s little girls, and she’s so stinking adorable, guys. So this is from Tessa, and this isn’t her earliest memory, but it’s going to be high on her daughter’s list of memories. So Tessa shared this great video of her daughter Lorie. Lorie is seven years old, and she was in Batuu wearing a Stormtrooper costume, head to toe. First of all this family is super geeky, super nerdy. You can actually find Tessa on Mama’s Geeky, if you want to go and find this video, I am sure she’s got Lorie’s video out there, because it’s really cute. So Lorie has a Trooper name and her Trooper name is LS512. So the General in Batuu, the Empire general, took her by the hand, led her over to some other Stormtroopers, called her the next Phasma. And he used her Trooper name of LS512 during the whole entire interaction, and it was just amazing.

Theresa 14:16
That’s so great. I do need to find this video.

Patty 14:19
Oh, you totally do. You know, I’ll put a link in show notes to make it easy for everybody, because it’s just it’s so great. It’s so cute. And it’s so Disney. I mean, I love it. It’s those kinds of stories and those kinds of interactions that these kids are gonna remember forever and ever. That time that she was called the next Phasma. Like, how cool is that?

Jane 14:41
They’re so authentic there, too. Kylo Ren was interacting with a small kid that was dressed as a Jedi. And this poor kid, he looked like he was gonna crap his pants. He was terrified and all of us were like, “Leave this poor kid alone!”

Patty 14:45
Kylo Ren is a little intense. I think he needs to come with a content warning.

Theresa 15:10
It’s funny, so my two nephews: the older one, that was high on his list of characters that he wanted to meet when they went to Disney. It was all Kylo Ren. But his younger brother was there with him and the whole time, he just keeps looking off to the side and he’s just like, “I don’t really want to do this…”

Patty 15:29
Yeah, he’s a lot. He’s a lot. All right, well, that’s it. That’s what we have for that the memorable moments today and I love those stories. I know Theresa and Jane love them too. And I hope you guys like listening to them. We need more. We’re going to call out to go ahead and fill out our little form, or in the Facebook group, and we will post this and we’ll have you guys add some more stories to it. If you’re not in the Facebook group, come join us. You can also find us on Twitter. Probably your best bet is to tweet at @GertieTheDino, because she’s also just kind of got it all together where Jane and I are a little bit more of a hot mess right now.

Jane 16:09
I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Theresa 16:13
This is sad state of affairs if I’m the one who has it all together. <laughter>

Patty 16:19
Look, we all know that this episode wouldn’t have even happened if you hadn’t pulled it all together for us. So appreciate it. super appreciate it. And with that, thanks, guys. Thanks for listening again.

Theresa 16:33
And make sure you join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, because as we know Patty likes to say:

Patty 16:39
It’s no fun to fan girl Disney alone. Bye, y’all!

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