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More Coast to Coast Discussions

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I’ve been on many Facebook groups discussing the Coast to Coast concerns. 

There’s been a lot of thoughts about how this should play out, ways they hoped runDisney would handle this circumstance, and how things might move forward.

The last update I shared indicated that only one medal would be earned a year, and it would be the medal that you earn first.  Here’s another update- just received and hot off the internet! 

A friend in one group just shared this email this morning:

If you register for all three races, you can choose to forgo the regular
Coast to Coast medal at Tinkerbell and receive the pink Coast to Coast
medal at Princess.


There still isn’t an official press release or blurb on the blog about this situation, but I urge anyone with concerns about their Coast to Coast medal to contact runDisney.  
Once again, they are listening to what you have to say!
The Coast to Coast has always been a once a year medal, so to expect more than one in the 2014 calendar year would not seem likely. However, I am happy to see that you might have the choice between the pink and the blue one if you are a Marathon weekend, Tinker Bell Weekend, and Princess weekend runner.
Go earn that bling! 

Sharing is caring!

Julie Franklin

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

Hooray, once again runDisney listens to their runners!

Amy Albers

Thursday 2nd of May 2013

That's great. I personally prefer the original, so if I end up doing Tink and Princess, it's nice to know that I could choose that one.

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