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Parents Guide To Rides At Disney World: Are These Rides Too Scary?

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Kids are weird, let’s just call it out upfront. What might be scary to one child may not phase another. But knowing what attractions at Disney may be too scary for your kids will help avoid meltdowns. Especially when you are taking Toddlers to Disney for the first time. Before you spend time and money on a Walt Disney World or Disneyland vacation, check these Parents Guide To Rides At Disney to decide what might be too scary for kids at the Disney parks.

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What Rides At Disney Are Too Scary For Toddlers and Kids?

While Disney isn’t known for particularly scary rides, there can be some that might terrify a child unexpectedly.

Toddlers are known to be particularly fearful of things like being someplace too dark, too bright, too loud, or maybe too spooky.

In this series, you’ll find parents ride guides for all Disney theme park attractions at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. We’re updating in real-time, so check back for more guides as they get added!

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What Is In Each Parents Ride Guide

As always, you know your child best.

Disney doesn’t try to make rides that are too scary for kids, but some children may have unexpected reactions to certain experiences at Disney World or Disneyland.

These parents’ ride guides will let you know about elements that kids may find concerning or scary before you get in line.

In this series, we’ll run down the ride basics to include if there are flashing lights, loud noises, spins, drops, jump scare elements, dark moments, scary themes, and overall general speed or intensity.

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Parents Guide To Rides At Disney World and Disneyland

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