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NEW Walt Disney World Marathon Course Announced

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The 2020 Walt Disney World Marathon course map is going to look a lot different than previous years! Changes in the weekend race were just announced on the runDisney Blog. Here’s what we know so far. 

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NEW Walt Disney World Marathon Course Announced

Guests who love runDisney know that change is always inevitable. 

It wasn’t always this way: there were a few years back in the day where we’d have the same medals, the same courses, the same themes, the same cheese in the snack box (ahem, that one could have stuck around FOREVER) year after year. 

But now we have new things to look forward to and for the 2020 runDisney Marathon weekend, that starts with a new Marathon course announcement. 

2020 Walt Disney World Marathon Course Changes

According to the runDisney Blog:

Participants will run through Blizzard Beach Water Park, and will spend more time running inside Epcot, and less time on the roads outside the parks. 


Any time in the parks and off the roads is awesome. 

runDisney Marathon Course for 2020- Maybe?

My friend, Jill, dug this map up from the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon. Bless the internet! 

I think it has potential: start by going through Epcot first, and add Blizard Beach in before you get to Hollywood Studios. 

What do you think?

disney world marathon 2012 course changes



2020 Walt Disney World Marathon Start Time

Maybe not so awesome (for some) is the new start time for the 2020 Disney Marathon. 

Get up early, y’all: 5 am is the new start to the race. 

This is great for the back of the pack folks, in my opinion. Because that buys you an extra half hour of darkness and that’s always helpful on a hot day. 

The weather in Walt Disney World in January can be hot, can be cold, can be anywhere in between. So this helps overall, I think. 

When I ran the marathon, it was hot. Really hot (to me) at least for half the race. I was so comfortable in the tank. 

wdw marathon weekend

But last year? It was a whole other story on Marathon morning!

Look at those jackets and hats! 

pre-race rundisney character stops marathon weekend

Photo: Janie Kelp

ChEAR Squad Changes Coming to Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World

For runners, the event will offer a new outdoor exclusive area, where runners can take photos, pick up their gear, stretch, and recover.

For spectators, ChEAR Squad packages will offer access to the finish line, popular Magic Kingdom viewing location, and other amenities, but will not include access to the open-air runner experience.

This sounds intriguing! I can’t wait to see how this is all set up for marathon weekend. As a cheering member of the community, I wonder what exactly the changes will look like. 

More news out soon- and you know I’ll keep you posted. 

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