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runDisney 101 Podcast: Answering All the runDisney Questions

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We can talk about runDisney all day, every day. In fact, some days we actually do just that! If you’re looking for a runDisney podcast that answers some of those 101 or FAQs that come up, then we’ve got the episode for you. Here’s the runDisney 101 podcast: answering all the runDisney questions!

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runDisney 101 Podcast: Answering All the runDisney Questions

runDisney is booming again, and the desire to run through the theme parks is strong.

We’re mid-runDisney 2021-2022 race season and we wanted to make sure anyone new to the cult- errrr– community had their questions answered. 

We’re answering all the FAQs you have before the big race weekend- and if we leave anything out that you need answering, please let us know!

Feel free to ask questions in the comments or head over to the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group

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New For 2022- runDisney 101

Here is the updated, new and improved for 2022 and beyond- runDisney 101 episode.  

We cover it all: from registration to arriving at Walt Disney World to the expo and the finish line– and everything in between. 

Listen to the runDisney 101 episode:

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Transcript of the runDisney 101 Podcast

I know podcasts aren’t for everyone so I made sure to make this accessible for everyone who has runDisney questions. 

Here’s the runDisney FAQ post that is essentially the transcript for this episode. 

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