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runDisney 101 Podcast: Answering All the runDisney Questions

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I can talk about runDisney all day, every day. In fact, some days I actually do just that! If you’re looking for a runDisney podcast that answers some of those 101 or FAQs that come up, then I’ve got the series for you. Head over to No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast where the runDisney 101 Podcast series is LIVE!

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runDisney 101 Podcast: Answering All the runDisney Questions

This is a multipart series talking about one of my favorite fandoms: runDisney. 

Since the 2019-2020 runDisney race season is about to kick off, I wanted to make sure anyone new to the cult- errrr– community had their questions answered. 

We’re answering all the FAQs you have before the big race weekend- and if I leave anything out that you need answering, please let me know! Feel free to ask questions in comments, tweet @noguiltlife, or head over to the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group

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Obviously, we didn’t answer all the questions, but these are a few that my clients from No-Guilt Travel have asked that I felt would be helpful to share with podcast listeners. 

If you’re new to podcasting, I’ve got a 101 for that as well: check out Podcast 101 to learn just how (and why!) you want to start listening to podcasts

Trailer: What this runDisney podcast series is about.


Episode 1: Let’s Go runDisney! Packing list for runDisney races, My Disney Experience, and all about the Expo


Episode 2: It’s Race Day! What to wear, how to get to the race, and what to expect on the course. 


Episode 3: Crossing that finish line and celebrating. Photo-finish tips, navigating the finisher chute, getting back to the resort and celebrating your run. 


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Links Mentioned in the runDisney Podcast Series

Beginner’s Guide to RunDisney

Your Guide to the Magical Express

The runDisney Balloon Ladies

Character Stops: Princess Half Marathon

Character Stops: Rival Run Half Marathon

Character Stops: Marathon Weekend

2019 Wine And Dine Half Marathon Weekend Event Guide, Corrals, Course Maps and More

Ready to runDisney? Contact No-Guilt Travel For Your Race Packages

If you listened to the podcast, you know I love talking and sharing the runDisney experience. 

So much so that I am the owner of No-Guilt Travel, a travel agency that specializes in runDisney and Disney Vacations. 

If you’d like to run a race this year, please fill out this form to request a quote

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Where To Find The No-Guilt Fangirls Podcast

You can subscribe to the podcast and find these episodes on

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Transcript of the runDisney 101 Podcast

I know podcasts aren’t for everyone so I made sure to make this accessible for everyone who has runDisney questions. 

Here’s the runDisney FAQ post that is the transcript for this episode. 

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