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UPDATE! Hack Your Way To a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

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Rise of the Resistance is the hot E-Ticket attraction at Walt Disney World and Disneyland. But here’s the thing: there’s no standby line or FastPass for this attraction. You’ll need to grab a Boarding Pass if you want to ride Rise of the Resistance.  I rode it for the first time this week and have some crucial tips & hacks to get you in the best position to nab that coveted Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. Here are the secret tips for a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group strategy. UPDATE: Do you need to be in Hollywood Studios to get your boarding pass? I have answers… See Tip #9. 

Storm Troopers inside Rise of the Resistance boarding group secret tips

Shhh… here are the secret tips to getting a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance. The Empire demands your silence!

Hack Your Way To a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

Alright, Resistance Fighters. This is the data you’ve been looking for. 

We rode Rise of the Resistance for the first time last weekend and made an attempt a second time a few days later. And we learned a few things in this process!

Luckily for you: I’m a sharer. Here are my secret hacks to get a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance. 

May the Force Be With You!

Girl in front of Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group Strategy

Tania from was my traveling buddy!


How To Ride Rise of the Resistance Podcast Episode

The No-Guilt Disney Podcast team talks you through getting on Rise of the Resistance: at Walt Disney World or Disneyland. 

Take a listen- this information is accurate as of 1.29.2020

1. Use Uber/Lyft Orlando To Hollywood Studios

I love Disney’s transportation services, but, man, there are times like this that you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. 

Especially if you are running a little behind, skip Disney transpo and go ahead and order an Uber or Lyft Orlando to get over to Hollywood Studios.

It’s worth the $10-20 or so to get there without stress!

Minnie Vans from Lyft Orlando are a good option to get to Hollywood Studios for a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

2. Sleep In- A Little Bit, Anyway

You do NOT need to be at Hollywood Studios at 4 am for this ride any longer. Boarding Groups are not given out until the park opens.

Currently, boarding groups are going live at 7 am for the first set of passes. 

Arriving crazy early does not give you a jump on the competition any longer unless you want to rope drop Slinky Dog Coaster. Then it makes sense to show up early. 

But honestly? Everyone has that same plan. So I’d skip Slinky and focus on the following tips if Rise of the Resistance is your #1 goal. 

3. Do You Need To Arrive Before Hollywood Studios Opens To Get A Rise of The Resistance Boarding Group? 

Not any more! At least not for the first chance option of Rise boarding groups that will happen at 7am daily.

UPDATED December 15, 2020: Here’s the latest on getting a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. This new process starts on December 20, 2020 and is a pilot program. 

If you don’t make that first set of boarding groups, you WILL need to be inside the parks for the 2nd chance at 1 pm.

You’ll still need to tap in before 1 pm. This is crucial.

The exception is only made for the early boarding group booking as noted above. 

hollywood studios entry

4. Once Inside, Be Anti-Social

Move away from the people. As far away as you can for the 1 pm option. 

Here’s the thing: when you are packed tightly in a group, you are all fighting for the same data signal on your phone. If you put some space between you and the larger crowd trying to get into Slinky Dog, you might have a better chance at getting a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. 

Especially if you have an older, slower phone.

Think about heading down toward Tower of Terror for example. 

We stood in the middle of Sunset Boulevard where there were fewer people on one morning, and over to the side by a Cast Member on another morning.

About the Cast Members…

Cast Members helping with Rise of the Resistance Boarding Groups

5. Look For the (Boarding Group) Helpers

If something goes wrong with your App or phone (and it might!) you’ll want to go to the nearest Cast Member (VIP Plaids) or Guest Experience Team (Blue umbrellas and Blue shirts).

On our first mission, we found the lovely Justine at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard — and stood right by her until the park opened.

Don’t be weird or creepy, but chat them up and find out if you can hang out for a bit. 

She was faster than we were in this case and helped us get our boarding group before our apps would even open! We were in boarding group number 27. 

Hero: thy name is Justine!

Disney VIP Guide in Hollywood Studios

6. Do NOT Open the My Disney Experience App Until The Park Opens

Justine told us that the app reloads right at opening (7 am in our case) and if you have the app open already, you’ll need to close and refresh it in order to get into a boarding group. 

So keep it closed, but hover and be ready to hit open as soon as the clock strikes!

7. Use The Newest, Fastest Phone In Your Group To Get A Boarding Group For Rise of the Resistance

While Justine got us sorted on the first day, my second day found me without a Justine to be seen.

WhompWhomp- I was planning on going this alone. 

I did find my friend Crystal with a few minutes to spare, and we decided to try to get separate boarding groups at the same time as an experiment.

Would we be equally successful if we were standing together but trying separately?

The answer was a resounding NO. 

Right at 7 am, we opened our apps and by 7:01 Crystal had Boarding Group 50. 

For the record, I was using Verizon LTE and she was on AT&T. 

I, however, did not even have the ability to join a boarding group!

My much, much, MUCH older phone did not update as quickly as her brand new iPhone 11. 

My Disney Experience App Boarding Groups for Rise of the Resistance

Note the time: 7:01 and the Join Boarding Group button was still greyed out!

I panicked, my heart sank, and I thought, welp, that’s that. 

But Crystal kept a cooler head and she managed to get my boarding group as soon as she saw the button light up.

I ended up in group 92 where she was in 50- and this was all within 1 minute of each other. 

8. If Something Goes Wrong With Your Boarding Group, Find The Guest Experience Team

These folks are located throughout the park: so don’t stop at the one on Hollywood Boulevard. That will have a long line because they are right in the thick of things. 

guest experience team disney world

Crystal and I decided to ask if there were any options to move me to her Boarding Group so we could ride together. 

We found Jacob, a member of the Guest Experience Team, over by the Muppets and he listened to our issue (app wouldn’t load so we couldn’t get close to the same boarding group). He was able to move my boarding group to the same one as Crystal. 

This was likely because we asked early, and because I already had a boarding group.

Plus it was just 1 person; I wasn’t asking for 10 members of my family to be accommodated. 

Guest Services Team Disney

Jacob with the Guest Services Team was super helpful!

So keep that in mind when you are seeking assistance from the Guest Experience Team. There are limits to what they can do!

They cannot change you to a totally new and earlier boarding group, for example. But they were able to add me to my friend’s boarding group, which was all I hoped for at that time. 

9. Go Rogue- Leave The Park To Get Your Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group

I’m adding this here and have an update as of January 31, 2021. 

I tried it. Yup, I sure did. Would you expect nothing else from a tried and true resistance fighter?

I meant to try it the last time I was here… buttttt I slept in and cheered the runDisney Marathon instead. 

At that time, according to cast members, they said it “should work”.

The key to getting a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance is that you MUST tap into the park. You have to have an active ticket showing you entered Hollywood Studios. 

No one says you have to STAY in Studios, however. 

So that 1 pm 2nd chance run?

As long as you’ve been in Studios at some point during the day, you should be able to log into the app and get your boarding pass even if you are back at the resort. 

Remember the tip about getting away from people? You might have a better shot at grabbing an early Boarding Group if you are outside the park.

Tap in, leave the park, and walk away from the crowds. Maybe go back to your car like I did. 

Mind blown, right?

Just putting space between you and your competition might actually help you get that coveted ride on Rise of the Resistance. As long as you’ve tapped into the park, you are eligible and you are not required to remain inside Hollywood Studios. 

I know Travel Agents who have logged into their client’s My Disney Experience accounts from their own home after a client checked into Hollywood Studios. 

Would that be an option for you? If you’re using a travel agent, you might want to ask!

Security line for Hollywood Studios Rise of the Resistance 

Do You Have To Be Inside Hollywood Studios to Get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group?

Not any longer! See the updated information above. 

I can confirm that while you do need to tap in and use your ticket for park entry, you do not need to STAY in Hollywood Studios for the Boarding Group time to open up. 

Here’s what I did:

  • Parked at Studios at 6:13 am
  • Through security by 6:20 am
  • 6:22 am, listened to the announcement that boarding groups would open at 7 am. At that time, they started letting us tap into the park at the turnstiles. 
  • I picked the wrong line- of course- so I didn’t get in until 6:33 am. 
  • I took some pictures, walked around, left the park at 6:37 am. 

Do you have to be inside Hollywood Studios to get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group?

I had to laugh- the cast member who saw me leaving asked if I needed assistance? Was everything ok? 

He was genuinely concerned that I was confused and not going to the right place. 

Ahhh, young Padawan, I was on a mission. 

I was in my car and waiting to see what would happen at 7 am. As soon as my phone hit 7, I pushed the buttons and got right into the app. 



Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group hacks and tips

I still ended up at boarding group 52 so I don’t know if that’s a slow phone or what was going on there. But… I was in and I’ll be riding this magnificent ride later on today. 

After a nap, cause man, I’m tied. 

Let me know if you use these hacks to get a Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group. What worked for you? 

boarding group hacks for rise of the resistance at disney world

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