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How To Make Walt Disney World Park Reservations

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I won’t lie: that was a bit of a stressor. But being the runDisney vet I am, I also was not surprised by the way this played out. But once the website actually loaded, the entire process was a breeze. Here’s how to make Disney World park reservations and what the process will look like when you get in! 

Pink castle disney reservation system

Do You Need Reservations To Get Into a Disney World Park?

You do now.

Things are constantly changing for Disney guests in 2020, and probably the biggest has been the Disney World Park Pass Reservation System.

Never heard of it? You are not alone!

It’s a brand new process as of June 22, 2020, and it is required for entry to Disney parks through 2021. 

Disney parks ears and castle might need a disney face mask when the parks open

How To Make Walt Disney World Park Reservations

The reservation system went live today and after a few glitches, the entire thing was smooth as butter. 

Ultimately I can say that I’m a fan–  but that’s speaking from the other side of a bumpy launch this morning. 

Hang in there, friends, it works and it works well. 

As this is a phased reopening process, please refer to the Disney World Reservation Timeline to know when you are eligible to make your Disney World park reservations. 

slinky dog dash roller coaster

Step 1: Check the Walt Disney World Park Availability Calendar

If you want to know your chances of entering a park on any specific day, go ahead and check the park availability calendar on the Disney World website. 

This will tell you what parks are green- good to go! 

It will also let you know what parks are not available.

Step 2 of the Disney Park Pass Reservation System: Log Into My Disney Experience Via Desktop

You will not be able to make reservations through My Disney Experience at this time. 

Be sure to log into on your desktop. 

I tried a few browsers and as did a friend, and we found Microsoft Edge got us both through first.

Coincidence? Maybe!

But just a heads up that it worked for both of us.

waiting room orbit for disney parks reservation system

We ended up in this queue first, which runDisney friends will recognize! 

And yes, there were some flashbacks to recent fast sellouts while we waiting, which probably did not help our anxiety levels. 

After that screen, we were sent to the pink castle placeholder above… where we waited and waited and waited. 

Eventually, I was asked for my Disney World log in information. 

You might be asked for one more step after logging in. Click the “make a park reservation” button (and hello, Space Mountain old friend!) and then you will move on to Create Your Party. 

Step 3: Create Your Party

Create Your Party Screen on Disney Parks Pass Reservation system

At this point, you really get moving!

This process reminded me of the FastPass experience; you picked your date and then picked your park. 

Step 4 of the Disney Park Pass Reservation System: Pick Your Dates and Park

You’ll choose the date you want to visit from the calendar. 

Once you click on a date, the available parks will populate and you can make your choice on where to visit. 

Select a time Disney Parks Pass Reservation system

Step 5: Confirm Your Disney Parks Reservation

And the final step: check your liability waiver confirmation box at the bottom, and you are all set!

One thing to note: due to this confirmation request, Travel Agents cannot reserve your park days for you.

The reservation process is something all guests will need to navigate themselves. 

Disney Parks Pass Reservation system confirmation screen

After you confirm, you can view your plans or move on to the next day you wish to reserve. 

The entire process takes no time, runs extremely smoothly and I think will be helpful for guests and the Disney Parks themselves when it comes to managing crowds. 

Was I happy getting up early and having my browser crash on me over and over again? 

No I was not- I mean, who would be, when your Disney trip is on the line! 

But in the end, and with a little faith, trust and pixie dust, we did get the dates and parks we hoped for. 

Galaxy’s Edge: we’re coming for you! 


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Christine nathan

Thursday 3rd of September 2020

So do I buy tickets first? Or select the reservations first. My dates are all green at the moment.

Patty Holliday

Friday 4th of September 2020

As long as the dates are green, then you'll be good to buy tickets. You can't pick your date until you have the tickets purchased-- however, you def want to make sure there is availability! Have fun!