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Time-Saving Disney Tip: Use The Single Rider Lines At Disney

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Sometimes the best Disney hack is to roll solo: at least temporarily! And on some attractions, you can do just that by utilizing the single-rider lines at Disney. We’ve got a list that will help make this one of your favorite time-saving Disney tips.

Time-Saving Disney Tip: Use The Single Rider Lines At Disney

When people ask what our favorite Disney hack or tip might be, we always have the same thought process.

Time is money and at Disney, there is nothing more precious than your time.

So is buying Genie Plus worth it on a busy day? ABSOLUTELY.

Should you spend a little extra on the Individual Lightning Lanes for some attractions? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD.


But what kind of time-saving Disney hacks or tips can we share that won’t cost you a thing?

Here are our favorite: use the single rider lines at Disney. In most cases, it will save you loads of time and likely won’t impact your enjoyment of the attraction.

What Are Single Rider Lines At Disney World Or Disneyland?

They are pretty much what they sound like: a chance for your group to split up and ride solo vs in a group on an attraction.

This means your group will be split up to fill in available open seats in a ride vehicle.

single rider attractions at disney world and disneyland
This sign is located at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. It is NOT a single rider option at this time, but may be one in the future.

Why Would I Want To Ride As A Single Rider?

The easy answer is that it will almost always save you time.

There are some exceptions to this rule, but in general, we found going through a single rider line would allow us to experience the attraction with a much shorter wait.

Often we are literally walking onto the ride and have NO wait, but there have been instances where it took a bit for our turn to come up.

Smugglers Run FastPass options
The famous main hold lounge is one of several areas Disney guests will discover inside Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run before taking the controls in one of three unique and critical roles aboard the fastest ship in the galaxy at Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Joshua Sudock/Disney Parks)

But it’s almost always a faster process than waiting in a 60+ minute standby line.

This is a great option for groups of 2 or 3 that don’t mind splitting up, or for the obvious solo traveler who doesn’t need to be seated next to a friend or family member.

Larger groups *may* find the Single Rider option a bit longer to cycle through and may not have as much success utilizing this Disney hack.

You WILL be split up so don’t think this is a slick way to slip in and jump the line as a group.

What Are The Single Rider Lines At Disney World?

For whatever reason, Disney World doesn’t have many single rider options at this time. Disneyland single riders have a few more choices.

But you can use this Disney tip and save time if you want to ride any of the following attractions:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster (Hollywood Studios)
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (Hollywood Studios)
  • Test Track (EPCOT)
  • Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure* — Signage exists, but a single rider line has not been used at this time. Possibly in the future.
  • Soarin’ Around The World — (EPCOT) This is in a testing phase as of August 8, 2022. Your mileage may vary on availability.
rock n roller coaster single rider line at disney world.

Our personal experience: single rider at Rock N Roller Coaster, Smugglers Run, and Expedition Everest will almost always save significant time.

Test Track is a gamble. This line can get backed up pretty quickly and due to the ride vehicle makeup (6 people vs a traditional 4-person vehicle), Cast Members have more options when loading groups.

If you can get a Lightning Lane for this one, you may be better off.

disneyland single rider line space mountain

What Are The Single Rider Lines At Disneyland?

  • Matterhorn Bobsleds (Disneyland Park)
  • Splash Mountain (Disneyland Park)
  • Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run (Disneyland Park)
  • Space Mountain (Disneyland Park) — SOMETIMES this is in use. Always ask if it is an option!
  • Incredicoaster (Disney California Adventure)
  • Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure (Disney California Adventure)
  • Goofy’s Sky School (Disney California Adventure)
  • Grizzly River Run (Disney California Adventure)
  • Radiator Springs Racers (Disney California Adventure)

In our experience, much like Disney World Single Riders, pretty much everything listed will save you time.

Except for Radiator Springs Racers on some days. It has the same ride vehicle as Test Track at Disney World, so the same single-rider problems exist.

We find it to be an easier line to exit out of, however, if we discover it’s too long to wait.

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