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Every Disney Park Is Closed- And We’ve Got To Talk About It

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Ah man, I have to admit: I never thought a day would come that “it’s a small world” wasn’t running in a Disney Park somewhere in the world. But that day is today: the gates are closed, the cast members are gone, the guests have left and the attractions are silent. Here’s what we know about the closure of the Disney Parks, how the US parks are handling cancelations of vacation packages, the future of the runDisney Star Wars Rival Run race, and how long we really expect the parks to remain closed. If you are looking for ways to enjoy Disney at Home, well, looks like you’ve got some time for that! 

its a small world holiday christmas at disneyland

Sorry, Folks, Disneys Closed. The Mouse Out Front Should Have Told You

ETA: On March 27, 2020, the Disney Parks announced that Disneyland and Walt Disney World will be closed indefinitely. 

Disney world closed indefinitely


Every Disney Park around the world is currently closed for operations. For the first time since 1955, there is not a single Disney Park anywhere open. 

And… well, we have some thoughts on that. 

Join us as we talk about our perspectives as Disney fangirls with different experiences and reactions to the news this week.

Disney parks closed across the world Disneyland gates closed March 13, 2020

We also touch on some of the questions out there that people have:

Okay, so that last one probably no one is asking, but we’re answering it because Patty knows the definitive answer. 

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