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No Salt! I Said No Salt | National Margarita Day at Disney World

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When I first started blogging, I chose the name Margaritas, Miles and the Mouse. Because I ran the miles with runDisney so I could drink margaritas at Disney. True story. It didn’t hurt that National Margarita Day falls during Princess Half Marathon Weekend almost every year! Need to know where you should celebrate this important national holiday? Here are the best places to clink your glasses (salt or no salt!) and enjoy National Margarita Day at Disney World.

national margarita day at disney world

Did you know that National Margarita Day is a real thing- and that happens every year during Princess Half Marathon Weekend?

And this, my friends, is why I run this race weekend every year!

Okay, so not the only reason. But it’s a darn good extra knowing I can celebrate my favorite drink on my favorite fake holiday at one of my favorite places!

If you’re looking to celebrate your Princess Half Marathon Weekend with a little salt and lime (no salt for me, thanks!) then this is what you need to know about National Margarita Day at Disney World.

celebrating national margarita day at disney with margaritas and medals
Photo: Tracy Lee

What is National Margarita Day?

It’s the best day EVER, of course!

It’s the day set aside in the US to celebrate the most requested tequila drink in the country.

A margarita is a cocktail traditionally made with tequila, triple sec and lime or lemon juice. It’s usually garnished with a lime and salt on the rim.

And it’s delish!

Celebrate National Margarita Day at Disney World February 22. But really- any day could be margarita day at Disney! Best places to get some salt, lime and tequila cocktails. #disneyworld #rundisney #nationalmargaritaday #margaritas

When is National Margarita Day?

National Margarita Day is Tuesday, February 22, 2022.

How Can You Celebrate National Margarita Day at Disney World?

Girl with a margarita at Disney World
Margaritas at Epcot is the easy go-to answer! photo: Jane Mayo

There are a few places I can recommend to celebrate National Margarita Day at Disney World.

Some are inside the parks and require park tickets- but there are a few surprisingly good options located outside the parks. No tickets required!

Visit Epcot’s Mexico Pavilion For National Margarita Day

Epcot is your easy answer because: Mexico Pavilion.

When you enter Epcot, make a left-hand turn and you’ll hit Mexico first. And this is where you have a few options for your favorite Margaritas.

la cava menu and medal for national margarita day at disney world

Choza de Margarita

This is the newest addition to the area, and one of my favorites. It’s an outdoor stand that offers a few varieties of margaritas.

I stop in, grab a fiesta margarita and stroll on down the World Showcase.

margaritas in Mexico for national margarita day at Disney World

La Cava del Tequila

There is no place I love more than La Cava del Tequila. Head up the stairs of the pyramid and you’ll find the tequila cave inside on your right.

Avocado margaritas are THE BOMB- trust me, you gotta try it. I know it sounds weird, but these are so, so sooooo good!

Get some chips, guac, queso and a margarita and you’ll be celebrating National Margarita Day at Disney World in the best way possible.

La Cantina de San Angel

Right across from Choza de Margarita you’ll find La Cantina de San Angel- another great grab and go Margarita location.

Bonus: you can score nachos and tacos to make a low-key lunch or dinner.

margaritas and sombreros at Disney World
photo: @royalravenscookies

Marathon Margaritas

It’s true: when you finish the Walt Disney World Marathon you will go right smack through Mexico. Yes, this is in January, but it still gets an honorable mention for this runDisney blog!

And grabbing a drink to cross the finish line with is absolutely possible. And OH SO WORTH IT!

marathon margaritas
photo: Christina McKeon
marathon margaritas kim and gail
Photo: Gail Savidge
margaritas at marathon

Hollywood Studios Margaritas

You don’t want to miss this option! I know, I know, Epcot pretty much took care of you.

But if you are in Hollywood Studios for lunch or dinner, be sure to head over to The Hollywood Brown Derby.

The margarita flight at The Hollywood Brown Derby is to die for! You get three different drinks: Becky Greenhorn, Melvin Macheezmo Mango and the Ready Freddy Fiddlesticks Pomegranate.

brown derby margarita flight
Photo: Mary Spina

National Margarita Day At Disney World Outside the Parks

Since we’re near Epcot & Hollywood Studios, you might as well head over to the Boardwalk Resort area.

BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas

Here’s where you’ll find BoardWalk Joe’s Marvelous Margaritas. The stand is open noon to midnight on National Margarita Day and it’s a great outside the parks margarita option.

The Marvelous Watermelon Margarita is a fave!

And if you happen to see someone setting up the stand early during a race, you might as well ask if they will sell you a drink. It’s happened before!

margaritas on the boardwalk during the dark side 10K

Dockside Margaritas in Disney Springs

Another awesome outside of the parks option for National Margarita Day at Disney World is Dockside Margaritas in Disney Springs.

Do a little running, then a little shopping, and stop here for a little sipping!

margaritas and medals princess half marathon at disney springs

Rose Gold Margarita at The Polynesian Resort

If you’re as basic as I am- love the ears, love the Disney Instagram Walls, even love those Spirit Jerseys- then you gotta have a Rose Gold Margarita.

You can find this beautiful addition over at the Polynesian Resort for National Margarita Day at Disney World.

rose gold margaritas and rose gold ears
Photo: Melanie Adams

Alright, there are a few options to get you started on you National Margarita Day celebrations at Disney World!

The runDisney race weekends are perfect for a cool drink after those long races. Grab your girlfriends, take in a few miles, and enjoy the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

And if you happen to get into a little trouble, just say “The Margaritas made me do it!”.

celebrating princess half weekend and national margarita day at disney world with girlfriends
photo: JJ Cornette

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