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What NOT To Take To Disney World In 2023

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There are a million tips and suggestions for things that you should take with you to Disney World in 2023. In fact, we have a list that might be useful! But what about the no-no items? Here’s what NOT to take with you to Disney World in 2023. Be sure to check with your travel planner who specializes in Disney if you have any questions.

what not to take to disney world
Balloons are not allowed at Animal Kingdom. Who knew? Leave that big Mickey Balloon in the hotel rather than take it to this theme park.

Is There Anything We Should Not Pack For Disney?

While we’re fans of the “better to have and not need than need and not have” approach to Disney packing, there are some things that you should definitely not bring with you.

And some of them are surprising like number 6. Who knew?

Know before you go and make sure your next Disney vacation is off to the perfect start.

dont bring alcohol to disney world unless its to your resort
No booze, no loose ice. You read that correctly; no loose ice can come to the theme parks. Weird, right?

What NOT To Take To Disney World In 2023

Disney wants you to have a magical vacation, but they also want it to be a safe one.

That’s why there is a list of things prohibited at the Disney parks and resorts that you should know about!

Here’s your list of things to leave behind when you are packing for Walt Disney World.

list of things not to pack for Disney World
We like to take the BIG bag, but that doesn’t mean we’re taking any of the following items. Keep it safe, folks!
  1. firearms, ammunition, knives, weapons
  2. marijuana in all forms
  3. pepper spray
  4. toys that look like weapons
  5. suitcases, bags, & coolers larger than 24 in x 15 wide and 18 high
  6. loose ice or dry ice
  7. alcoholic beverages- exception is made for alcohol at your hotel room
  8. glass containers
  9. flags & banners
  10. balloons are not permitted at Animal Kingdom, in the water parks, at Wide World of Sports, or at Animal Kingdom Lodge
  11. plastic straws
  12. horns, whistles, noise makers
  13. drones, skateboards, shoes with wheels
  14. stroller wagons
  15. folding chairs
  16. selfie sticks: this includes at all runDisney events for runners and spectators!
list of things you cannot take to disney world include selfie sticks
Leave those selfie sticks at home!

If you keep this list of items at home, your Disney World vacation will be off to the right start!

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