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Disney Packing List For 2024 | Printable PDF

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The Disney parks are open and ready for your next family vacation! And chances are, visiting Walt Disney World or Disneyland is on your ultimate bucket list. Once you’ve booked the resort, bought plane tickets, and made Orlando airport transportation arrangements, you’ll want to start packing. We put together a simple, printable PDF Disney packing list for 2024. Here’s what you need on your next Disney vacation! Affiliate links are included in this post.

disney packing list

See You Real Soon! Walt Disney World Vacation Planning Tips

Now that many travel restrictions have been lifted, the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World are welcoming guests from all over the world.

As a premier vacation destination for travelers, Orlando sees record numbers of families, singles, groups, and couples flocking to Florida for some of that special Disney magic.

Before you download the Disney packing list PDF, check these tips and hacks to make your next Disney vacation memorable:

disney packing list for 2022 and beyond. Castle with fireworks at night.

Disney Packing List For 2024

But you’re here for the packing tips! And Oh, Boy, do we have a Disney packing list for you.

This printable PDF will help you prepare for that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Walt Disney World.

We’ve listed all the things that we think are essential to pack for Disney trips, plus a few “nice to have” items if you have the room.

As always: you know your family best!

Some items may not be necessary for your Disney success.

The One Thing That Should Be In Every Suitcase For Disney World

There’s one thing we’ve learned over the hundreds of Disney vacations we’ve planned it’s that you really can’t go wrong by packing PONCHOS.

rain poncho disney packing list


That’s right: bring the ponchos.

Central Florida weather is wild, and it’s not uncommon for a brief rainstorm to roll through and interrupt your park day.

No one’s ever regretted this investment when traveling to Disney!

backpacks disney packing list
Backpacks are a must-have at Disney! If you don’t like a backpack, a crossbody pack is also a good choice.


Packing List For Disney World

Almost everything here can be purchased onsite if you need it, but trying to keep budgets in mind, it’s helpful if you can use this Disney packing list and bring things from home.

  • ponchos (we’re totally serious- you want these!)
  • travel umbrella -for shade as well as random rain storms
  • portable phone chargers– you WILL be using your phone to navigate the parks.
  • phone charging chords – we like the long ones so you can put charger in the backpack but still use phone
  • power strip and bricks for multiple devices
  • backpack- not too big, not too small, lightweight wins for long park days- we like this one
  • small hand sanitizer and/or wipes
  • water bottles to refill in the parks. Lightweight is key (sorry, Hydroflask lovers!)
  • cooling towels or handheld rechargeable fan
  • sunscreen- bring mini sunscreen to reapply at the park
  • aloe vera gel
  • sunglasses
  • hats
  • prescription medication
  • general first aid items in travel sizes: tissues, ibuprophen, benedryl, tylenol, bandaids, TUMS, Visine moleskin & KT tape for blisters are all nice to have on hand. There are first aid stations at each park and most resorts stock these items if you forget anything.
  • lip balm with SPF
  • carabiner– attach those cute popcorn buckets to your backpack!
  • plastic or steel straws– Disney only uses paper straws, so if that’s not your thing, bring your own!
  • plastic resealable baggies– stash phones in them when going on water rides, use for unfinished snacks, keep things organized in your backpack; tons of uses!
  • extra shoes you’ll want to rotate shoes if you can, or at least change into recovery sandals once you return to your room. We love Oofos!
  • bathing suit if you plan to use the pool,spa or water parks. They cannot be worn inside the theme parks. Towels are provided at Disney Resorts.
  • MagicBands if you have them
  • collapsible laundry hamper – helps keep the dirty clothes separate from the clean ones in the hotel room
  • laundry pods– if you are staying long enough and want to wash clothes, the resorts do have washer/dryers. And it’s cheaper to bring your own detergent.
  • Toiletries (hair ties, hair brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc). Resorts have H2O hair products
  • gum – not sold at Disney World
  • photo ID for all adults (passport or driver’s liscence)
  • lanyards and pins if pin collecting is in your future. Lanyards are also useful of you do not purchase Magic Bands and want to have your Key to the World card handy for room entry/theme park entry/Genie+ entry
  • cash – if you use bell services or want to leave a tip for your Mousekeepers, having some small bills on hand will be necessary for tips.

What To Leave Off Your Disney Packing List- For Now

Edited: PACK THESE ITEMS FOR 2024! The character autographs (and hugs) are back!

  • fat retractable sharpie type markers for characters to use
  • autograph books
  • special items to have signed (pillow case or picture frame for example)

Download Your Printable PDF Disney Packing List For 2024

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