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The Best runDisney Advice For 2023

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So you’ve decided to run Disney. And you have a lot of questions about what to do, where to be, and how to do it. I’m glad you’re here! This runDisney blog is a great resource for all the runDisney logistics. Another great resource, however, is other runDisney runners! I asked some to chime in with their best runDisney advice for 2023-2024 racing season. Here’s what they had to share. 

10 Miler- Toy Story rundisney springtime surprise medal. runDisney advice

runDisney Advice In Facebook Groups

I love the Facebook runDisney community for all their willingness to share information. Runners are generally helpful peeps and they want you to have a successful race too!

Recently this blog opened up a new runDisney Facebook group– feel free to come join us- to have a more intimate discussion about the race weekends.

Yes, ANOTHER runDisney group. I know… trust me, I know!

I think I’m an active member in #allthegroups myself. 

But we’re smaller and tighter, and I hope supportive of the new and old runners alike. If that’s what you need in a group head on over and join in the discussion. 

runDisney Spider-Man 5K at Disneyland
The 2017 Spider-Man 5K was the last of the Superheroes Weekend Race. RIP, Marvel races.

The Best runDisney Advice For 2023-2024 Race Season

In this group, I reached out to ask the members to share their best runDisney advice for the 2023-2024 race season.

And it was so good, I wanted to pass along to everyone else because this is runDisney veteran GOLD, my friends!

In no particular order, we’ve got some runDisney advice for you if you are running t Disney for the first time. 

  • Nicole B. Don’t forget to have fun. Know your pace and timing, but don’t be so set on finishing and pushing through, that you don’t take time to enjoy where you are. A large part of doing a Disney run is seeing the parks mostly empty, encountering characters, fellow runners in costumes, and various other things Disney tends to have out to encourage and entertain the runners.
  • Stephanie K. Don’t let other people dictate what kind of experience you’re going to have. My first runDisney race was Princess, and an anniversary weekend at that, and I heard so many people warning us about the cattiness and diva attitude that would ruin the race. I met amazing and uplifting women everywhere that weekend!
  • Ivie H. You are not running alone. There are so many people around you, don’t feel like you HAVE to have someone by your side. You’ll make some great friends on the course!
princess 10K racers best runDisney advice is to have fun!
  • Jessica L. Be careful too not start out too fast especially if you are doing a challenge. I got caught up in the adrenaline at the start on my 10k race and it caught up to me at about mile 10 the next morning in the half. Also walk it out afterward. If you don’t you’ll get stiff
  • Mallory L. Disney is such a great experience, but also realize you still need to run the miles, so take training seriously. It’s hard to balance knowing Disney is fun and not caring about pace but also knowing there’s a time limit and if you sign up for distances or challenges you aren’t comfortable with you need to put the work in.
  • Marie M. Be prepared for all the pre and post-race walking. Be prepared to arrive a few hours before the race.
  • Lindsay S. Take a peek at the course maps ahead of time. My first race, I got so excited when I entered the gates of Magic Kingdom parking thinking “I’ve made it to MK!” and my pace really kicked up. I didn’t realize HOW FAR it really is from that spot to Main Street and I felt like the whole rest of the race was off because I overdid it so long and so early in the race!
  • Jane M. Don’t get caught up in costumes and whatnot unless YOU want to. Don’t let the online communities dictate your race. Do what YOU want to do. Respectfully, of course. That’s probably the best runDisney advice I can give you!
rundisney character stops race track donald best runDisney advice wear a costume- or not!
But costumes are fun- so if you want to do them, do them!
  • Sandra P. This race is for fun, to be enjoyed to the fullest. It can be for time for some but for most of us it’s for fun. Thus said take time to take it all in, the music, characters, and parks. Whichever race you choose to do train for it so that you can enjoy it. Personally, When I do a challenge, I do not go to parks until after, and then I stay out pretty late, or as my feet permit. Love Disney!
  • Valarie D. Run your race! Don’t compare your pace to anyone else. We all go the same distance. Follow a training program and you will have an amazing time. Smile for the cameras!
  • Beth C. Have fun and be prepared for lots of weather options. Also, it can be very hot – salt tabs and cool towels are very helpful, especially for the longer distances

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