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Characters You May Run Into: Walt Disney World Half Marathon

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Here’s a rundown of characters found on the Walt Disney World Half Marathon course in 2014.

Based on your speed and your corral placement, you may or may not have had the same experiences.  I pulled this list together from various blogs and information on the internet.

It’s important to note: these characters may change year to year!  As a veteran Princess Half runner I can attest that *most* of the characters and groupings remain the same.  Buzz is always in Tomorrowland and Woody over in Frontierland for example. 

Don’t get upset if your favorite on this list doesn’t show up at your race- I’m sure someone just as magical will be in their place.

ETA: if you are looking for marathon characters, here you go!

characters at wdw half

 Who you might see:

Captain Jack and the Pirates

Marching Bands

Flying Bird Kites

Launchpad McQuack

Jack Skellington and Sally

half characters 3

Buzz Lightyear

Alice Characters: Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, Tweedles

Peter Pan and Wendy

Royal Mickey and Minnie


Shining Armour Donald and Daisy

Princess Frog characters: Tiana, Naveen, Louis

half characters 5


Disneyland Railroad and Conductor

Cindy and Prince Charming with Perla and Suzy


Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip

Lilo and Stitch

half characters 6



Winnie the Pooh and Tigger

Flick or Atta from A Bug’s Life


Disney Cruise Line Captain



Golf Goofy


Golf Mickey


Rafiki and Timon

Gospel Choir

Big 5 in their Sports Gear

Half Characters 1

 Did I miss anyone?  Who are you looking forward to seeing in 2 weeks?

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Friday 2nd of January 2015

Oops...totally forgot about my man 'Mater in the full!!


Friday 2nd of January 2015

I'm hoping to see Buzz, Woody and Jessie AND of course the Genie. AND Mike and Sulley. And some Pooh folks!

I think if I can get pics with these guys I'll be happy.

Well, of course Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Dopey!!