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Disney Park Bag Packing List Printable (Don’t Leave The Hotel Without These In 2023!)

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When heading into the Disney parks, you want to make sure you have everything you’ll need for a day in the parks. Cell phone? Check! Credit card? Check! Magic Band? Check! But what are the other biggies you don’t want to forget? Here’s what we think are Disney park bag essentials: don’t leave the hotel room without these items in your fanny pack, backpack, or crossbody bag! Affiliate links are included in this post.

Disney park bag essentials: what to bring to the theme parks.

Planning Your Perfect Disney Trip

You know the drill: you’ve booked the hotel, bought your tickets, linked everything to the Disneyland app or My Disney Experience app, and got theme park reservations and delicious dining booked.

But your perfectly planned Disney trip can quickly go south if you find yourself in the middle of the Magic Kingdom wishing you brought XY and Z.

We’re doing our best to help you avoid that!

What should you pack in your Disney park bag? Here are our essentials.

From extra pens for the autograph book to the refillable water bottle, it’s a good idea to make a list and check it twice!

Don’t forget to check out our Disneyland and Disney World Packing List printable as well.

what to pack in your disney park bag

What Type Of Bag Is Best For Disney?

We think this comes down to personal preference as well as how many people you need to carry for.

A single person definitely can get by with a fanny pack whereas a parent of 4 small kids may need to bring a bigger crossbody bag or backpack.

What we look for in a Disney park bag include:

  • Easy access to credit cards and park tickets
  • Not too small not too big
  • Fit a cell phone and extra cell battery
  • Zipper pockets for security
  • Roller coaster approved

If you need help finding the perfect park bag, please check out this series of posts:

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fanny packs are great disney park bags. What can you put inside one? List of what to pack in your Disney park bag.

Disney Park Bag Essentials: Things You Don’t Need

We’re going to start with a list of items you can leave behind in the hotel room during your park day.

When you’re standing in those long lines or wandering through the gift shops looking for a lost family member, knowing that you aren’t weighed down with too many extras is so helpful!

  • pain relievers and OTC medications. There are first aid stations that will give you FREE meds, bandaids, etc inside every park.Skip the first aid kit!
  • too many diapers or wet wipes. Yes, you need some in the diaper bag, but if you happen to run out, you can swing by the baby care centers for additional supplies.
  • bottled water. You’re better off bringing in a refillable water bottle than hauling around a 6-pack of plastic bottles. You can get free ice water cups at the Quick Service Restaurant (ask the cast member behind the counter!) or use the cold water fountains around the park.
  • small umbrella. It will rain frequently at Disney World (especially in the summer months). But umbrellas are heavy and bulky. Stick with a rain poncho instead!
  • no glass containers

You may want to have these items stashed in your hotel room, but by and large, you won’t need to take them with you to the theme parks on a daily basis.

What should you pack in your Disney park bag?

Here’s our list.

What to pack in your disney park bag: the essentials you need in the theme parks! And what you can leave behind.

What To Pack In Your Disney Park Bag

We think most of these items can be stashed in a small enough bag like a fanny pack, or in a bigger bag like a Disney backpack. We found we needed bigger bags with young children, and smaller bags as they got older.

These are the essential items for your Disney vacation that you won’t want to leave the hotel room without!

We advise against over-packing your Disney day bag as you will have security checks when entering the Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

  • smartphone
  • theme park tickets with lanyards, or magic bands
  • Zip lock plastic bag to hold your wet ponchos after the water rides like Kali River Rapids
  • Ponchos (Disney World essentials right here!)
  • Water Bottles
  • Deodorant
  • hand sanitizer
  • an extra pen if doing character autographs with your favorite character meet and greets
  • Wide-brimmed Hat
  • Cooling Towel (always a great idea in the summer!)
  • Neck Fan (time of year will matter for this one)
  • Reusable Straws (Disney only uses paper straws to protect the residents of Animal Kingdom, so if you don’t like them, you need reusable ones)
  • Carabiners (a great option to attach your water bottle to your bag on the outside)
  • portable charger and chords (here’s one that’s a perfect size!)
  • Phone Camera Remote Control
  • Lip balm
  • sunscreen
  • small snacks (you can bring your own food in, but we advise sticking to snacks for those long wait times)
  • any personal items (lipstick, pads, tampons, hair ties, etc).
fuel rod phone charger- what to pack in your disney park bag essentials.

Additionally, depending on the weather and how if you plan to spend long days at the parks, you may want to bring a light jacket with you as well.

Central Florida can get chilly in the evening during your Disney World vacation, and if you are heading to Anaheim you almost certainly will want a jacket or sweatshirt after the sun goes down at Disneyland.

You might also consider adding glow sticks for the younger children if you are staying for the night parade or fireworks. Not only are they fun, they truly are a great way to keep an eye on your kiddo in the crowds at the most magical place on earth!

disney park bag essentials

Printable PDF Packing List For Disney Park Bag

>> Download the printable PDF packing list <<

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