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More Princess Friends Arrive- From the Internet, Of Course!

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But I didn’t have to stalk these friends.  That special treat was just for Julie and Amy! Lucky gals…

(In case you were wondering-  you ARE in the right place!  Same Shenanigans, just a new look.  Continue on…)

After leaving Animal Kingdom and the girls, I made a mad dash to Epcot.  Another one of my new friends, Sarah, was waiting for me at Le Cellier for dinner.

I met Sarah on the Disboards during the planning stages of Tinker Bell Half Marathon.  I didn’t realize until just now that 3 of my new BRF (best runner friends) came from the same online community.  It’s a small cyber world after all!

Sarah is the previously unnamed recipient of the trip to Club 33. Full story with pictures to come- but here’s a teaser picture of our incredible afternoon in Club 33.

Shenanigans + Mickey + Sarah + Club 33 = AWESOME

Sarah had a moment of weakness and asked if she should also run the Princess Half Marathon in order to get her first Coast to Coast medal.  Weeeelllll, fortunately for her- but not for her checkbook!- I was online and quickly laid out all the reasons why this was a PERFECT idea and she should jump all over it.  Apparently I can be pretty persuasive when it comes to runDisney and she quickly updated her countdown ticker to show C2C and Princess Half.  BOOYAH!

I’m THAT good, yo.  International runDisney pusher. Too bad I don’t get commission! For every 10 referrals I get a free race retreat?  A free t-shirt?  Extra swag bag?  No?  Can’t hurt to ask, right?

Dinner in Canada with one of my favorite Canadian friends was absolutely incredible.  Cheese soup, steak, wine and we were a happy duo catching up on the month that passed since we last saw each other.  Sarah is also a member of PbRC so we had lots to talk about while enjoying our meals. 

Menu is back lit! Cool surprise when you open it

Cheese soup rocks!

After dinner we made our way through Epcot.  I was heading back to bed early because I had the Princess Half Marathon Meet Up with Jeff Galloway in the morning.  All the blog stalkers will understand the importance of the next picture.  Sarah unfortunately didn’t get into the meet up- though I tried to wake her with 3am phone calls and texts!  Apparently the meet up blog stalking leveled up:  no sleeping allowed! Lesson learned the hard way.  This picture sums up my sentiments on Sarah not attending with me. 

Oz!  Drink!

I headed back to Pop Century and made myself comfortable for the night.  Text messages from April, my running protegee and roomie, showed she was arriving a bit later than expected.  I tried to wait up for her and the last text I got said “Be there in 15 min”  GREAT!  Apparently that’s all I needed to know- because I fell asleep.

You want to know what got my heart racing the most this weekend? It wasn’t 3 miles with Jeff or the 13.1 on Sunday or the rides on the roller coasters.  Nope.  Child’s play!  It was waking up in a dark hotel room with some stranger standing at the end of my bed.  THAT, my friends, was a wake up. I yelped and she jumped 3 feet into the air, but thankfully neither of us were armed. 

She thought about knocking on the door 3 times followed by my name ala Sheldon Cooper, but thought I might be sleeping.  This just shows how much she gets me.  I would have DIED y’all.  Just died right there of laughter if that had been the way we actually met.  The Big Bang Theory is my absolute favorite show. You can never have too much Sheldon.

knock knock knock, Patty, knock knock knock, Patty, knock knock knock, Patty

(Side note- I went to high school with Jim Parsons. And, no, he has no idea who I am, but we were in theater classes together.  I once thought I was dramatic.  Sing it with me It’s a small world after allllll… and now you will be singing it all day.  You’re welcome.)

Are you sensing a trend here?  April and I are friends from BabyCenter, a cyber parenting community.  We met online before the 2008 election through political boards and became fast buds. She’s quick with a joke and razor sharp with her debates. Snark is her middle name.  True story.  She makes me literally laugh out loud more than anyone I know.  I absolutely love this girl!  Years of talking to her every day finally paid off when she decided to run the Princess with me.

I took her under my own fledgling runner wing (I know little about actual running, but everything about running at Disney!) and helped her get through her first 5K, 10K, and finally the Princess.  I loaned her some gear, shared what I knew about training, and basically tried to answer any questions she had leading up to the race.  I take full credit for creating this running beast.  She rocks my Feetures! socks with how fast she picked up her pace and the distance.  Great things are ahead of her if she stops having babies long enough to collect some more bling, but her babies ARE cuter than her bling, so I get why she wants more of both.  April blogged her journey to the Princess (and now beyond!) here

We finally called it a night- I had an early wake up for the Meet Up and April drove all day- we were bushed! 

Part III

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Julie Franklin

Friday 15th of March 2013

John Salley once borrowed a #2 pencil from me in college....does that count for anything?

Jennifer K.

Friday 15th of March 2013

Isn't it funny when you can claim to have gone to school with someone famous? My mom went to school with Bruce Springsteen. She always shakes her head at his success since he was always the "bad" kid she had nothing to do with.

Sounds like you had a great time - despite the horror movie wakeup!

Calling Shenanigans

Friday 15th of March 2013

HA! I know, the Oz teaser! It was painful! And I think we all stopped by to give it a fat raspberry in Epcot.


Friday 15th of March 2013

Totally cracking up at the "Just Say No to Oz" picture!!

okay, cackling is probably a more accurate description of the sound that came out!!

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