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Do It For The ‘Gram! Tips For Running Pictures

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When it comes to runDisney, I know I’m not going to win. Anything- even the Diaper Dash if they’d let me enter. But being in the Back of the Pack does have some perks: like one-on-one photoshoots with the PhotoPass photographers. Even if you aren’t all alone, you can use some of these tips for running pictures for your next race. Do it for the ‘Gram! (Affiliate links are included in this post)

Instagram frame runDisney costume

Do It For The ‘Gram! Tips For Running Pictures

Everyone can use a few tips for running pictures!

One of the highlights of any runDisney event is spending time in the parks during the race. I mean, it’s kinda why we do it!

This can make for some outstanding and special race pictures if you know how to do it just right. 

It’s a special skill, for sure, but one that anyone can learn with a few pointers.  

how to get the best rundisney race pictures

Tips For Great Race Pictures at runDisney

Tip 1: Get in line for those characters.

It’s worth it! But if you are concerned about waiting too long in lines, send a faster friend ahead of you.

They can run ahead, hold the place in line for the group, and you can score a great group shot together.

But if you use this technique, make sure it’s ONE group shot.

There’s no time for individuals and it’s not cool for the other runners if you try to make that happen. 

Pinocchio group shot runDisney

Tip 2: Have one camera ready to go.

The PhotoPass photographer goes first, then look at your own camera for the 2nd picture. 

Tips for Running Pictures 3: Buy Memory Maker in Advance.

It’s cheaper! And the race pictures can be added to your My Disney Experience account. You’ll look at the back of your race bib for instructions on how to link your bib to the pictures. 

rundisney princess half marathon step sisters in front of the castle

Tip 4: Get your medals and costume pictures in the park after the race. 

If you aren’t a fan of stopping during the race or didn’t see your favorite character on the course, you can still get great Walt Disney World runDisney pictures. 

Take your medal with you for a cool medal shot or even wear your costume to the park.

Medal picture in Hollywood Studios

Be aware there are rules about costumes for adults, so make sure you won’t be mistaken for a cast member if you decide to do this. 

We weren’t sure our costumes would pass but had no issue at security. We also talked to the parade CMs who were delighted by our look and decided to get us a little extra magic that day. 

We actually got an escort down Main Street, USA to kick off the Move It Shake It Dance and Play It Celebration one year. 

parade costume 10K princess

Tip 5: Pose like the characters pose when taking a shot with them.

Mirror what they are doing. 

Watch the people in front of you and get an idea for poses- and don’t forget to “borrow” a pose you love!

It makes the pictures stand out so much more when you’re involved with the characters. 

Vikings in Norway runDisney

Tip 6: Watch for the green tents.

This signals that the PhotoPass photographers are just ahead and that means you need to start making a plan. 

If you want to get a great picture, consider the next couple of tips when you see the tents. 

Photopass photographers

Tip 7: Timing is everything.

Find your pocket! When you see the green tents look over your shoulder first, then slow down or pause a little to make a picture pocket.

The key is to leave a little room between you and the runners around you.

The PhotoPass pros will get the shot, but they can’t do a lot if there’s someone right in front of you blocking your bib number!

Lando running costume at runDisney Star Wars

If you’re running with friends, use a staggered method to make sure you all get in the picture together. 

Meghan, Sarah, and I often run together and we’ve figured out how to time our pictures so we all get seen. 

runDisney star wars 5K

Tips for Running Pictures 8: Make eye contact with the PhotoPass photographers.

Smile and look directly at the camera. It pays off! 

Tip 9: Jump shots.

In general, to get a great jump shot, timing is everything. If possible, have the photographer shoot from below; it gives you more air. Which when you are on the course will happen naturally. 

But what about off-course or after the race? Get a friend to go low for that perfect jump shot!

And hold the button down and take a zillion pictures. You can also have a 10-15 second video of you jumping, and then pull a still frame from the video.

All of these methods work to find a good one of you in the air celebrating your run.

10K Fantasia Ostrich runDisney costume

Tip 10: Edit your pictures afterward.

Yes, even the PhotoPass ones!

Every single picture will look better, brighter, more focused, and more vibrant if you take a few extra steps to edit before you post. 

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Monday 12th of August 2019

Great tips! I learned long ago to smile for all the photographers and it definitely pays off later when you look back:)


Sunday 11th of August 2019

My tip for runners is wear makeup! I can see my face so much better when I have makeup on and I like my pictures so much better.

Christen f

Sunday 11th of August 2019

Well, I don’t do runDisney... but I am always down for a contest!! These are good tips though!

Patty Holliday

Sunday 11th of August 2019

You could, though... haaaaa! The contest and the ebooks are worth the entry- thanks for stopping by & sharing, Christen!

Lauren M.

Saturday 10th of August 2019

Be aware of your surroundings! Never jump unless you know no one is coming up behind you. At the castle, most photopass will do both a posed and a jump shot for you. Practice smiling while jumping. My first few photos I have a look of fear in my eyes 😂

Patty Holliday

Sunday 11th of August 2019

Omgosh lol!!! And good tip about jumping and smiling!


Saturday 10th of August 2019

I always love your runDisney costumes!! You girls always look like you’re having the best time ever!!

Patty Holliday

Saturday 10th of August 2019

We do like to have fun out there! Thank you, DonnaKay!