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Hidden Mickeys In Noelle and Tidbits From Producer Suzanne Todd

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During a preview event for the Disney+ holiday movie, Noelle, we interviewed Producer Suzanne Todd. She filled us in on why making this movie was important to her and shared one thing she was pretty proud about: the hidden Mickeys in Noelle! Here’s a list for all the Hidden Mickey hunters and a few tidbits from producer (and awesome person) Suzanne Todd. 

hidden mickeys in noelle on Disney Plus

Tidbits From Noelle Producer Suzanne Todd

Besides her magnetic presence, the first thing I noticed about Suzanne Todd when she walked into the room was her shoes.

I know, I know… but y’all…

She rocks some killer footwear.

suzanne todd shoes

So yes, first impressions: I was a little obsessed with her style but that quickly turned into being obsessed with the movie, Suzanne’s approach to sharing messages in this holiday film, and how she made sure to add a ton of Hidden Mickeys in Noelle.

Noelle has some big Girl Power moments (hello, the Girl Boss scene at the end is my fave!) but Suzanne pointed out that there was a message for boys and men as well.

The thing that I really like as a message to boys and to men is their expectations of you also. That’s not necessarily what you need to do with your life just because somebody says to you, oh, you’re going to grow up and do X or you’re going to play this sport because that’s what your family expects or your school expects, or your society, your culture expects. For Bill’s character of the brother, he clearly was set on a path that was not actually the right path for him. He wasn’t really good at that. And he was being forced into that for all the wrong reasons. And for him, the idea that he actually had the courage right to step off the path and leave town and go teach yoga and find his joy. I think that’s a nice message, you know, for boys and men and all of us.” – Suzanne Todd, Producer, Noelle

Suzanne Todd, producer of Noelle

Speaking of that Girl Boss scene: that was added in at the end of production.

It wasn’t in the original script, but man, I can’t imagine the movie without it!

We call it the Girl Boss scene — when she’s in charge of Christmas. We added it after the fact. It wasn’t originally in the script. We wanted that moment that we all crave and strive for. That aspirational moment of ‘I did get this together‘ and ‘I did get the project, right.‘ We all felt like we wanted to celebrate with her character in that moment of ‘I really got this. I’m telling people what to do, and I’m doing things my way and it’s all going well.‘’ – Suzanne Todd

We all agreed that Suzanne got this project right!

You can watch Noelle on Disney+ streaming now. And if you haven’t seen it just yet, keep your eyes peeled for all the Hidden Mickeys in Noelle.

Suzanne admitted that she’s pretty proud that they were able to add so many into the movie.

Hidden Mickeys in Noelle

Hidden Mickeys In Noelle

I haven’t had the chance to take a deep dive looking for all of these just yet, but here are a few I’ve spotted.

I know I’m missing a ton- so let me know what I should add!

  • Mickey PJs on young Noelle in the beginning of the movie
  • Hidden Mickeys inlays on the wood floor
  • Hidden Mickey in the fireplace
  • Poinsettia wallpaper has Hidden Mickeys in the middle of the flowers
  • Snowglobe salt and pepper shaker on the cafe table make a Hidden Mickey

A list of hidden mickeys in Noelle on Disney Plus

  • When Noelle enters the freezer to cool off, Shellie Mae and Duffy Bears are on sale in the grocery store- more an easter egg, but still fun!
  • Botanical Gardens- the colored lights make Hidden Mickey’s behind Noelle when she’s talking to Santa
  • Aunt Polly’s turquoise necklace is a Hidden Mickey
  • 3 stars on the Cafe waiter’s collar
  • Snow Cone leading the other reindeers- makes a quick Hidden Mickey when he’s backward!
  • Cousin Gabe has a yellow hidden Mickey on his hat

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