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Top 50 Park Bags: Best Fanny Pack For Disney (2024)

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The 80s are calling! And we’re answering. Did you know: Adweek’s 1988 product of the year was the fanny pack. And it’s still rocking strong in fashion circles. In this series, we’re reviewing the top 50 park bags for your next Disney vacation. Up first: the best fanny pack for Disney World and Disneyland trips. Affiliate links are included in this post.

Best Fanny Pack For Disney: a list of disney park bags. girl with a red fanny pack around her shoulder in front of Cosmic Rays Starlight Cafe sign.

Picking the Best Bag For The Disney Parks

A lot of picking “the best” will come down to personal preference. You may be all about the fanny pack (or bum bag for you Brits!) or you might be looking for crossbody bags or backpacks.

But we think there are some aspects that make a bag more desirable than others for a Disney trip.

Why wear a fanny pack to Disney? It’s a great hands-free way to carry your small items around. If you’re bringing kids, you know hands-free is key!

Plus they are super stylish and fashionable, we promise.

What we look for in a Disney park bag include:

  • Easy access to credit cards and park tickets
  • Not too small not too big
  • Fit a cell phone and extra cell battery
  • Zipper pocket for security
  • Roller coaster approved
Best Fanny Pack For Disney will be able to stand up to roller coasters like Cosmic Rewind!

Finding the Best Disney Fanny Pack

What does it take to make this list the best fanny packs for Disney?

The packs need to fit at minimum a cell phone, extra battery, chord, and credit cards with easy access.

Lipstick, lip balm, small sunscreen tube is a bonus.

Obviously, we’re looking for an adjustable waist strap so we can wear it as a waist pack or over our shoulder as a cross body bag or sling bag option.

If they come in different colors: they made the list!

And our Disney fanny pack list includes both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse options.

We also added a belt bag or two as well.

The best thing about these Disney parks bags? You can buy them all on Amazon with these affiliate links. If you have Amazon Prime, you’ll score free shipping on many as well.

Let’s pick our bags and go to Disney!

monorail in Epcot. You'll cruise into the parks in style with one of the Best Fanny Pack For Disney on this list.

Best Fanny Pack For Disney

1. Disney Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Bow Waist Pack

This is one cute, cute, cute bag!

We’re sure you’ll agree.

There’s a ton of room inside this adorable bow, big enough to hold a phone, charger, cards, small wallet, sanitizer and/or sunscreen.

And it’s social media perfect to boot!

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Adventurer Belt Bag for Women

What we love about this bag: the head cheese himself, Mickey Mouse is all over this pattern.

And it has multiple wearing options: you can carry it as a wristlet, a crossbody, or a belt bag around your waist.

Everybody loves options and this good size bag comes with room to bring quite a bit into Disney World with you.

According to the reviews, this is a perfect Disney parks bag for riding all the roller coasters! And we love the front pocket.

3. Geodesic Epcot Disney Fanny Pack

Epcot lovers: this is the best Disney fanny pack for you!

Nothing is as iconic in the Walt Disney World Resort as Spaceship Earth.

There are two full pockets and back hidden zipper pocket for your credit cards.

This one has an adjustable strap that extends to 49.5 inches and comes with tons of room for all your essential items. 

There are multiple colors to choose from and we think it’s a perfect size.

4. Best Fanny Pack For Disney: Minnie Polka Dots Cute Ribbon Fanny Pack

Need a cute fanny pack?

Nothing says cute at Disney World like this Minnie Mouse fanny pack.

The high quality will hold up long past the end of the day!

In fact, we think you’ll be grabbing this one before your next trip to the Disney theme parks.

5. Disney Mickey Mouse Double Pocket Fanny Waist Pack

Mickey’s smiling face- do you need more?

This adjustable belt hip pack will fit tweens to adults!

6. Mickey Mouse Waist Pack

7. Red and Black Polka Dot Disney Fanny Pack For The Theme Parks

It’s a classic look!

You know you can’t go wrong with a red and black polka dot bag.

This is one of the more stylish fanny packs out there for when you want to give just a hint of Disney.

8. Spiderman Face HipSack Waist Fanny Pack

Best Fanny Pack For Disney: Spider-Man  is perfect for the next trip to Avengers Campus.
Avengers Campus, opening June 4, 2021, at Disney California Adventure Park in Anaheim, California, will invite guests of all ages into a new land where they will sling webs on the first Disney ride-through attraction to feature Spider-Man. The immersive land also presents multiple heroic encounters with Avengers and their allies, like Iron Man, Black Panther, Black Widow and more. At Pym Test Kitchen, food scientists will utilize Ant-Man and The WaspÕs shrinking and growing technology to serve up perfectly sized snacks. (Christian Thompson/Disneyland Resort)

Swinging into a Disney Park: your friendly neighborhood Spiderman.

This one is great for those trips to Avengers Campus at Disneyland.

Bonus: it works for your Universal Studios trips too!

9. Best Fanny Pack For Disney: Mickey Mouse Expression Blocks

A total classic look: you cannot go wrong with this waist bag.

The zip pockets on this cute hip pack just screams “take me to an amusement park!”

10. Captain America Marvel Fanny Pack

We’re not going to lie: we love Cap.

Love him so much, there’s no other little bag we’d want with us than this Marvel Captain America fanny pack.

11. Belt Bag Darth Vader Star Wars

Star Wars fans: this one is for you!

We can’t let the Marvel fandom have all the cute bags.

12. Stoney Clover Lane Women’s Rainbow Terry Fanny Pack

Stoney Clover is a favorite of the Disney community and this rainbow cute hip pack is a sweet option!

13. runDisney Marathon Weekend Theme: 90s Fanny Pack

2023 rundisney marathon half medal. check out the Best Fanny Pack For Disney that goes with the 90s theme!

Alright, runDisney fans.

With the 30th Marathon Weekend just around the corner we know you’re planning outfits to go with the theme.

Add this 90s-styled fanny pack to your Disney parks packing list.

We’ll add more to this list of the Best Fanny Pack For Disney after we test a few out!

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