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2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Corrals, Waivers, and More

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12/15/16: Marathon Map!

12/16/16: Waivers are up! 

The 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon corrals and waivers are (almost) out! I’ll be adding the additional information as it comes along, but let’s be honest here, everyone is really just looking for those corrals.

If you are running in the big daddy event of runDisney events, then this is the information you’ve been looking for.

Marathon cigna

Why do I post it here when it’s clearly on

A of all: Because I’m lazy & I think I can speak for many of us.  I’m not a fan of rD’s website and the way information is laid out. So I grab it and put it here in one easy to scroll through spot.  (side note- Does anyone else think runDisney’s site needs a major facelift? So 2011!)

Secondly: (yes, I did that on purpose) My blog won’t disappear after the race like some of runDisney’s information does.

When you are looking for some information next year, I’m your girl.  I can tell you that some of my most popular blog posts are these types with corral information and event guides linked.  I’m glad to see it helps someone out there.


2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Waiver

Get your waiver HERE.  Your bib number will be on the bottom of the waiver.

Once you have your number, check out which corral you will start in.

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Corrals







Half Marathon

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Corral Start Times

This has been fairly accurate for the past two years. Hopefully, it gives you an idea of when your corral will actually start the race.

corral start times marathon

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Event Guide

Have logistics questions?  They are probably answered here in the Event Guide.

Not covered in the event guide, but also great info to know: what characters were on the marathon course last year.

Here you go

Once I was totally safe, I stopped. And also- GENIE!

Once I was totally safe, I stopped. And also- GENIE!

2017 Walt Disney World Marathon Course Maps

Here’s the Marathon Map. There are some changes from 2016.

There’s an out and back in front of Animal Kingdom that wasn’t there before, and a little different entrance to AK as well. The biggest change is Hollywood Studios: you’ll enter by Tower of Terror and pretty much head back out the front gate. That’s it! Too much construction going on, it appears.

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Melinda Hough

Wednesday 14th of December 2016

Just a heads up... J started at 6:07 for the marathon in 2016.