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Disney Unpopular Opinions Episode 2: The Little Mermaid, Mickey’s Voice, Hocus Pocus, Lilo and Stitch

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Who hates Mickey? No, I mean it… WHO?! Welp, thats just one of the Disney Unpopular Opinions we cover this week in the 2nd episode of this segment on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast. 

two women meeting Mickey Mouse in Epcot

Disney Unpopular Opinions Episode 2: The Little Mermaid, Mickey’s Voice, Hocus Pocus, Lilo and Stitch

This is one of those episodes we find ourselves looking forward to recording- and also, dreading at the same time. 

Why are you people like this? Why don’t you like what we like? 

Ha! I guess- to be fair- the three of us don’t even agree on all things Disney, so it seems reasonable that there would be others out there with unpopular Disney opinions. 

Unpopular Disney Opinions Podcast

This one was recorded right before the latest news: Lilo and Stitch are getting a Live-Action remake?! Say what? 

Yup, rumor says it’s going straight to Disney Plus (ala Lady and the Tramp). 

Oh— myyyyyyy—- you can bet a couple of the folks featured on this week’s Disney Unpopular Opinions segment are going to have some feelings about that!

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Unpopular Disney Opinions Covered This Week 

  • Frozen 2 and the AWESOME 80s love ballad (side eying you, Heather)
  • The Little Mermaid- yup, it’s creepy
  • No one likes Stitch like Theresa likes Stitch
  • A popular opinion, but a heck of a rant, about the “necessity” of all the Live-Action remakes 
  • Hocus Pocus- the dumbest “kids” movie ever (yeah, Patty said it)

Got an unpopular Disney opinion? We’re taking submissions.

Email [email protected] or use this form to send them to us. 

We won’t judge. (much)

Elvis Stitch on the runDisney race course: Disney Unpopular Opinion is that we dont like the movie

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World Premiere Of Disney's "Frozen 2" Jonathan Groff

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 07: Actor Jonathan Groff attends the world premiere of Disney’s “Frozen 2” at Hollywood’s Dolby Theatre on Thursday, November 7, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)

Transcript for Disney Unpopular Opinions Episode 2

Patty 0:10
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney

Jane 0:18
We’re three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should and we’re perfectly okay with that!

Theresa 0:28
Hello everyone! My name is Theresa and you can find me on Twitter at @GertieTheDino, blogging at, and on Instagram

Jane 0:38
My name is Jane and you can find me over on Instagram at @RealMousewifeWDW, and Facebook under the same name.

Patty 0:47
Hey y’all, I’m Patty Holliday from You can find me on all socials @NoGuiltLife 

Jane 0:54
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Patty 1:09
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Theresa 1:20
And leave five star reviews so we can find new listeners.

Patty 1:24
We launched last week, and we eagerly watch to see how you guys would appreciate (or not) the show. And we’re thrilled to feel like, I don’t know, like we might have something going on here that you guys are interested in listening to and that you wanted in your lives.

Theresa 1:43
Yeah, I’ve heard from a couple friends. It started off, we shared this with our friends, the people who knew us well. And then it took off from there. They started sharing it with their friends, and I had somebody tell me that a person they shared it with was telling all of their co-workers. So it’s been it’s been really exciting that you all are enjoying what we’re saying. And hopefully we can keep bringing more of that to you.

Patty 2:04
We found it most amusing that you guys especially seem to love unpopular Disney opinions. We kind of love these ourselves. It gives us a chance to really dig into the fandom and prove that you can love a lot about Disney without feeling like you have to love everything about Disney. Am I right?

Theresa 2:24
Yeah. And it’s also a chance if there’s something that you do love that you’re usually hearing people tear down, it’s a chance for you to talk about why it’s significant to you or just amuses you.

Patty 2:34
We want to be a space where you can feel heard and appreciated. We may not agree with you. But we at least want to give you the opportunity to be heard, right?

Theresa 2:44

Jane 2:44
Everybody is entitled to their wrong opinion.

Patty 2:49
Fair enough. Fair enough.

Theresa 2:50
And don’t forget, if you want to have your story shared, you can submit it on our form for possible inclusion in a future future episode. And if you’re worried that your opinion is really unpopular, you can even do it anonymously.

Patty 3:04
Your safety will be guaranteed.

Jane 3:07
Honestly, we live for these kinds of stories. And we’ve been seeing our inbox fill up almost every day. And it’s one of my favorite parts of the day seeing what everybody comes up with, even when they don’t agree with me.

Theresa 3:22
And so the link is in the show notes and you can use it for everything from Magical Moments, Unpopular Disney Opinions, Cast Compliments, or really anything else you want to tell us that we could possibly include on a show in the future.

Patty 3:35
All right, enough chitchat let’s get to the real reason we are all here. Fight, fight, fight, fight. This is the episode where we make Theresa defend Epcot’s honor. Just kidding.

Theresa 3:48
You say that, but I did have someone tell me that they want to hear me do a weekly segment where I do defend Epcot, but then they would start to worry about my blood pressure. So…

Patty 3:57
<laughs> Don’t worry, I am sure over time you will have plenty moments where you’re going to have to speak up and tell us how amazing Epcot is. Especially over the next couple of years while it’s, well, basically being trashed. So here we go. This week’s theme, if you will, is unpopular Disney movie opinions. We put out a request and you guys responded with all the things that you don’t like, or that you think is an unpopular opinion about Disney movies specifically. Who wants to start?

Jane 4:30
I will go first.

Patty 4:32
Do it Jane, do it.

Jane 4:33
All right. Buckle up everybody. <laughter> April from Facebook says, “The Little Mermaid is just kind of gross. Ariel is 16. Let’s marry her off to a prince. ‘But Daddy, I love him.’ Child. You’re grounded the end.”

Patty 4:53
And I know which April this is, and I can hear her saying it. So awesome. <laughs>

Jane 5:02
I’m also fairly certain she locked up all of her children as she wrote this.

Patty 5:08
Well, she does have a couple of daughters that, I’m sure if they should ever try to go this route – yeah, she’s gonna be like, “Um, I don’t think so child.”

Theresa 5:17
If she notices one of them bringing home a large statue of someone one day, that might be time to start being a little concerned.

Patty 5:26
It might tip her off a little bit, huh? <laughter> All right, well, you know what? That’s a fair unpopular opinion. But I’ll be honest, it’s not one that I hadn’t even thought of before. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. But she’s not wrong, guys. She’s not wrong.

Theresa 5:41
And it’s one that…because I was prime age when that movie first came out in theaters to fall in love with it. So when I watched it as an adult and as I got older, I did start to realize, “Oh, this is not the best of messages.” But I still love it.

Patty 6:03
Well, it’s the music you know, let’s just be honest. That music is so good.

Theresa 6:10
It is. And Ursula is my favorite villain of all Disney movies. So I will always have a soft spot for the Little Mermaid.

Patty 6:18
All right, fair enough. All right. What’s your unpopular opinion you got there, Theresa?

Theresa 6:23
I have one from Becky who wrote, “Mickey is annoying. The voice is almost like nails on a chalkboard for me.” <Patty gasps> Personally hoping she means the the non-Walt version, because that hurts a little. I am hoping she means the current version and not all Mickey, of all time. Even though I don’t know if I agree with that.

Jane 6:45
But she’s not wrong.

Patty 6:51

Theresa 6:53
I’m pretty ambivalent to Mickey as a character, because I think I feel more tied with what he represents and the whole, “It all started with a mouse” thing, but I don’t know if I would ever…I don’t know if I could ever get annoyed by Mickey

Jane 7:09
I understand kind of where you’re coming from, because I am not a big lover of Mickey in general, but what Mickey represents. So that piece of it I get. But that voice, man.

Theresa 7:27
Patty, you also had a reaction. What is your opinion?

Patty 7:32
Look, I’m not one of those people who thinks that there’s something that’s too precious, that we can’t ever mess with. I’ve said this before. I’m usually pretty good with change, and altering things, and whatever. But I’m sorry. When you are talking about Mickey, you might have just gone too far! <laughter> It’s Mickey Mouse! Yeah, that…to borrow Theresa’s phrase, that one hurts a little. That one hurts a little. Hmm.

Theresa 8:00
I do also want to add in, the most awkward meet and greet I ever had was actually with the talking Mickey that used to be in Magic Kingdom. But that really is a story for another day. So she’s also – at that point, that talking Mickey didn’t annoy me, but got under my skin a little.

Patty 8:14
Interesting. Well we definitely need that story, because that’s a good one.

Jane 8:18
So I’m adding awkward character meet and greets to our list of episodes.

Theresa 8:23
Ohhh, yes. Please send us those. All of them.

Patty 8:27
If you have good, awkward character meet and greets, we want those stories, too. So use that form that’s in show notes. And tell us what happened, because we’ve got to talk about those, too. So that’ll be a good one. That’s awesome. Yeah. And we’ll lead off with Theresa, because apparently she’s got one here.

Theresa 8:45
It haunts me still. <laughs>

Patty 8:48
We’re going to get into it here. Heather. Heather, sweetheart. I love you, Heather. But…<sighs> “I totally understand that the 80s hair ballad in Frozen 2 was supposed to be a bit tongue in cheek. However, it just tried too dang hard. The whole thing was terrible from start to finish.” What?! Girlfriend, that was the best part of the entire movie! As a child of the 80s, I am completely upset that you did not like Kristoff and this moment in time. You and I are like the same age, so that hurts even more that you didn’t love it. What happened? Heather, what happened? Why didn’t you like it? Heather goes on and she basically trashes the whole movie, so maybe she just didn’t like Frozen 2, but it was that part, of the 80s hair ballad, that I absolutely loved in that entire movie, that she didn’t like, that I had to call attention to. Hm.

Theresa 9:48
Well, I haven’t seen it yet, but that is also the part that I’ve heard so many people talking about as being the best song in the movie, their favorite part of the movie. This is the first time I’ve heard somebody say they really don’t like it.

Patty 10:01
And so that’s a true unpopular opinion. Good job Heather. You turned in a good one. <laughter>

Jane 10:07
So, I have actually never seen Frozen 2 because Heather is one of my best friends. <laughter>

Patty 10:16
That’s why I had to call her out!

Jane 10:19
So you can imagine the glowing review it got. Although I will say, she did try to get me to go see it because she wanted to heckle it with me. <Theresa laughs>

Patty 10:31
Oh, mercy. Save it for Disney+, okay?

Theresa 10:35
And then live stream it.

Jane 10:38
Maybe that’s when I’ll learn to use Twitter.

Theresa 10:41
<laughs> It’s always a good time to start.

Patty 10:44
Always, always. All right, Jane, you’re up next. what you got?

Jane 10:47
Okay. We have a little rant. I’m not 100% sold that it’s unpopular. But it’s hilarious.

Patty 10:56
Let’s do it.

Jane 10:58
Aimee says, “These live actions are a waste of time and money. Unless you have a different spin to put on it, like Maleficent, don’t be wasting my time with the exact same movie. And I am never going to be happy because I don’t want it to be the exact same, like the opening of Lion King, but I also don’t like the changes – like Belle’s dad being an artist instead of an inventor. It’s just dumb. Don’t spend all that money trying to make the same movie over again, but live. We liked the cartoon. We still watch the cartoon. We don’t need a live action of any of them. Cinderella was one thing, because there are a million Cinderella stories out there, and they all have a little bit of a different spin. I liked that one. I liked Maleficent, because it was a spin-off type thing. But Beauty and the Beast sucked! Shut up Hermione! Belle wasn’t that snooty. Go back to Hogwarts! Aladdin was just okay. Why do we need these?”

Patty 11:57
Well, that’s a lot to unpack there. <laughter> Oh my word, She’s got some feelings on this.

Jane 12:02
I’m glad that we could help her to get these out. Honestly.

Patty 12:09
I think she needed us.

Theresa 12:11
Even if that’s not the most unpopular opinion, it’s good that – yeah, she she needed that release. She needed that venting.

Jane 12:17
She did. I mean, I’ll agree with her that I couldn’t make it through Beauty and the Beast because I just kept yelling at Hermione.

Theresa 12:26
So one of my nephews, he came over and we were watching the animated Beauty and the Beast. And his reaction was, “Oh, this is just like the live one.”

Patty 12:35

Theresa 12:35
I was like, “No, no child. No. I clearly have failed you as your Disney aunt <laughs> but we’re going to correct this now.

Patty 12:44
And there you go. That’s why they’re doing these movies in live action, is that they are trying to hook in a whole different age group of audience that, you know, doesn’t know these stories. But now that’s going to be the first story that they were exposed to, and then they go back – isn’t that crazy? I don’t know, I’m mostly okay with the live actions. I know a lot of people feel very strongly about their favorites. For example, our friend Julia, absolutely trashed Aladdin and thought it was the – oh my gosh, she was personally offended and attacked and miserable through that entire thing. She couldn’t find anything she liked about it. I think I’m summing that up correctly. But she really hated it. Now,. I don’t know, I haven’t seen any of them that I thought were terrible. There were definitely ones that I liked more than others, but nothing that I completely hated. Except I will get on the side of the Lion King

Jane 13:42
was a dumpster fire.

Patty 13:43
Yeah, like that’s a live action? That’s not live action. It’s CGI. It’s still not real. So that one I can’t like. I don’t like it.

Theresa 13:53
That was gonna be the point I was gonna make. If you’re going to call it live action, make sure it’s actually a live action and not one single shot that is live and the rest animated.

Patty 14:03
A-greed. All right, let’s see what else you got.

Theresa 14:07
I have one that is from a different Heather. And you both shared an opinion last time, I think Jane read it, that was one that pained her, and I am now doing the similar thing for me. I’m sharing this. This hurts me to say so much. And it’s, “I hate Lilo and Stitch. It’s boring for me. I even watched it again recently to see if I was misremembering it, and to see if I just didn’t like Stitch because of the Parks. But I wasn’t.” Heather. I – this is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time, and I do love Stitch as a character, but [this is] not specifically about him. Lilo has some of the funniest lines in any Disney movie, or even any movie, period. This one, it hurts. I send gifs from this movie every day. I will quote this movie I have a Stitch DisneyBound and a Scrump DisneyBound that I’m doing. I do not agree with this, whatsoever.

Patty 15:10
This Heather I think has it right.

The other Heather I’m still mad at, but this Heather I think she’s got something.

Theresa 15:14


Patty 15:21
I like Elvis stitch. I think that’s amusing. That’s the only thing that amuses me about the whole Stitch movie. But yeah, it just doesn’t do it for me either.

Theresa 15:30
No, love all of it. All of it is so good. The animation is so different from most of the movies, especially around that time period. It’s so good. The music is fantastic.

Jane 15:41
I can’t ever make it through the movie. <Theresa sighs, Patty laughs>

Theresa 15:48
We’re reached the “Theresa feels attacked” part of the episode again. It is not just Epcot, y’all.

Jane 15:54
I do have a very serious question though. What if Stitch winds up Epcot? Discuss.

Patty 16:02
Oh my gosh. <laughs> Stop. You’re going to make her cry.

Theresa 16:07
You know what’s gonna happen? It’s going to be a repeat of when – I don’t know if you remember when, I guess it was when Stitch’s Great Escape was coming into Magic Kingdom (which I will say, worst Disney right of all time. If that’s your only exposure to Stitch, I understand you hating it). But when they introduced him, they threw toilet paper over the castle, and they had Stitch graffiti on it. So all I’m picturing is that over Spaceship Earth and I just want to vomit a little bit. Stitch does not….hm. If they could, with all the new Future World area things, I could see somehow, someway, tying in, because there is – no. I’m not even going to argue that. Nevermind, I don’t want to. <laughs> No. No is my answer. Please no.

Patty 17:00
“Please, no.” All right, all right. So I guess I’m up, right? So this is an unpopular opinion from Sarah – and Sarah? You’re talking to the right girl. This is not unpopular with me. However, because every October I get attacked for this opinion, I do feel like it is a solid unpopular opinion. Sarah K: “I don’t like Hocus Pocus.” Sarah, me either, girl. Me either. I think it’s one of the most ridiculous obnoxious, horrifying movies that I’ve ever seen that people are like, “Let’s have our kids watch this.” I’m like, “Really? Really? You’re gonna have your kids? What? Are you sure about that?” No, no, no. Do not like. Do not.

Theresa 17:50
To be fair, you could say that about a lot of the live action kids movies that came out around that time. They were not all entirely appropriate. But our parents let us watch them, so that’s on them. So thanks Mom and Dad!

Patty 18:06
There’s something about the 80s and 90s. Whenever I go back and I watch some of those movies, I’m low-key horrified that I thought they were so great. So before I let my kids start watching any of those, I always watch them again now and go “Whoa, no.” <laughs> But yeah, that’s one that I was just past the age…I wasn’t living at home when Hocus Pocus came out. I never saw it in the theater. It was a Disney movie, whatever. I was way too cool for that, you know, as a young college kid, or whatever I was at the time. And it’s just never, ever been on my radar. And then I finally watched it for the first time last year or the year before. It was a recent – not this October, but the October before was the first time I watched it. I probably tried to watch that movie five different times, because I’d watch it for the first 15 or 20 minutes and be like, “What is this hot mess? What- Why are all of you guys so in love with it?” I don’t get it. So Sarah, I’m with you, sister. I am with you on this.

Theresa 18:23
I think it holds up. I have the nostalgia for it. I enjoy it. It’s my must watch, every Halloween. I love it.

Jane 19:16
I agree. I think it’s just one of those that I grew up with. So I’m going to watch it year after year.

Patty 19:27
Can’t do it, can’t do it.

Theresa 19:27
Thackery Binx forever.

Patty 19:28
<laughs> Oh my gosh, stop. Alright, we are going to wrap up this edition of unpopular Disney opinions. And we could go on and on and on. There’s a lot more to this, I know. But don’t worry. We have more stories to tell. We’ll keep this episode coming back a couple more times, because it definitely seems to be something that we enjoy talking about, you enjoy talking about, and we’re going to keep revisiting it. Anything else you guys want to sum up before we sign off this week?

Theresa 20:00
I will have my blood pressure checked before the next time we record one of these. Don’t worry, guys. <laughter>

Patty 20:06
I can just see Theresa over there with her blood pressure cuff on. <Theresa laughs> The entire time monitoring, like as we’re talking going, “Ohhhh no. Okay.”

Theresa 20:16
If we ever do a video episode, I’ll have it there. People can watch it in real time.

Patty 20:22
Oh my gosh, for real. For. Real. Thanks for joining us. And don’t forget, if you guys can leave those reviews, leave us a comment, and definitely use the form or send us an email and fill out all of your unpopular Disney opinions so we can keep sharing them. Magical Moments, Cast Compliments, Awkward Character interactions, we want it all. So make sure you share those stories with us, so we can share them with everybody else.

Theresa 20:52
And join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast because as Patty likes to say:

Patty 20:57
It’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone.

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