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Disney Instagram Walls And The Women Who Love Them

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This week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, we’re talking Disney Instagram Walls. And not just the classic walls- but how to discover new ones, what to look for, and why we think they make excellent photo spots. Even if you aren’t on Instagram! 

If you believe in Magic You Belong Disney Instagram Wall in Hollywood Studios

I found this one after Theresa told me about it- how cute is this? And no DVC points were purchased in the capturing of this photo. (phew!)

Disney Instagram Walls And The Women Who Love Them

Part of the fun of going on a Disney vacation is making sure you capture all the memories with great pictures. 

And Walt Disney World and Disneyland have no shortage of awesome Instagram worthy locations for your family to pose in front of. 

But our favorites? Those are the Disney Instagram Walls that can be found pretty much everywhere you look. 

On the podcast today, we cover why we love Instagram Walls and how you can use our tips and hacks to finding the best ones. 

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Favorite Disney Walls of Instagram Photos

And of course, this episode needs pictures! So here are a few of our favorites from the No-Guilt Disney Podcast team. 

I also have a long post about all the walls you could ever want to visit: and you can find that Walls of Disney Instagram post here. 

Galactic Purple Wall Disney Walls of Instagram

Galactic Purple Wall found in Magic Kingdom


Orange Sherbet Wall found in Magic Kingdom

Orange Sherbet Wall found in Magic Kingdom


Jedi Rock Wall in <a href=



Disney Walls of Instagram China Wall

Disney Walls of Instagram China Wall


Transcript For Disney Instagram Walls Podcast Episode

Patty 0:11
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney podcast. Where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane 0:19
We’re three Disney fangirls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should. And we’re perfectly okay with that.

Patty 0:28

Theresa 0:29
I’d say I’m more than okay with that. I think that’s a good assessment. I’m Theresa and you can find me on the Internet at, on Instagram and Twitter @GertieTheDino,

Jane 0:45
I am Jane. And if you listened to our other podcasts, I lied and said I was only available on Instagram, but as I discovered the other day, I am on Instagram and Facebook! Listen, I am the worst at this social stuff. But you can find me in both of those places @RealMousewivesWDW.

Theresa 1:13
And I do just want to add to the authenticity of that we do have an email chain where she really did just go, “Oh hey! I am on another social media. She’s not lying about just realizing it.

Patty 1:24
Hey y’all, I’m Patty Holliday from and No Guilt Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all socials @NoGuiltLife. And welcome back. Welcome to this first set of episodes of the No-Guilt Disney podcast. We know you have a choice in your Disney podcasts and we’re glad you decided to listen to ours.

Jane 1:50
And subscribe!

Theresa 1:52
And leave glowing five star reviews.

Patty 1:55
Super important here, especially for new podcasts. If you’re listening on Apple or anywhere that allows you to leave a review, please throw up an awesome one.

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We all know that the internet algorithms tend to be a little finicky. And if you leave good reviews, especially five star ones, it tells the podcast Powers-That-Be that you’re really enjoying the show, other people will enjoy the show and it just helps get the word out there. So if you have time, stop and leave us a lovely positive review.

Patty 2:27
It’d be super appreciated. All right. When we were trying to decide how to kick off the first episodes of this podcast, we made this huge list of topics. I’m not even sure how long that list ended up being but it was it was pretty lengthy. In other words, folks, we got a lot to say about Disney. And when we looked at the topics, this one jumped out for me because I know both of my co-hosts pretty well. If you know Theresa, you know that she has never met a Disney wall or door or location that she can’t work with one of her Disney bounding outfits, Instagram for the win when Tree is around.

Theresa 3:07
It definitely helps having an excellent photographer like Patty, who knows how to get some good angles in there. But it’s true. I really do love a good doorway.

Patty 3:17
I wouldn’t say excellent, but I do alright. And Jane is always showing up in front of something new and then telling me to go there on my next trip, which I don’t usually do unless she’s with me, so there’s that.

Jane 3:33
Why don’t you ever listen to me?

Patty 3:35
Dude, I don’t know. I don’t know. So this episode is the Instagram Walls of Disney aka help Patty look cute and impress her teenage daughter and Instagram obsessed eight year old on our next trip, please and thank you. When we last took a family trip my daughter was completely like “Oh, take a picture of me in front of this wall!” And then my younger daughter was like, “Wait, what are you doing?” and Claire said, “Oh, it’s a thing at Disney, you have to take pictures.” So it was kind of fun to have this bonding experience because I like doing that too. But I was also able to point out and tell them where some of the quote unquote famous Disney Instagram walls were located. And I got major cool mom points. So this isn’t just for your Instagram, this is also for you to impress others. They might be your 13 year old children, but you know what, I need to impress my 13 year old at every chance I get. So, yeah, so that’s what I really need help with here is to find some new ones for our next trip. Alright, I feel like these ladies are experts in that field of Instagram walls. And I asked them to come up with their best tips, suggestions for finding creative places, and maybe share a few locations that you hadn’t thought to check out before. And of course, this is totally a visual episode. hop over to the website to see the pics of some of these places that we’re going to talk about. And I will of course give you a little link in show notes for that and Theresa’s also going to give us a link to her website because I’m sure she’s going to post something along those lines over there as well. So are we ready? Are we ready to talk Disney Instagram walls?

Theresa 5:21
I’m so ready.

Patty 5:22
I need you guys to tell everybody what do you think makes a good Instagram worthy location at Disney?

Theresa 5:30
In my mind I think part of what made the Disney Wall phenomenon so popular initially, you know, before Disney even started to create them as destination spots, was it was a good way to get a photo of yourself in a Disney park or at a resort with no other guests around. Which can be pretty tricky. If you’re doing things like Cinderella Castle, Spaceship Earth, there’s always a ton of people. So if you’re positioned in front of a wall or in my case, a doorway, it’s a good way to get a shot that’s just you in a sort of unique location that’s at Disney. But in a lot of ways, you can also make it look like you’re not at a Disney park at all because of some of the architecture that they have around. And it gives you a different perspective than your typical Disney photo.

Patty 6:16
I love that. I actually have a friend who takes, every time they go to Disney at least once a year, she takes her family and they take a picture in front of the same Instagram wall. And it’s like a family portrait. It’s a family picture. And it’s just them. And yes, it’s at Disney and they know it’s at Disney. But that’s how they make it special. And I love it. Now that happens to be over on Tom Sawyer Island, where she does that. It’s a great picture. I love seeing them every year when they go. So yeah, I agree with you there that that’s definitely a way to get all the other guests out of your picture. I guess to put it nicely.

Jane 6:54
Well, I was just going to add that I also think it’s like changing up the backgrounds and it kinda reminds me in some senses of those old school 80s school photos-

Theresa 7:08
With the lasers!

Jane 7:08
-with neon lights, the lasers behind them. And that’s what some of them remind me of that. So you can take these photos and really swap out the background. So I like that. And then the other thing I like about them is they come with different colors and textures. And if you really look at them, a lot of them are so interesting and their details that you otherwise would have likely overlooked as you were rushing to your next thing. So that’s what I really like about them.

Patty 7:41
All right, all right. What was your first Instagram wall? Do you remember what you posed in front of as your first one?

Jane 7:49
I think mine had to be purple wall. Because I was late to the wall game. And I had a lot of… I had a lot of questions.

Patty 8:03
Was it old school purple wall?

Theresa 8:04
That was going to be my question.

Jane 8:08
It was old school purple wall, it was before they changed to the Galactic purple wall. And I was like I don’t understand. Why are people just standing in front of this painted wall? It’s a flat purple, I can buy this at Home Depot. No one comes to my house and stands in front of my walls! So I really didn’t understand it and then when they switched it to the Galactic wall, it just became fun and it became a thing.

Patty 8:37
Kind of clicked for you. All right. So Theresa, what was your first wall?

Theresa 8:41
I really had to sit and think about thiis. My first wall photo, I wasn’t in it. You may have gathered, the listeners may have gathered, from my Twitter handle that I adore Gertie the Dinosaur and I have a friend who made me a small crocheted version that I’ll take pictures of around the Parks because I am super cool. So my very first wall photo, it was Gertie in front of one of the most walls in Pandora at Animal Kingdom. And I think that was one of the earlier walls and people… Wall photos weren’t really a thing when I took that and neither is taking photos of a dinosaur in a theme park. I’m sure I had so many confused people while I’m there like holding up this dinosaur in front of some moss and like doing all these angled photos, so yeah, so that was taking it back. That was my first wall photo.

Patty 9:31
I love it. Hey, of course it had to be Gertie.

Theresa 9:34
Of course it was.

Patty 9:37
My first of wall photo was kind of- I was along the same lines as Jane, except that we’re going to step it back another step before we even got to Disney Instagram walls. I was into all the bloggers on Instagram who were taking pictures in front of garage doors. And I was like, “What is up with y’all standing in your cute little outfits in front of a garage door? What is this about?” And I actually had some fashion bloggers reach out and they explained to me the reason why. And it’s because it’s a simple background. But it just made me laugh that it’s like, you’re standing in your driveway in front of garage doors…like what are you doing? So I kind of made a joke when I was out on runs. If I saw an interesting garage door, I’d stop and take a picture. I’d be like, “Garage doors of Instagram”, you know?

Theresa 10:26
I remember that, but I didn’t know why you were doing it!

Jane 10:29
So do I!

Patty 10:32
Flash ahead to, [after] that whole thing where I kept stopping stupid places and taking garage door pictures, was one of the trips to Disney. And we were walking through Disney Springs. And there is something that looks like a garage door that’s right across from…I’m not sure what it is, I’m not sure what Park building it is, but it’s very close to when you’re going to Homecomin’, and it’s this gorgeous, wooden, kind of garage door thing. I was with, like, eight different bloggers. I was like, “Guys, that’s it. That’s my garage door.” So we all stood and took a fashion photo. We had some random person stop, and I begged him to take a picture. And we all had these funky poses and tried to do a little, you know, fashion Instagram pose and that’s my first Disney walls of Instagram photo. And yeah, it was pretty great. Now I know the classics. I know obviously the purple wall, the bubble gum wall, blueberry wall, that kind of thing. We actually ran a 5K in costume for a runDisney race as those three walls

Jane 11:41
so cute.

Patty 11:42
Yeah, we had the the Instagram frame that we carried with us to take pictures. The Cast Members, I think, liked that frame more than we did. But anyways. Cast Members, I run these races for you. Okay, I need something different, and I need something fresh and new. So give us some new ideas. What you got?

Theresa 12:03
So it kind of came up earlier- you know I love a good doorway. I think I gravitate towards those a little more than the traditional wall photos because to me, it evokes the “Disney is my home” feeling. And visually, I like that there’s usually some varying colors and textures that it adds. And if you’re walking along Main Street USA, there are so many great ones. My favorites are the ones that are down on the side street that’s about halfway between the flagpole and the hub. I think they’re really great too if you feel kind of awkward about taking wall photos in the middle of a Disney park, because when you’re over on those side streets, there’s a little less foot traffic than some of the other areas, so you can spend a little more time getting it right and you don’t have to, you know, feel weird about posing in the middle of the Park.

Patty 12:51
I do always feel weird.

Theresa 12:54
Yeah, I do too. Especially when I first started to take them, so it’s nice to find one that there’s not gonna be…I think it’s pretty traditional now, so people wouldn’t think it’s as odd see someone taking pictures in front of a wall. But if you’re not used to it, that’s a good place to start. And same thing with the doors. If you go around any area in Disney that’s representing another part of the world, like in World Showcase, or Africa and Asia in Animal Kingdom, there’s usually a lot of just really interesting details around there too.

Patty 13:22
Yeah, I tend to try to find walls that are matching whatever I’m wearing. I know that Theresa, I think, goes the other way where she develops her outfit and her style depending upon where she’s going to take the picture. And I’m the other way. So I’m like, “Oh, I have this great t shirt. What can I kind of theme with it or find to go with it?” And then I will look for things that match what I’m wearing or the mood I’m in and look for little details the same way. I look for walls, look for doorways, and really just looking at the architecture.

Both of you have mentioned texture and architecture and those things. What what about that do you like in your photos?

I just think it adds something different. If you’re standing against a flat, white wall, it’s just a flat, white wall. You can get that anywhere. A lot of what Disney does with their details, is they add depth behind you. And it just gives it something more interesting than Oh, I don’t know, my face.

Okay, all right.

Theresa 14:32
And as she mentioned, with me, I go back and forth. Sometimes there will be an area that I think of that I’ve seen on Instagram, and I’ll think, “I want to take a picture there. What can I add to it?” But especially if I’m doing a DisneyBound, those textures and details, if you’re doing a very loose representation for a DisneyBound, finding that right area and all of those additional details that can help bring the photo together and it helps us give it better right representation of [which character] you are.

Patty 15:02
I love it.

Jane 15:02
And I think it tells a good story.

Patty 15:06
We’re all about good stories around here. I mean, I think that’s part of why we love Disney as much as we do, is it’s always about the story. So I could see that, I can see that. I like wrapping up these things that you- I mean, it’s walls right? It’s garage walls, its doors, its walls and yet we’re making even that aspect of Disney part of our story and I like that. All right, tips, hacks suggestions. How do you find these walls?


Wrong answer! Go to and there’s a website that has all this information on it! Just kiddingggg.

Jane 15:48
You can find it in the show notes.

Theresa 15:50

Patty 15:52
There’s the answer, there’s the answer. I am not the Disney Walls expert. However, I do have a couple of blog posts with some locations, and Disneylanders, we are not leaving you out. You guys have some fabulous walls over there. My post actually covers both Disney World and Disneyland. So again, check the show notes. That’s where you need to go first. There’s your first tip. Go ahead Jane, what else you got?

I tend to look around wherever I’ve been. And like I said, I tend to wear an outfit; I’m very much a T shirt and leggings kind of girl. So whatever fun t shirt I’m wearing. I’m like, “Okay, what can I take a picture of that really tells the story of whatever I’m wearing?” So recently at Mickey’s Not So Scary [Halloween Party], I went as a Ghost Host for one of my costumes. And I was like, “Okay, let’s take pictures at Haunted Mansion!” And not even thinking about how there are walls at Haunted Mansion that have been there forever. And they were never really, like, walls, right? It wasn’t special. It was just part of the ride. But there are walls there. So I went and took pictures in front of the exit area which has the great wall that has the names of all the wives on there. I took pictures in front of there, then there’s another wall that’s right next to it. So there’s different textures there. Plus in the queue area, there’s a brick wall that’s behind a staircase; you can take pictures in front of there as well. There’s also the crypt wall that’s in the queue area. So even just in that one little area of one Park there’s so many different places to take pictures and it just makes it extra fun

Theresa 17:41
For me when I’m trying to find one, there’s two main avenues that I take. One is on Instagram because that is the hub of Disney walls and posed Disney photos. So if I’m doing a DisneyBound, I’ll search the DisneyBounding hashtag or look for the different characters or I’ll look for specific locations if I kind of know where I want to take a picture. There’s a little button that you can save photos, and when I do that, I’ll then with all the photos I’ve saved, I’ll create a new collection in there and organize it by Park. So that way as I’m walking around, if I know there’s a place in the Park that I want to get a photo, I can keep an eye out for where it is. And then my other suggestion is, as you’re walking through the Parks, take the side paths a little bit because that’s how, you know, that’s how you’ll discover the next big Disney wall. One of my favorites that I’m surprised isn’t more popular is in Hollywood Studios as you’re walking towards Sunset Boulevard, towards Tower of Terror. It’s the “If you believe in magic, you belong” wall. It’s kind of hidden behind the DVC kiosk that’s over there, just to the left of the Sunshine Day Bar. It has the has the phrase “If you believe in magic, you belong” and then right underneath that it says “Summer Adventures – Winter Romances” and it has a little window. Every time I walk by there, there’s no one there and this is such a Disney saying, it surprises me that it’s not not one I’ve seen more often. But that is one I recommend people go check out.

Patty 19:14
I’m totally and check that one out now, that sounds awesome. I would not have known it was there because I usually have to duck and run from the DVC folks because I can’t afford that yet.

Theresa 19:24
That’s why it’s a good thing because it’s behind them, so you dcan you can avoid them by walking around to that wall.

Patty 19:31
Don’t make eye contact. No, we love DVC. Jane’s actually DVC member

Jane 19:38
I’m over here like, “Leave my people alone!”

Patty 19:42
I think that you can also, if you really are trying to find something new or different shoot, ask your Cast Members. Ask them if they’ve seen or if they’ve heard or if they’ve had any tips that they can tell you. Someplace that not a ton of people are going to yet, but maybe they can guide you to. That’s something else that you can look for. I found out the Tom Sawyer Island walls were kind of a thing with a couple of friends of mine, one friend takes her kids. And it’s the- I don’t know what it’s officially called, but it’s the one where they have written “Becky and Tom” on it, “Becky loves Tom” or whatever. It’s a super cute wall. And she says she takes pictures of her kids there every single time they go and so she’s got a couple of years, you know, different progression. And I thought that was just such a great idea. So you know, there’s a lot of out there little known places. And I definitely think asking your friends, looking on social media for things. #DisneyInstagramWalls or #WallsOfDisney I think are two of them that you can find and you might stumble across something that’s new, or that at least fits whatever you’re wearing that day. If you’re Jane, I don’t know. Those are definitely some good ideas on finding some new and different walls. I also like new lands whenever Disney opens a new land, that seems to be ripe for new walls coming out. So when Pandora opened, the moss wall became a thing. Then Toy Story opened, and Gosh, they gave us like four, five, six walls at one point in time. There was a bunch of new and adorable and really Instagram-worthy walls in Toy Story Land. Some of them have changed since it opened, but they were there. And then now we have Galaxy’s Edge. There’s some good there’s some good, there’s some good wall pictures and galaxies Ed

Oh, there’s tons of areas in Galaxy’s Edge where you can take wall photos. I haven’t yet explored all of them. I have seen them and been like, “Oh, I need to take a picture there” and then I forget. But my latest one that I love is the Resistance Wall which is in between Rise of the Resistance and the marketplace area. It’s almost if you enter or exit by where the bathrooms are in the marketplace area of Galaxy’s Edge, right there is a huge wall and it’s just massive. It’s so tall. It’s so wide. It’s just really impressive. And so that’s a great wall to take a photo in front of. And there’s other walls. There’s one over by the droids that’s really great because that’s different and has all the droids behind you and then you have the textures of that wall. There’s walls over by Oga’s that are great – Oga’s Cantina. Almost at every turn in Galaxy’s Edge, you can find a wall with a different color, texture, feeling to it, and it’s really it’s a great area to go and discover new walls.

Theresa 23:00
Yeah, I have two there that stand out to me that I really like. I’ll say asterisk, there is a third one that is a doorway but I’ve only seen it in pictures and I haven’t found it yet. So there are doorways to discover there too. But one that I really like is the stairway that takes you up towards the marketplace. And I love that because with the different levels, it gives your photo a lot of dimension. And again, if you’re like me and sometimes have no clue how to pose, being on stairs can help because you can pretend you’re mid-walk and put your hands on a railing so you don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with your hands. And the other one that I saw when I was there for the Passholder previews, it’s the walkway that’s over towards Toy Story Land. And it pretty much looks just like a rock wall. But it has this rust colored moss on it because I guess all extra-terrestrial locations in Disney need to have some kind of moss wall, but the rocks themselves have these different- it looks like layers on them almost like, if you picture the Grand Canyon, from where the water levels had changed and it kind of shows the different time periods. It looks like they created the rocks to to mimic that. And so I love the way it looks.

Patty 24:16
There’s another one at the other entrance/exit of Galaxy’s Edge, the one that is on the side by the Muppets and down by that end. The entrance that’s closest to Rise of the Resistance. That entrance there, you come through this giant tunnel. And in that tunnel, when you first enter it, if you look to your right, there’s white subway tile on the wall, and it’s great. And it also is there because they wanted to leave a little bit of something from when it used to be New York Street, so it’s representative of what was there before Galaxy’s Edge was there. So I love that wall for that.

Aw, the Disney details, man, I love that. Do you have a favorite Disney wall? One that you go out of your way to take a picture in front of or that you’ve taken multiple pictures in front of? I mean, I like them all. But I do tend to want to always take a picture in front of that galactic purple wall. It’s just classic.

Theresa 25:21
My obvious answer is the bluish green wall that is the torso of Gertie the Dinosaur. But if we are going into some more traditional wall areas, I want to- the China pavilion is probably my favorite simply because there is so much there. The one specific that’s a wall, if you’re walking through on the left side of the pavilion, where they have the restaurants and the gift shop. So the gift shop is The House of Good Fortune, and just to the right of that is where they’ve made it look like you’re walking through a Chinese town. There’s one area, there’s a lot of Chinese characters written on the walls, there’s this lighting structure that looks like it’s made out of bamboo and has lanterns on it. And I know there’s a stairway right next to it that has this cool lighting fixture on the edge of the railing. So the China pavilion is where I go. I’ve taken so many photos there already, and I have so many in mind that I want to keep taking.

Patty 26:21
I like the China pavilion, that’s a good one. A little off the beaten path kind of suggestion. All right. All right. Well, anything else you guys want to add? As far as your love of Disney walls?

Jane 26:32
I would just say that they’re always changing. So just because one wall was a thing today, next week, it may not be a thing or it may not even exist anymore. And always be looking out for the construction walls. Because with so much construction going on, especially in Epcot, they have really done a good job with trying to make the walls as interesting as possible. Even in Hollywood Studios, before Galaxy’s Edge, we had a big Galaxy’s Edge wall announcing when it was arriving. That was a great wall, but it’s gone now. So Epcot, I have heard- I actually had somebody text me this weekend and say when are we going to Epcot? Because there’s all these new walls there with all the construction that they’re doing. So believe it or not, I’m excited to go to Epcot because there’s all these new walls to find.

Patty 27:23
Oh my gosh, the Epcot shade continues! Yeah, it’s funny. I actually just pulled up on my phone this cute picture. I love the bright colors that are on the construction walls right now in Epcot. It’s the geometric lines that they have. It’s so cute. And when we were there for [WDW} Marathon weekend, I had to stop and take a picture. It’s not the best picture, but it’s still cute. So I’m gonna I’ll throw that on the blog post if you guys want to look at it to get an idea. But yeah, who knew? Construction walls. They can be a thing too, and not just in an ironic “I think I’m hilarious” kind of way which I have been known to take those kinds of pictures before. Alright, that’s a wrap on this one. And a quick reminder that we have the Unpopular Disney Opinions segment. Hey, I don’t know, maybe you think Instagram walls are stupid. Go ahead and tell us why by emailing it to [email protected]

Theresa 28:21
And then get off my lawn.

Jane 28:29
Or if you have a Magical Moment or a Cast Compliment related to an Instagram wall, or anything else really, send us that too. We’re collecting stories to tell on future segments and we’re always looking for inspirational stories and good tidbits when it comes to Disney Park visits.

Theresa 28:47
So we really do hope that you’re going to join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney podcast because as Patty likes to say,

Patty 28:54
Hey, it’s no kind of fan girl Disney alone. Bye y’all!

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