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Unpopular Disney Opinions: The Podcast

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Look, we know you have opinions when it comes to Disney vacations. And we won’t tell you you’re wrong- except when you are. Ahem. We kid. But we are loving the Unpopular Disney Opinions podcast episode on the No-Guilt Disney podcast. Come take a listen and don’t worry- you have a chance to chime in as well! 

dole whip float at Polynesian Resort

Disney Unpopular Opinions 1: Dole Whips, Soarin’, Flight of Passage, Figment and (gasp!) ‘Ohana

Oh my- you do have some thoughts on these subjects. 

And apparently, we do too!

This week we cover:

  • Dole Whips (gross? Maybe?)
  • Soarin’ (old vs new)
  • Flight of Passage and Pandora 
  • Figment: just why? Also where Theresa starts to feel personally attacked.
  • ‘Ohana- overrated?— Say whaaaat?

bread pudding at Ohana at Disney World

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Unpopular Disney Opinions Podcast Episode 1 Transcript

Patty  0:08  
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney podcast where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.

Jane  0:16  
We're three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should, and we're perfectly okay with that! 

Patty  0:24  
Perfectly okay.

Theresa Mabe  0:25  
I have no problems with it.  I am Theresa,  I blog at and you can also find me on Instagram occasionally, but mostly on Twitter @GertieTheDino.

Jane  0:41  
I am Jane and I'm our resident local and you can find me only on Instagram @RealMousewifeWDW.

Patty  0:51  
I'm not gonna be tricked this time. I know Jane's only on Instagram. That's it.  Meanwhile, there's me. Hey, I'm Patty holiday from and No-Guilt Travel, a travel agency that specializes in Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all the socials @NoGuiltLife and you can also find me at the No-Guilt Fan Girls Podcast and Now Streaming Disney Plus podcast. Guys, I have a problem.

Theresa Mabe  1:20  
I think you just don't have enough hours in the day is your bigger problem because I know you could be doing, like, five other projects.

Patty  1:29  
I would love to do five other projects!

Theresa Mabe  1:31  
I know!

Patty  1:32  
But yeah, no we're not, don't give me any ideas, Theresa. Don't encourage this. All right.  Welcome to the first couple episodes of No-Guilt Disney. Now, we know you have a choice in your Disney podcast, and we're glad you decided to listen to ours! 

Jane  1:48  
And subscribe!

Theresa Mabe  1:49  
And leaving those wonderful five-star reviews.

Jane  1:52  
Super important here, especially for new podcasts. If you are listening on Apple, or Spotify, iHeartRadio, anywhere that you're listening - if they allow a review, can you please throw one up and make it awesome?

Theresa Mabe  2:08  
It helps with the algorithm where they're trying to tell the podcast powers that be that this show needs to be seen and heard by absolutely everybody. So if you could help us out by leaving a positive review, it will help us get this out to more people and hopefully getting more stories and other things that we may be talking about today.

Patty  2:28  
And bring you more content just like this, just like some of the other stuff that we've already put out. And we hope you're enjoying it because we know we're enjoying it anyway. And we would like to have as many listeners as possible, be part of this community. Today we are kicking off what we think is going to be a listener favorite, at least, it's definitely going to be some of our favorite episodes because we were cackling as these came rolling in on social media. This is (dun dun dunnnn) this is the unpopular Disney opinion segment. That's right. We're going to talk about all y'all dark and dirty secrets about Disney. Now, no judgment. Oh, all right, Jane might judge you

Jane  3:14  
It's probably true.

Patty  3:17  
But the rest of us are super "Live and let live" for the most part when it comes to these kinds of things. 

Theresa Mabe  3:24  
I feel like we say that now but the gloves are gonna come off. I'm just waiting.

Jane  3:28  
They are!

Patty  3:30  
Alright,  I will admit because I we already already had off mic a little discussion about one of them and I got a little heated, so you're right. This is gonna get ugly guys. Buckle in, buckle in everybody. Wildest ride in the wilderness? No, no, this is it. This is this is what's going to happen. All right. Now I am totally also going to admit up front that this part of the podcast is ripped off completely from the my favorite Murder podcast where Georgia and Karen read you <bleep>. And well, this is going to be just like that except less murdery.

Jane  4:08  
We hope.

Theresa Mabe  4:10  
If anybody says a negative word about Gertie, I make no promises.

Patty  4:17  
Good point. Good point. 

Theresa Mabe  4:18  
So if you would like to be featured on this segment or one like it in the future, make sure you send us your stories!  We're going to make sure that there is a link in the show notes for a form that you can fill out to send us your own unpopular opinions. Or you can send an email to [email protected] with the subject line, "Unpopular Opinions". 

Patty  4:39  
All right, are we ready for this? 

Theresa Mabe  4:41  
I don't know. 

Patty  4:45  
Do we want to confess our own unpopular opinions? Are we gonna save that for another show? I don't know. I kind of think we should just start with some submissions. And then I'm sure own views will come out in due time because if I know anything about the three of us, it's that we are not afraid to chime in with how we really feel about things. 

Theresa Mabe  5:05  
I have been known to have an opinion, yes.

Jane  5:07  
No one has ever called me opinionated.

Patty  5:11  
Oh, no one. Yeah. Never. All right,  well, with that, let's start with opinionated Jane. Tell us something that's on the unpopular opinion list that we are going to talk about first.

Jane  5:24  
Okay! One of the first ones that I received is from Amanda and she says, "I don't like Flight of Passage, or Soarin'."

Patty  5:37  
<exaggerated gasp> What??  Okay, I think we all three just clutched our Disney pearls.

Theresa Mabe  5:44  
Now, I will say - because I actually got somebody who commented that they don't like the current version of Soarin' - and that I agree with because everything's a little curved, and I feel like Disney could have accounted for that because you're Disney. But how- oh, Flight of Passage is so good!

Jane  6:04  
See, and I'm the exact opposite. I think Flight of Passage is completely overrated. I pass that up all the time. And for me, Soarin' - the old version, the new version - I absolutely love it.

Patty  6:18  

Unknown Speaker  6:19  

Patty  6:22  
I like them both. I really like Flight of Passage, but I also don't cry if I don't get on it.  You know what I mean? If I can get on it, cool; if I can't get on it, cool. My unpopular opinion I'm just throwing - look at this, I'm jumping right in! I said we were going to save it, but I can't stop myself. Y'all, here's my unpopular opinion. You opened the door with Pandora. You knew this was coming. I don't care about that land. So the only reason I will go to that land is to ride Flight of Passage. If I don't have a FastPass for it, I bypass the whole hot mess, because nope, not interested. And I know I am one of, I don't know, five people that feel that way. Everybody else seems to really drool and obsess over Avatar, but I don't want six more movies. I didn't care about the first movie. 

Theresa Mabe  7:14  
I still haven't seen the first movie. 

Patty  7:17  
Don't bother. I mean, I'm sorry, but I just have no connection whatsoever. I mean, you guys know how I love franchises. I love movies. I love intellectual property, and I hated Avatar. And I hate the fact that it's at Disney. So yeah, there's my unpopular opinion. I thought I was going to keep it in, apparently I am not.

Theresa Mabe  7:38  
It's funny to hear you say that because you know where I'm gonna go with this. So the reason I don't love Pandora in Animal Kingdom is because - why? Animal Kingdom is so good, and pure, and showcasing actual, actual areas. So I think they did it very well. But I have problems with creating a fictional land and putting it in there, or one that's based on a movie. Such as putting rides into Future World that are based on certain movies that have no business being in Future World at Epcot. 

Jane  8:14  
Don't you go there.

Theresa Mabe  8:15  
Patty, I know you have no clue what I could be talking about. Oh, it bothers me so much. So much! 

Patty  8:23  
You're gonna be outvoted on this one, Theresa.

Theresa Mabe  8:24  
I don't care. And it's funny 'cause I wasn't initially gonna bring it up because in my groups it is a popular opinion that Guardians of the Galaxy does not belong in the Energy pavilion It doesn't- I don't - it makes no sense. And it's- I'm so frustrated with it. And so to me that's a common opinion but I know in this, in our little circle right now I am definitely the unpopular one here. But I'm - I will not be convinced otherwise, Guardians does not belong in Epcot,  ever. Period.

Jane  8:58  
I'm not 100% sure that it belongs in Epcot. But I'm happy it's going to be in Epcot because my unpopular opinion is that Epcot is a waste!

Theresa Mabe  9:11  

Patty  9:13  
<laughs> Fight, fight, fight, fight!

Jane  9:14  
We didn't even make it 10 minutes!

Patty  9:18  
This did not take long at all, the gloves are coming off, the real truth is coming out now.

Theresa Mabe  9:25  
Yeah, we get a bunch of submissions and we're going to have time for one because we're all-

Patty  9:31  
Alright, let me get my popcorn y'all. I'll be right back, behave.

Theresa Mabe  9:37  
Epcot is the most magical park, and I will also not I will not be convinced otherwise on that either.

Patty  9:46  
Well the good news is that this show is not meant to convince anyone that they have to feel any differently. This is just simply airing of grievances and airing of those unpopular opinions. And Jane has hers, and Theresa has hers, and I have mine. Which, I didn't hear anybody tell me that I was wrong, so you know I'm right, so boom! All right moving on.

Jane  10:10  
I only go to Pandora for the food.

Patty  10:14  
I don't like the food! I don't like Pandora's food. I think it is overrated and not good. It is not good, so I don't even go to Pandora.  I will not eat there. Ugh. Yeah, no. Pandora, done. Next , can we have another unpopular opinion submission please. And thank you. Let's move on.

Theresa Mabe  10:39  
I will read one. This was sent in by Brittany. And it's, "I preferred paper Fast Pass. It was fun to start the morning racing to the kiosks to get your return times, not having to plan out your days, and I miss being able to give to the extra fast passes to people before leaving the parks."

Patty  10:55  
Brittany, if you could see me right now I'm standing up giving you an ovation.

Jane  11:00  

Patty  11:01  
Yes, girl. Yes. I completely agree with all of those things. It was like a game. And that was part of the fun for me was being the Fast Pass runner and going from Fast Pass to Fast Pass. And yeah, you hauled your booty all around the park and added a bazillion more miles to your day that you didn't need but dang, it felt good. I felt like I was accomplishing something.

Jane  11:24  
I was thin then!

Patty  11:26  
I was absolutely a beast at the Fast Pass runner game. And I also agree with at the end of the night if you had leftover fast passes that you hadn't used...this is also back when we weren't required to use them by a certain time. One of my absolute favorite trips that I ever went to was at Disneyland for the Tinkerbell Half Marathon. And this was right before they did away with it at Disneyland. They had already done away with it at Disney World but at Disneyland, the fast passes were still all day fast passes. Basically as long as you had a Fast Pass You could come back at any time. I remember holding seven fast passes in my hand and just smiling and thinking, "I'm walking on all of these rides at the end of the night and it's gonna be amazing. It's the best day ever!" And then I think two weeks later, they changed that system and took it all away. But it was beautiful. And so Brittany, that is not an unpopular opinion here. 

Theresa Mabe  12:22  
I know, I was gonna say. I agree with it, too. But I almost feel like I need to find something to point out that's wrong about it. 

Patty  12:30  
No, there's nothing.

Theresa Mabe  12:33  
Good. Next one. Let's go.

Patty  12:36  
Okay, this one. This one actually came up a couple of times, but I am going to credit Jenny W. on Facebook for it. And Jenny writes "Dole Whip is gross. That's my story." <laughter>

All right. Now here's my question. This has come up over and over and over again. Who actually loves the dole whips so much then, because it feels like there's more people that don't like them. Or at least maybe it's a vocal minority? I don't know, but we get a lot of that. Didn't you guys get a lot of those comments too,  that Dole Whips are not worth it?

Jane  13:12  
I did. I got Dole Whips and citrus swirls are overrated.

Oh, well, I'll fight you over citrus swirl.

Theresa Mabe  13:18  
It's ice cream. I mean, non-dairy soft serve if I'm being specific.. But I like them all. I will eat them anytime. Aloha Isle has one now that's got coconut soft serve that's a version of Dole Whip. And I want to try this. I need to know this. I will say about the Dole Whip,  it feels less special now that you can get it in a lot of the frozen yogurt chains that are around and at other theme parks. There was the period of time that it was the Dole plantation or the Disney parks. And I think that was when it was more of a novelty and everyone's like, "Oh, this is great. You have to have this because you can only get it here." And I think now that it's it's more widely available people either are finding it overrated or feeling more confident about saying "No, you really don't to get it. It's not a special, unique Disney treat anymore. You don't need to go get that."

Jane  14:14  
Yeah, I think that's fair.

I only had my first dole whip maybe five years ago. It was just not something that was on our radar ever. And it was good. But the lime one they have - that's the good one.

I haven't had the lime one yet.  I had the mango, the mango one is good.

Patty  14:39  
I don't even know what flavor it was, but it was blue. And it had rum in it. And it was branded runDisney so I bought it and I drink it and I ate it. Whatever I did with that thing. It was really good. But at the same time, I wouldn't have gone out of my way to get it. It was just that I was standing there with somebody else and I saw that it said runDisney. And I was like, I feel like I have to buy this. Yes, runDisney does that to me.

Theresa Mabe  15:05  
So what you're saying is that if they sold that in Pandora and called it a Na'vi freeze you would be like, "Absolutely not."

Patty  15:12  
No way. I would never touch that. I would not touch that. Absolutely not. Gross. Ew. 

Theresa Mabe  15:18  
All right, there we go. Standing by your opinion.

Patty  15:21  
I am. Next up with an opinion.

Theresa Mabe  15:24  
I'm curious as to what the reaction to this one is going to be. So this came from Krissy who is one of my best friends. And hers was "The phrase 'There's something for everyone at Walt Disney World' isn't always correct. There are people who truly don't have a good time and that's okay."

Patty  15:42  
Now a fun fact about Krissy, Krissy is also a travel agent who specializes in Disney vacations. I'm totally outting you, Krissy. But I like that about her is that she recognizes - because I do agree with her on this. I absolutely do agree with this. As much as for what we do and as much as people are coming to us as quote unquote, the Disney people, there are some folks that this is not the vacation for you, you are not going to like this. And I recognize that and I get it and so you know what, I think that's very bold, and I'm very impressed that she was willing to share that officially because I do think that's accurate. I think you could probably find something for everybody for the most part. However, there are some folks that just can't Disney, they cannot do it.

Theresa Mabe  16:32  
And I think along with that, there could be one small thing that's there for them, but then they have the entire rest of the vacation around that. And just having one tiny highlight if you're having a horrible week is not really enough to make make it feel worth it.

Patty  16:48  
When I was trying to convince, you know, "Take the grandparents" or "The whole family should go" and that sort of thing. Because you do look at, particularly Walt Disney World, it's got a vast array of options for you. So you don't want to go to the parks? That's cool. There's golf courses, go play golf. "Okay, but why do I need to go to Disney golf? Why can't I just go to a regular-" So I get that from that point of view also is that, yes, while there are things that technically we can find for somebody that happened to be at Disney...That bowling alley? You can go to a bowling alley anywhere and I promise you it'll be cheaper at some other location.

Theresa Mabe  17:26  
Just a bit.

Patty  17:28  
So yeah, like I said, that speaks to me. I get you, Krissy and I'm impressed that you're willing to speak that truth.

Jane  17:38  
All right. This one hurts guys.

Theresa Mabe  17:40  
Oh no. I'm bracing myself.

Patty  17:44  
I mean, it hurts me. "'Ohana. Their food is completely overrated."

I'm flipping tables! This is it! This is the moment.

Jane  17:53  
I just died a little inside. 

Theresa Mabe  17:56  
And I agree!

Patty  17:59  
All right. Here's the thing about 'Ohana. First of all, we have to clarify. Are we talking 'Ohana breakfast or 'Ohana dinner?

Theresa Mabe  18:04  
I'm talking us breakfast, particularly. I did it once and it's- I love Stitch but not not worth it at all. Dinner was fine?  It was fine. But people who plan their entire trips around it, or go every was fine, it's not not worth the hassle, it's not worth the length of time it takes, it's not worth the cost...

Patty  18:28  
What hassle? Getting on the monorail and going to 'Ohana is a hassle?

Theresa Mabe  18:33  
Trying to get a reservation can be.  And when I went, I think we were waiting for our table for 25 minutes, even though we got there right around our check in time. It was not a great experience. The bread pudding. I will take all day, every day. But everything else y'all can keep it. I will give up that time for you to go snag a reservation. I don't need to go.

Patty  19:00  
All rigjt, more bread pudding for me.

Jane  19:02  
I appreciate that.

Patty  19:06  
Yeah, obviously Jane and I are team 'Ohana over here. I will point this out though when it comes to 'Ohana there are right ways and wrong ways of doing it. And Theresa, it sounds like you went the wrong way. And what I'm saying is I've snagged like 10 o'clock at night reservations, or the very last, right before they close- 9:45  or whatever it is reservations, thinking, "Yay, it's 'Ohana!" And I will admit, the food was not as good that late at night, Something about the way they cook it or...I don't know, but it was just a little too dry for my tastes. If you get one of the early reservations between say even 3-5, 5:30 you're golden. You are getting some of the best food ever cooked in your entire life. And the problem is you have to pace yourself like that's my thing because you want to save up room for that bread pudding. g a is so amazing. It is so good. So that's my vote for ohana. I love it. It's not a must do every single time I go, but I don't think I've ever said no to it when the opportunity has presented itself to me.

Jane  20:13  
Oh, I've never said no. And as a matter of fact, I am now on the app trying to book 'Ohana because I'm hungry.

Patty  20:21  
Jane, I'm coming to see you next week. So yeah, let's go to 'Ohana. Done.

Theresa Mabe  20:33  
But I think my problem with doing it that way. And this is this is coming as someone who, I have an annual pass now, but I've only had it's maybe my third year. So a lot of my trips, I had my set days and I wasn't entirely sure when I was going back. So you talk about booking your dinner reservation at a resort between three and five. That does take a large chunk of your day from experiencing and being in the parks when you've paid for an all day ticket. So we would do dinner, especially if it was at a resort, we would time it so we're going when we're done in the park for that day. I think that's also why, especially for people who don't know- like, this is your one trip - I personally would not want to say "All right, so we have to make sure that we are leaving the park by 2 to make sure that we can, if the monorail is not running we can leave enough time to get to this dining reservation. And then not exactly sure what time we'll be able to get back into the park to get the most out of the day. 

Patty  21:33  
Well I think that speaks to how you and I definitely do parks differently, as I am a big fan of taking a break towards the hottest part of the day, because Florida sucks. And if I can do that at three o'clock and enjoy a lapu lapu and some bread pudding while I'm at it, heck yeah, sign me up for that three o clock dinner. I will take it all day every day. I do like to get out of the heat and to take that break. So for the way we do parks is we get up early, we go in all day long, we take a break midday, whatever that looks like. Sometimes it's back to the resort, sometimes it is to go and have a nice meal in the middle of the day-ish. And then we go back into the parks and close it down once the sun goes down and it's not so hot and it's also not so crowded because people like Theresa are eating at a normal time. So bye girl! That's just the way that my family has done it. So yeah, I think that's a good point to make though is that obviously there are different ways of touring these parks and there's different ways of doing them. And the way it works for you is not going to necessarily be the way it works for me, And the way you might be like "Oh no, once I go and eat I'm ready to go back to the hotel and be done done." Cool. That works for you. That's not what we want to do. We want to open it and we want to close it, so yeah.  I think that factors in big time on on what your preferences are. So that's fair. That's fair. My unpopular opinion came from Sarah K. This came to me on my Facebook page and she says, "I don't get the allure of Figment."

Theresa Mabe  23:11  
Sarah, we're friends. Why?

Patty  23:17  
Do you want to know my response was?

Theresa Mabe  23:19  
I don't think I do. I'm nervous!

Jane  23:23  
I don't think you want to know either.

Patty  23:27  
My response was #TeamFigmentSucks.

Theresa Mabe  23:30  
Ugh. I am speaking for the Epcot children of the 80s. That Figment is amazing. I can understand anybody who did not grow up with original Figment. I feel you, because the current version of Figment is annoying, but-

Patty  23:47  
Theresa feels attacked!

Theresa Mabe  23:48  
I do! I am totally attacked! I should have said- I prefaced earlier, "Don't send me any Gertie opinions." Don't send me any negative Figment ones! My picture on our podcast logo is me DisneyBounding as Figment!

Patty  24:07  
Oh, I know. I know. Sorry, it had to be done but talk to Sarah about that.  She is your friend and she sent it in.

Theresa Mabe  24:14  
Yeah. Sarah, girl. We're having a long discussion about this. 

Patty  24:21  
Alright. Alright. I think we've we've covered a lot. I know when we had our big blowup there early on, we heard some of each others unpopular opinions. Jane thinks Epcot is trash.

Jane  24:36  
It's honestly it's not trash. 

Theresa Mabe  24:37  
I really an being attacked today. Right now, it's a giant construction zone. I can understand if you do not like Epcot currently. I can respect that.

Patty  24:49  
And Theresa, on the other hand feels very strongly about certain amazing, awesome rides coming to Epcot.

Theresa Mabe  24:57  
I'm sure the ride will be fine. It just doesn't belong there. It doesn't belong there. 

Patty  25:03  
I think I think we gotta wait on this story. I'm hoping the story somehow at least tries to place it there in some way, shape, or form. I don't know that it's going to, but that's my hope is that when we get a little bit more of the story behind the ride, it'll make more sense to you, Theresa.

Theresa Mabe  25:23  
If they somehow bring Bill Nye like on the Milano, sure. I'll be fine with that connection. I'll get behind that. If they play- the soundtrack plays the original Universe of Energy song. Yes.

Jane  25:40  
Oh boy.

Patty  25:42  
Alright Imagineers if you're listening, these are our requests. We're going to wrap this one up. As you can see, we had so much fun reading some of these and knowing each other enough to know which ones might elicit some strong reactions in ourselves. But we want to hear more from you guys. So it you've got something that you want to be shared, you want to have discussed on the next segment of unpopular Disney opinions. shoot us an email at [email protected]. 

Theresa Mabe  26:11  
And join us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast. Because as Patty likes to say:

Patty  26:15  
It's no fun to fangirl Disney alone.

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