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The State Of The Pod: Look What Taylor Swift Made Us Do

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Kinda feels like people blame Taylor Swift for everything these days, but in our case, it’s somewhat true. As true fangirls, we make no apologies. But we do feel like we owe an explanation (because unlike Rep TV, there will be one!) 

So here it is.

We took a long, extended break from the podcast for multiple reasons, and yes, one of them was legit Taylor Swift. Health issues, life traumas, and a little bit of post TTPD ADHD all made up for our absence. 

But we’re back- and we’re stronger than ever in our Disney parks love. 

A few reminders: 

Another episode will be out in a couple of weeks, so subscribe to hear our thoughts and rants when it comes to Disney’s FastPass+ (Paid Version) and more. 

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