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The Best Disney Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

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With the latest news about the Disney Parks closures, Disney fans are looking for new forms of entertainment. How can we bring a little (more!) Disney into our hearts and homes? Start with this list of the best Disney podcasts for 2020.

List of the best disney podcasts to listen to this year No-Guilt Disney Podcast

The Best Disney Podcasts To Listen To In 2020

I love these kinds of lists- and I kinda hate them too. 

“The Best” is so subjective, you know? 

And with something as vast as determining the best Disney podcast, well, I’m pretty sure I left someone off. 

I also didn’t narrow this list down with any real criteria other than the fact that they amused Jane, Theresa and myself

Which obviously makes this the definitive Best Disney Podcasts list. Ahem. 

Disneyland closing due to coronavirus

In other words: we like them and we hope you’ll like them.

If you know about another great Disney focus podcast that should be added to the list, you know what they say: there’s always room for 1 more! 

How To Listen To Podcasts

Need a podcast 101? Because if you aren’t into them just yet, getting into them NOW is a really great idea. 

This Podcast 101 post will help you learn a little more about the whole process. 

I listen to podcasts all day when I’m working, cleaning, driving, running, and when I’m grocery shopping. 

And Disney podcasts are obviously my favorites!

vintage minnie mouse ears

The 20 Disney Podcasts You Want To Listen To In 2020

This list is a mishmash of Disney podcasts. There’s pure fun, there’s serious planning, there are some shows heavy in Disney history, and some that are focused on games and trivia. 

You’re bound to find more than a few that you’ll want to listen to on a weekly basis. 

List of the best Disney podcasts you should be listening to!

1. The No-Guilt Disney Podcast (duh) 

We like a little variety in our Disney and feel like you probably do too.

So the No-Guilt Disney Podcast is the best Disney Podcast in our not-so-humble opinions.

Want to fight us on that? Cool- tune into one of our Unpopular Disney Opinions Episodes and we can probably have it out.

You can find our episodes on all the major podcast players as well as archived here under the No-Guilt Disney Podcast tab.

If you only have time for one Disney podcast in your life: this is the one you want. You’re welcome. 

No-Guilt Disney Podcast logo2. Disney Deciphered

Leslie and Joe really know their Disney.

From international parks to Aulani to their home parks of Walt Disney World (Joe) and Disneyland (Leslie), these travel junkies love to find all the best hacks for touring Disney.

Find them at

3. Podcast: The Ride

I love this Disneyland based podcast for all the deep dives and commitment to themes. You can find them here.

4. The Dis Quiz

They land on the list of best Disney podcasts because I love games! And I love how this podcast about Disney makes us think. Check out their Marvel Quote Challenge episode!

5. WDW Happy Hour

This one is like hanging out with your best Disney friends. And you know if you have Disney people in your life, you love them a whole lot! Find them on Facebook. 

6. The Theme Park Podcast

It’s perfectly named (I mean, hello!) and it covers not only Disney but all the theme parks out there. Professional, informative, and fun. Take a listen to them here

7. Hyperion Adventures Podcast

Gotta love these folks- found them on social media and adore listening to their Disney coverage. You can find them on Apple here

8. Disneyland With Kids

If you’re going to Disneyland in 2020- with kids- this is the show for you! They cover it all and with four hosts with kids of varying ages, you know they can help you plan. Find them on

9. Magic On a Dollar Podcast

David Dollar is a host you’ll have a hard time keeping up with if you ever tour the parks with him.

Trust me: I’ve tried!

He talks almost as fast as he walks- so hang on for a wild ride through the Disney Parks news with Magic on a Dollar

10. D23 Inside Disney

This is the first of the truly mega podcasts, that truthfully, don’t need any more listeners.

HEY- you know its true!

But if you want the best, you gotta go with the information straight from the official Disney mouths. And the hosts from D23 Inside Disney are the official Disney Insiders.

The list of the best disney podcasts for 2020

11. WDW Prep to Go

Shannon’s blog and podcast are- chef’s kiss!

If you need planning assistance and love to find well-researched information, oh, and love a good trip report!- this is the podcast for you. is where you’ll find this one.   

12. WDW Radio

I don’t think you can have a best of the Disney Podcasts list without Lou Mongello’s podcast on it. Pretty sure it’s a Dis-nerd rule or something. This one is your one-stop shop for all Disney news. Find them here

13. Be Our Guest Podcast

Another of the long-lived and super popular shows about all things Disney. You’ll want to give them a listen if you are planning any trip in the near future.

Well. Pretending you’re planning a trip since no one is getting to go anywhere in March of 2020. WhompWhomp. Find them on social media at Twitter @BeOurGuestMike.

14. The Best and Worst of Walt Disney World

I mean, I gotta love this show.

Short and to the point, the hosts cover the best and worst of … everything! At Disney World. It’s a fun, easy listen. Catch their show here

15. EarzUp!

This one covers some history, some news, some recent events… a little bit of all the Disneyland magic. 

16. Disney Chat With Pixie Dust Fan

Love ‘talking’ with Francine each week as she brings a little Disney magic into our everyday lives. You’ll want to take a listen to this Disney loving woman and all her interesting interviews right here

17. Disney Cruise Line Blog

If you are cruising, you need to be listening to this podcast. Tons of excellent researched information that you can really use to plan your next voyage. Find their episodes here

18. Defunctland Podcast

For the Disney history lovers at heart: this show is the one you’re looking for. Tons of interviews about former attractions, storylines, and more. Take a listen to them here

19. RetroWDW Podcast

If Disney of the 90s was your jam, this podcast is going to speak your Epcot-Horizons-era love language. You can find them on RetroWDW (this one was suggested by Theresa, natch!)

20. WEDway Radio

10 years- TEN!- of Imagineers and Disney history. Gotta love every single thing about this one if you are a big Disney fan. Take a listen to Nate here


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Kim Vondriska

Monday 9th of August 2021

I've been enjoying The Disney Story Origins podcast. It is great to hear about where the stories come from and how they are different than the movies. Very entertaining!


Friday 9th of October 2020

I'm gonna make another shout out to reel recollections. Disney's not in the name, but this season they're covering all of the disney animated movies. Right now they're up to Robinhood. The hosts are hilarious, and they give me all the feels, and all the nostalgia as they go through these movies! I really can't recommend it enough! (


Friday 9th of October 2020

Thanks so much for including "Disney Chat With Pixie Dust Fan" in your list!

You have some great podcasts here - and they all bring such different perspectives and personalities, which is why it's easy to get addicted to so many :-)

Erin Perkins

Sunday 13th of September 2020

You all should check out Poor Unfortunate Podcast. They’re new this year and drop episodes every other week. They are some of the funniest episodes of a Disney pod I have ever heard but then really well balanced with thoughtful and well-researched discussion. The hosts are so great - it feel like I’m sitting with friends. I’ve been listening and re-listening because I can’t get enough. I definitely recommend!!!

Mike Belobradic

Wednesday 9th of September 2020

Great list -- it is definitely a year for discovering new Disney podcasts.

Feel free to add our show to the list if you like. We produce and host 1923 Main Street: The Daddy Daughter Disney Travel Podcast.

Have a magical day!