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Make Disney At Home: Ways To Bring the Magic Into Your House

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We’ve all heard the news: the Disney Parks are closed. And while this is a temporary situation, we know how important Disney is in your life (well, at least it is in ours!). Here’s a list of ways to bring a little Disney into your home when you can’t go to the parks: DIY crafts, Disney copycat recipes, Disney themed workouts, Disney coloring sheets and more. Let’s make Disney at Home! (commissioned affiliate links included in this post)

How to have Disney at home with a mickey ice cream bar and disneyland videos

How To Make Disney At Home

We can’t make it to the Disney Parks right now, but that’s not going to stop Disney fans from bringing Disney into their homes. 

How can you ensure the magic and pixie dust continue to shine through your life? 

We’ve got some ideas for you. 

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“Vivacity” by Kevin MacLeod (
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  • Disney Workouts
  • Best Disney Podcasts To Listen To
  • Online Disney learning
  • Books from Imagineers
  • DIY Disney Crafts including Disney Easter Eggs
  • Disney Coloring Sheet Printables
  • Disney Copycat Recipes
  • Stream Disney Music
  • Watch Disney Videos

rundisney virtual race 5K haunted mansion

1. Disney Themed Workouts You Can Do At Home

Did you know that Disney has a runDisney virtual race series

And this year they are celebrating 5 years running Disney at home. You can sign up via for these Disney workouts at home on March 24, 2020. 

Disney Family also has a full catalog of Disney workouts you can do at home. 

2. Learning With Disney At Home

When my daughter was in 3rd grade, her favorite book report was on Walt Disney from this book, Who Was Walt Disney?

She passed it down to her younger sister and I’m just waiting to hear her book report while we’re pseudo-homeschooling over here. 

But if you are ready to go deeper, try this online learning option: the History of Walt Disney World

You can also dive into Disney’s Imagineering in a Box, a special online Disney learning option from the Kahn Academy and Pixar.

It’s FREE, y’all!

And my youngest daughter is already planning Dessert Land, so, yeah… there’s that to look forward to.

Bringing disney at home during the current parks closures

3. Read A Book From Disney Imagineers

And keep that Disney learning at home continuing with these 30 books from Imagineers

Theresa hasn’t read them all, but I’m pretty sure she owns them all. And well, no time like the present to take a deep dive.

Theresa also said to check out @WEDReads on Twitter for a Disney book club! 

4. Get Your Disney DIY Craft On!

I have zero crafting abilities. 

Okay, not totally true. I have a small amount of talent in this area, mostly showing up when I need to DIY a  runDisney race costume

But I do have friends who have that crafting gene- and they love Disney as we do! 

Disney Easter Eggs DIY craft for disney at home

Photo: As the Bunny Hops

Hop on over to As the Bunny Hops (see what I did there?) and behold a whole site full of DIY Disney Crafts.

I’m thinking the  DIY Disney Easter Eggs are a great place to start right now. 

5. Disney Coloring Sheets and Printables

Look, sometimes we just need to color. 

Or at least print something out so our kids can color and leave us alone. 

I personally love this Disney snacks coloring sheet– it’s perfect for my snacky-snack breaky-break in the day. 

And of course, we adore The Little Mermaid coloring page: we want to be where the people are, too!

But if you want to go really hard, check out this 1000 free Disney coloring pages & printable post. Wowza!

here for the snacks disney coloring pages and printables 

6. Disney At Home With Copycat Recipes

Disney and eating go hand in hand. I mean, if you can’t find something good to eat at Disney World or Disneyland, then you just aren’t trying. 

And I gotta admit: I’m missing the French Toast Brioche from Disneyland something fierce right now. 

french toast brioche from flos v8 diner at disneyland

Flo’s V-8 Diner has the best breakfast. I run for French Roast Brioche.

Luckily for me, there’s a lot of options out there for bringing Disney food into your day-to-day. 

Including all the Disney Copycat Recipes over at Picky-Palate. 

You can bet I’m bringing Disney to my home with some of these delicious options!

And let’s be real here- some of us aren’t culinary geniuses. So I also snagged some of those Mickey Ice Cream bars when I was at the store this week. 

mickey ice cream bars bring disney at home

7. Disney at Home: Podcasts, Music, and Videos

I don’t listen to a ton of Disney music at home, but I do devour Disney podcasts on the reg. 

And if you need a list of the best Disney podcasts out there: look no further. 

For music, you can download some Disney for the home via the Disney Music Emporium.

And for videos at home, be sure to check out MartinsVidsDotNet.

There are a ton of people making Disney ride replicates at home- these are so much fun! 

The official YouTube channel for Disneyland Tokyo is also offering some peeks of their favorite shows.

This may not last for long, but what a fun way to enjoy Disney at home! 

You can find more shows here.

You also want to check out this virtual vacation to the Magic Kingdom to get your WDW fix in.

Disney It Up At Home Transcript

Patty  0:04 
To all who come to our happy place, welcome to the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, where we have no guilt about our love for all things Disney.
Jane  0:11 
We are three Disney fan girls who probably know more about Disney Parks than most grown women should and we are perfectly okay with that.
Theresa   0:20 
I feel like I have a couple weeks now that I’m gonna be learning even more about the Disney Parks. <laughter> I have some extra time. Hello everybody, I am Theresa and you can find me on Twitter at @GertieTheDino and Instagram at
Jane  0:35 
I’m Jane and you can find me on Instagram at @RealMousewifeWDW and three days a year, you can find me on Twitter at @RealMousewifeFL.
Patty  0:46 
Hey y’all. I’m Patty Holliday from and No-Guilt Travel, which is a travel agency that specializes in Disney and Universal vacations. You can find me on all socials at @NoGuiltLife, 365 days of the years.
Theresa   1:01 
She really is there all the time. You can always find Patty.
Patty  1:05 
Well, you know, I wasn’t there last week because everything was so crazy with all these cancellations and being on the phone. I think I was off of Instagram all week long and finally got back on. But it was…it’s been crazy. I just haven’t been able to keep up with #AllTheThings, because I’ve been trying to #CancelAllTheThings. It’s been…it’s been a thing. All right. It’s been a week. It’s been a year, inside of a week, inside of a month, inside of a day. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. But we have been talking about how Disney Parks and cruise visit is not in the cards for the current, near future. So we thought we’d pivot and we would talk about ways to bring Disney into your day-to-day life.
Theresa   1:49 
Yeah, when we first started the podcast, we made a list of all the potential things we could talk about. This has always been on there. We just decided to bump it up a little earlier. It seemed like people could use this right now.
Jane  2:04 
I’m not sad about it.
Theresa   2:05 
Patty  2:06 
Right, right. All right. So let’s talk about ways you bring Disney into your life at home. And I’m going to add some links to things in show notes that might be helpful for those of you looking for Do-It-Yourself crafts,  recipes, for Disney+ shows to watch, just basically a resource for you on how to get some Disney into your world. And that might get long, so that may not all be in show notes. You might have to visit the blog at, but I will link that in show notes and then that will be a whole list of just fun stuff you might be interested in checking out while you’re under quarantine. But first I want to ask you guys about your homes. Do you have decorations or special ways you personally bring Disney home to you? Or have you heard about people that do this? I’m not a decorator. We actually kind of joke around at our house. We move a lot more than the average people do, so we don’t even hang up pictures in our house because as soon as we do get around to hanging them up, we move again.
Jane  3:14 
That’s me.
Patty  3:15 
So I don’t we I have framed photos like leaning up against the walls where they’re supposed to go and honestly, we’ve been in this house for almost three years. They’ve been sitting there and they probably will because as soon as we hang them up, that means we’re going to move right so I don’t do a lot of personal decorate my house if you walk in you don’t see Mickey Mouse everywhere. You don’t see a lot of Disney stuff. You see it in my office. My office is full like you know, rent Disney and Disney threw up everywhere in there. But outside of that, I just really don’t do it. Do you either one of you guys do it?
Theresa   3:52 
I have little things here and there. I do – you know the Funko Pops? Specifically the Disney Parks ones are the ones that I will buy, and a few others here and there. But I love the Disney Parks Funko Pops. And every Disney vacation that I go on I try to bring home a Disney ornament. I have a lot of other Disney ornaments that I get throughout the year, especially around Christmas, but I have a Christmas tree during the holidays that is just Disney ornaments. Mostly ones that I’ve gotten on vacations. And I have prints on my walls and other things here and there. But I’d say the Pops and the ornaments are the big two.
Patty  4:32 
Yeah, I have actually a lot of prints that are stashed in my office that haven’t been framed and put up – because again, once I put it on the walls, it means we’ll move. I have tons of prints and stuff that I have picked up over the years. I just haven’t framed them and put them up. We do, speaking of ornaments, we do have multiple Christmas trees in my family. My father-in-law worked for Hallmark and he retired after  35 years with Hallmark. But from the time of I met my husband until my father-in-law retired, we would get batches of Hallmark ornaments every year at Christmas. So we actually have a ton of specific Disney ones that came from Hallmark, but also from the Parks. So we have one tree that’s just my Disney tree. And I do put that up every year, but that’s about it.
Jane  5:22 
Yeah, I’m like you, Patty. You’ve been here. You’ve seen my place. I’m not big into decorating, partially because I’m lazy, and it’s just not really a big thing for me, but –
Patty  5:38 
Well, you have Pocahontas.
Jane  5:42 
Y’all. I have a mannequin in my house –
Patty  5:48 
It’s a dress mannequin, because she sews.
Jane  5:50 
Correct. And I used to have a T-shirt business, so it was really nice to be able to photograph the t-shirts on a mannequin, because when people tend to want to buy, they want to see how things drape, how they look. So I have this mannequin and I keep her dressed, because if she’s not then that’s weird because you have a weird naked mannequin, just hanging out in the middle of your living room, because I live in a one bedroom apartment. So we’re not living in the lap of luxury over here. A friend of mine, Diane – hey Diane, I know you listen – so Diane and I had a day, and I don’t even remember what happened, but we were doing something and Pocahontas was really annoying us and we named the mannequin Pocahontas.<laughter>
Theresa   6:44 
Do you have, like, conversations with Pocahontas? Or is it just if something goes wrong, you just look at it like, “dang it, Pocahontas.”
Jane  6:53 
That’s exactly what it was. <laughter> We didn’t say “Dang it,” but we’re a family show, so…
Theresa   7:00 
Yeah, I’m trying to not get the explicit rating on this episode.
Patty  7:04 
And then Pocahontas is always quite a surprise, as Patty will tell you.
Theresa   7:12 
Patty  7:13 
Oh, so she’s right in front of the door. So when you open Jane’s door, there’s a person standing there. And I had no warning. Theresa, I had no warning. When I went to Jane’s house for the first time, she left me a key in an undisclosed place. And I got my key and I unlock the door and I walk in, and I screamed and jumped back and dropped my crap everywhere. And I was like, “dang it, Jane!” Except I didn’t say “Dang it.” And I immediately took a picture of this and I was like, “A little warning next time, please.”
Jane  7:48 
Well, I forget she’s there.
Patty  7:49 
I know. I know. But she scared the heck out of me. And then, to make matters worse, I didn’t remember Pocahontas. It happened every single time I opened that door. <laughter> Every time. Middle of the night, I got up to the bathroom and I was terrified that there was somebody standing there watching me sleep, because Pocahontas was like right there.
Jane  8:11 
And the other fun part is I have one of those ridiculous Chewbacca masks. So usually I hang the ridiculous Chewbacca mask on the top of Pochahontas. You actually missed that part of it, which makes it even more entertaining.
Patty  8:27 
Yeah, I’ll bet it does. So yes, Jane does have a Pocahontas decoration.
Jane  8:34 
I do, I do have a Pocahontas decoration. And the other thing is I actually more so lately have been getting into, “Hey, what can I put in my house that I love?” And so I found some pillows on Etsy that I want to get, and I have painting being done on my wall that I wanted to make something very particular for my wall, so I’m going to start to bring more and more in. But in my last house that I lived in, I had actually inspired my bedroom to be Haunted Mansion-like, in that it was purple and black, everything was dark. I was trying to get that whole wallpaper-y feeling. It didn’t scream Haunted Mansion, it was just inspired by Haunted Mansion.
Patty  9:25 
Oh, that’s fun.
Theresa   9:26 
I want to interject here because you mentioned that and we’re talking about bringing Disney into our homes. I want to give a shout out to my friend Peter, who has been redoing his bathroom to be a full on Haunted Mansion bathroom and he’s been documenting this on Instagram. You can find it at @HMBathroom. And when I say it’s Haunted Mansion inspired, I’m not saying that it’s just little decorations here and there. He makes his living as a magician, so he is very into being theatrical and having special effects. So he does have the actual Haunted Mansion wallpaper, he is putting in sound effects in…I think in their linen closet? He has it’s an entire set up to make as many effects as possible. So be sure to check that out. It’s very, very cool.
Jane  10:14 
It is super cool.
Patty  10:15 
Yeah, I just pulled him up and looked at him. And this is awesome. Oh my gosh, Peter. Wow.
Jane  10:23 
I was following him and didn’t know that he was a friend of Theresa’s. And she mentioned it one day and I was like, “Oh my god, I follow him. I love that account.”
Theresa   10:30 
Yeah, he and I are friends, even before being in the Disney community. We went to college together. So yes, I’m very excited to see that he’s doing this and can’t wait for the the final big reveal once everything is fully in there.
Patty  10:44 
Oh my gosh, guys. Yeah. If you need a little Disney in your life, you need to follow this Instagram account. This is amazing. Again, that’s @HMBathroom. And I’m blown away. I’m sorry. I’m a little distracted. I’m scrolling Peter.
Theresa   10:58 
Also during Halloween, I think there’s a picture on there too, where like the entire front of the house they do a Haunted Mansion theme. He loves Disney, especially Haunted Mansion. But yes, go give him a follow.
Patty  11:12 
That’s cool. All right. So what else we got? Anybody else have any stories or any ways that you would bring Disney into your life that you want to share?
Theresa   11:22 
I do also have – I didn’t bring this up because it’s not as decorative. I also have a few Disney records that you can get. I think it’s Disney Music Emporium who sells it, and it’s officially from Disney. So I have an Enchanted Tiki Room record, I have Haunted Mansion and Pirates. I have an old Country Bear Jamboree record that came out in the 70s…
Patty  11:49 
Oh my gosh,
Theresa   11:50 
Yeah, of course I have this!
Patty  11:53 
Of course you do.
Theresa   11:53 
But if you don’t have a record player and you’re looking to add in some Disney music into your life, you can also find a lot on a website called Mousebits. And they don’t have any of the official Disney albums that you can purchase, or the film music, you cannot get that there. This is just a lot of Disney source audio. So things that will play in the background music in the Parks, you can find that there. So if you are really, really missing Disney and espescially Disney music, you can find that on Mousebits.
Jane  12:05 
And that’s something that I do. I don’t necessarily do it with the audio. But I am big on YouTube videos because I can play them on my big giant screen. And I play Paint the Night over and over and over at home. Because obviously I love Disneyland and I am always like, “When am I getting back to Disneyland again?” So Paint the Night is one of my absolute favorites, and I just love that I’m able to play it and see it, and it’s giant on my screen and nobody’s in front of me, and there’s no crowds. So I think YouTube videos are huge. I thank all of the people who took all the YouTube videos and didn’t enjoy it themselves and were looking at it through a teeny tiny lens, thank you so much for posting them because that’s one of the things I do all the time.
Patty  13:22 
Yeah, I am not a huge crafter myself. This may change with my entire family on lockdown for a while. So who knows, we might get crafty over here. But I wanted to give a personal shout out to If you guys do not know the brilliance that is Amy Fulcher, please go check out this website. I just pulled up her website and on the front page alone there’s a Make a No Sew Fish Extender for your Disney Cruise for Under $10. She also has Do It Yourself Minnie Mouse Pop Sockets There’s a Black Panther costume t-shirt. So basically what I’m saying is: if you want to find something to do with your kids while you’re home for the next couple of weeks, Amy has got you covered on her site with a ton of do it yourself items. One of her big things that she does is ornaments, and she does pumpkins for Halloween and ornaments for Christmas. I think she also does Easter eggs, or Easter baskets that are do it yourself stuff, since Easter is around the corner. I’ve just found a Toy Story Easter Egg tutorial on how to do these kinds of things. She also has a ton of Disney slime. So that is my featured craft blog that I’m going to send you guys to, because Amy is really creative and she’s also pretty common sense. Most things I think most of us could probably pull off. So check it out.
Jane  15:05 
The other thing with crafting, I’m a big crafter. And, for me – sometimes I get stressed. And I’ll be like, “Oh my God, Friday night after a long week, all I want to do is glue something together.” That’s it.  And so I actually will come home and make a lot of ears out of random fabrics that I have, which I know not everybody has on hand. But you can make ears, and there’s plenty of tutorials. I’m sure that Amy probably has one on her website. And if she doesn’t, there’s a ton of them on Pinterest that are no sew. So you can just glue them together. You can use old t shirts to make them – there’s a million ways you can do them and they’re not hard. And it’s potentially something that you can wear, so that’s kind of neat. But also on Disney+, there is a show called Disney Family Sundays. Disney Family Sundays is actually crafts that they show you how to make. So they’re Disney-inspired crafts and there was I think 19 episodes of this. Yesterday I was going through them to be like, “Oh, what can I inspire myself to make?” Because I generally probably won’t make exactly what they say, but I’m like, “oh, how can I turn that into something else for myself?”
Theresa   16:22 
And those are pretty short episodes right? Aren’t they between 5 and 10 minutes?
Jane  16:27 
They are. They’re pretty short episodes and they’re meant for kids. So I feel like they’re pretty safe for me, if you’re asking a five year old to do it, so they’re safe.
Patty  16:41 
I think we’re gonna plan an entire episode talking about Disney+ and what you should watch during this time. So that’s a great tip because it tied in with the crafts, but I also want to let you guys know we’ve got that covered for you as well. We are huge Disney+ peeps in this in this place, and I’m sure you can imagine what we all like, and it’s all vastly different. <laughs>
Theresa   17:06 
Really? I had no idea!
Jane  17:09 
What a surprise.
Patty  17:10 
Big shocker. So we are going to actually do a rundown show, probably next week, of some of the things that we are currently watching and some of the things that we’re going to go back and rewatch. Let’s all have a Marvel movie marathon, right?
Jane  17:26 
Let’s do it. I’ve been trying to get people going.
Patty  17:29 
Yeah, we’re gonna like set that up. We’re gonna have a semi watch party. And I think we’ll coordinate that in the Facebook group. So that’s No-Guilt Disney in Facebook. If you guys want to come over and join us in there, let’s have a Marvel movie watch party together. And we’ll get you a list of what’s on Disney plus and what order we’re going to watch, and what days we’re going to watch it, and let’s have some fun with this whole quarantine sitch and get caught up on Disney+. But that’s another episode we’re going to put together for you guys, probably next week. So keep an eye out for that one.
Theresa   18:01 
And I want to give one more shout out. I am also a big reader, especially of Disney books, but I do tend to have a habit where I’ll see a book, and I’m like, “That sounds really interesting.” And not always get around to reading it. There is an account on Twitter, it’s @WEDReads, and they have been organizing a Disney book club, where you read the book, and then they’ll have an hour or two, or day, on Twitter where they go through and everybody discusses that book. And every one they’ve been doing has been focused around an Imagineer or Disney history. So I would go check them out. They have their list for April, May and June of the books that they’ll be discussing. So April is Building a Better Mouse; May is going to be The Progress City Primer, and June is going to be The Wonders of Walt Disney World. So if you’re interested in those, check them out if you want to have some Disney book discussion. There’s also many other Disney books that I can recommend. There are so many that Imagineers themselves have written or contributed to. I know Marty Sklar has one called Dream It, Do it. Jason Surrell, he worked on the Haunted Mansion reimagining a couple years ago, he has books specifically about Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean. They go really in depth. And Marc Davis has a book, Kevin Rafferty, Rolly Crump, John Hench has a few older ones. If you are just really missing the Parks, and you want to learn a lot of details and stories from Imagineers who are creating these things that you may not know about. We can even do an episode on it in the future, if you want to talk more about each of these books. But yes, go just look for Imagineering books on Amazon or wherever you’d like to get your books from. And I’m sure you can find something.
Patty  19:55 
And for those of us that are stuck at home that like to eat, and if you want to bring a little Disney into your life, I am going to also tell you guys to go and find She has under her Disney Hungry, and I think she’s also got an Instagram account which is @DisneyHungry, but she has a whole thing of copycat Disney recipes. So if you need to get some Disney food into your your life, and you can’t run to the Parks to do that, she’s got all kinds. She’s got beignets; she has my favorite, which is the brioche french toast from Flo’s at Disneyland. She’s got a ton of copycat recipes in here that you should probably go check out and that might make you a little bit of happy while you are looking for some Disney at home.
Jane  20:57 
Yeah, I love this.
Patty  20:58 
Yeah anything that we can do to you know, keep the Disney love going and to keep us all in touch with our Disney side I think is always a good thing. Is there anything else that you guys want to share or talk about before we sign off on this one?
Theresa   21:15 
One- sorry, I know I keep saying “one more!” On YouTube, MartinsVidsDotNet. He has these very in depth, documentary style videos about each attraction. Some are multiple parts, some are about shows and Parks in general, and a lot of them go 30 or more minutes. If you want to learn very in depth about your favorite Disney attraction, or the full history of it, go look him up. It’s MartinsVidsDotNet.
Patty  21:49 
Awesome, awesome. All right, well those are some some ideas on how to bring Disney into your life,  Disney into your home. If you have more, you know where to find us by now. I hope that you have joined our Facebook group. If not come join it – we’re delightful! And we would love to talk more about this. And we’d also love it, if you have personal links, if you have information, we’re going to open up a thread for you to go ahead and drop your links. Or if you’ve tried something that you were really impressed by or something that you want to share, we’re going to go ahead and open that up with this. We’ll put a whole post for you guys. And if you just want to have this running resource list of fun things that you’ve tried, or you want to try, that you are doing at home during this time, or that maybe you’ve tried in the past, because obviously, we don’t know how long this is going to last. And we don’t know exactly how stuck at home all of this means. It may mean that we’re not going to be able to run to craft stores, or that we’re not going to be able to run to the grocery store to pick up these specific items to make these recipes. However, until then you might have some stuff at home that you can work with, or some place that you can make adjustments or still have some fun at least looking at pretty pictures and thinking about Disney and how much we love all of it.
Theresa   23:08 
If you can come up with a fantastic craft on using the toilet paper rolls. I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty of people with a lot of that around. So if you have any paper towel rolls, toilet paper roll crafts. Let us know what those are.
Jane  23:23 
Disney related toilet paper crafts.
Patty  23:26 
You are brilliant.
Theresa   23:28 
Does anybody remember the toilet paper tree? On the Streets of America? Rest in Peace, toilet paper tree. We miss you.
Patty  23:35 
No, I didn’t know this was the thing!
Theresa   23:37 
Oh, yes. It was in one of the windows and it was literally just a stack of toilet paper. And yeah, it was the toilet paper tree. I don’t know why.
Patty  23:48 
Where was this?
Theresa   23:49 
On Streets of America. I can’t remember which part of it specifically.
Patty  23:54 
Oh my gosh, I want the story to that. We got to do some research and find the story to that, because that’s kind of hilarious But yeah, so alright guys. Well, we do appreciate you joining us and bringing us into your home. Hey! Number one tip, bringing Disney into your home: we are a family friendly podcast. You absolutely can play this around your children! And we would love to have it.
Theresa   24:21 
And make sure you keep joining us each week on the No-Guilt Disney Podcast, where we’re gonna try not to go to stir crazy, but if we do it’ll be entertaining. Because you know Patty likes to say
Patty  24:33 
It’s no fun to fangirl Disney alone, even when you’re in quarantine. So join us every week. Bye!

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