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2024-2025 runDisney Registration Tips

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The runDisney races are back for another season, and there are basically 3 ways to register for races. I’ve been running these races since 2011 and am a runDisney registration expert. Here are all my runDisney Registration Tips that you’ll need for the 2024-2025 race season. There is a runDisney registration video walkthrough tutorial at the end of this post to help you really get ready!

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How Can You Register For a runDisney Race?

There are 3 options for registering for a runDisney race, with only 1 early registration option. Before you get too excited, that early registration option is very limited.

2024-2025 runDisney Registration Tips

Change is good, and with runDisney, it is inevitable. Things have certainly changed over the past couple of years.

I’m right there with you as we anxiously wait to register for runDisney races for the following year.

And that anxiety will likely lead to a quick sellout.

In the past, some runDisney races sold quickly (looking at you, Wine and Dine!), and with the 2024-2025 race registrations opening soon, you’ll want to be prepared.

Being ready and utilizing these runDisney registration tips will help the process go smoothly.

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Registration Tip 1: Set Your Account Up In Advance

If you don’t have a account, go ahead and get one set up now.

  • Go to
  • Click the Help & Support Tab
  • Click through to Manage Account
  • Fill out the profile information completely.

runDisney Registration Tip 2: Be Prepared

You’ll need to block out some time in your day for registration.

It can happen quickly, or you might be in the virtual waiting room for a few hours.

Yep- hours.

Hercules Race Retreat
Photo: Tray Lee, @tbluvs2rd on Instagram

Make sure you also have proof of time information for anyone running the half marathon or longer distances (including a webpage link for results of the race), t-shirt sizes, and date of birth.

You can register more than one person at a time, but runDisney prefers to have each adult on their own account.

But when you are trying to beat out others, if each adult cannot log in on their own, go ahead and move forward on one account.

But remember: this is a sprint, not a marathon! Fill things out as quickly as you can for each race and each runner.

Registration Tip 3: Go Go Go!

Registration typically opens at 10 am ET but sometimes you can get started just a few minutes early.

So start refreshing just in case you can slip in if they open the widow at 9:55 am for example.

Inside Out stages of runDisney registration memes

Once you are in the queue to register, DO NOT REFRESH.

Some people suggest using multiple browsers or devices.

We’ve tested this theory and believe it to be sound.

Weirdly we have the best results when using Safari on our phones and the Edge browser on our laptops.

Why Should You Use Multiple Browsers To Register for runDisney?

runDisney will allow you into the virtual waiting queue before 10 am but think of it as a large holding pen.

There are no assigned numbers just yet and everyone in this waiting room has the same chance of being first in line once the clock hits 10.

At 10 am, runDisney seems to shuffle the waiting room and put you in line at that time.

Having multiple browsers just means you have multiple chances to be moved to the front of the line when the time comes.

While this information has not been officially confirmed by runDisney, it has been tested by multiple people over multiple races and seems to be accurate.

You can open another browser and check out these fun runDisney memes, as well!

Registration Tip 4: Prioritize By Race

Races sell out quickly, depending on the distance.

Recent years show the 5K and 10K stand-alone races sell the fastest.

Challenges are next.

Half marathons and the full marathon usually hang around for quite a while.

Put the most popular race into the cart first and then go back and add the others.

You can see the history of how fast runDisney races sell out in this post.

Can You Register More Than One Person At A Time For runDisney Races?

Yes! You can register more than one person for a runDisney race, or more than one race for a single person.

However, you will need to add each race/person separately, which can eat into your time.

After you fill out your first registration, choose “add another registration” at the bottom of the page and go on to add another race or another participant.

changes coming to disney gift card website

Tip 5: You Can Use Gift Cards As a Form of Payment

We suggest typing your gift card number (or credit card number) in Notepad and copying and pasting it into the browser when it’s time.

One payment is the only option, but it can be a gift card for runDisney races.

Make sure the card has plenty of room for the number of races AND the processing fee of 6.6%.

Please note: your registrations are NOT SAFE until you have entered payment and have a confirmation screen.

Just putting the races into your cart does not guarantee registration.

Preparing in advance to be quick with the registration form will help you get to the finish line faster!

runDisney Registration Tip 6: Skip the Extras!

You can buy the pins, jackets, and whatnot AFTER you get all the bibs you need. So check out your races first completely, and then go back and add the good stuff.

runDisney does sell out of these items, but not nearly as quickly as they run out of the bibs.

Same with proof of time.

If you plan to finish under 2 hours and 30 minutes for a half or 4 hours and 30 minutes for the full, you must include your proof of time to ensure proper seeding. But you can edit that in later!

So bibs first; pins and proof of time later.

runDisney marathon weekend pin at the Disney outlets

VIDEO: runDisney Registration Walkthrough Tutorial

More runDisney Registration Tips

runDisney Registration Tip Checklist

Have the following on hand for EVERY runner you are attempting to register.

We suggest putting this information into a notepad on your computer or phone for easy copy-and-paste access.

Include your credit card information on that notepad so you can pay as smoothly as possible.

>>> Click On The Image Below To Download The Free runDisney Registration Tip Check-List PDF<<<

I also wanted to point out a great resource for the new runDisney runner.

I put together this mega-post of runDisney experiences.

If this is a new thing for you or if you just need a refresher on what to expect at a runDisney racecation, then please go check it out!

There are links to running costumes, past years’ Event Guides, corral tables, course maps, and a lot more.

The Ultimate Guide to Magical Miles

Beginners Guide to runDisney

running Mickey statue runDisney 101 podcast

Hacks For New runDisney Registrations

  • All hands on deck! Make friends who can help you register. Since the entry in line to register is more like a lottery, increasing your chances by having more than one person helping you doesn’t hurt. If you have friends in the runDisney community, they could potentially help register you AFTER they get their own bibs. So go ahead, make friends! Use this runDisney registration hack to share a link.
  • If someone else registers you, you can have access to that information on your own. You will need to have the individual who paid for the registration send an email (and cc: a second registrant who wants to manage their own registration) via the Contact Us section on giving permission to unlink the registrations. Please include the specific event category and participant information in the email. You will then be notified by Technical Support when complete or if they have any questions regarding the request.
  • Social media is your friend. If you are not in a runDisney group on Facebook such as our group No-Guilt Disney, be sure to follow runDisney on Twitter. The links to register tend to show up in the groups first, so you might want to find a good one to join.
  • Don’t enter your proof of time if you are worried about losing your spot; you can go back and add it after you register by editing your info through the runDisney portal.
  • Open multiple browsers. Did we mention this already? Yes, yes we did. But truly this will help.
  • If you are shut out of a race, you have options! Be sure to visit this post talking about how to register for a sold out runDisney race. runDisney Charities might still have bibs available as well.

GOOD LUCK! Hope these runDisney registration tips help!

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Thursday 22nd of September 2022

Is is even possible for non rundisney members to get signed up? 0-4 so far. Giving up now.

Patty Holliday

Friday 23rd of September 2022

I'm sorry it's been so hard! But yes, it is possible. And there is absolutely a bit of luck in the process as well. We aren't club members but have gotten the races we are looking for this year, though it has been a challenging process.

Jamie Bloch

Thursday 10th of February 2022

Hello, I’m looking to register for my first runDisney race !! Planning for Princess 5K 2023. When does registration typically open for this race? Thank you!!

Patty Holliday

Thursday 10th of February 2022

It has changed over the years. But most likely date will be sometime this summer. June/July/early August would be good times to keep an ear out for things! I'll update this post with any info that comes our way!