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Ultimate runDisney Packing List For the Dopey Challenge

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It’s time, y’all! Time to start packing for your runDisney Dopey Challenge. And it’s probably time to start worrying about everything you might forget. We’re going to help with that. Here’s your ultimate runDisney packing list for the Dopey Challenge runner! Affliate links are included in this post. 

rundisney Dopey Challenge medals

By: Sarah Bergman

The Ultimate runDisney Packing List For the Dopey Challenge Runner

It’s here. It’s time. runDisney Dopey Challenge 2019 is just around the corner. 

And we are PUMPED over here. 

If you are new to runDisney, you might have a ton of questions. Please pop over to this post, The Beginner’s Guide to runDisney, to find #alltheanswers. 

But this post? It’s all about packing! 


Sarah Dopey Challenge medal 2018


I’ll be the first to admit I am extremely unorganized when it comes to packing for the runDisney races. I used to travel light – absolutely refused to check a bag, no matter what!

… a lot has changed.

The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction and I now have issues bringing TOO MUCH. 

I mean, I can check bags for free (LUV you SWA!) and so I have a tendency to pack all the things. 

I also wait until the last minute, so my racecation packing is typically me running around my room at 2 am throwing everything I think I could maybe need into a bag.  


suitcases packed for rundisney race weekend


And I usually forget things, too.

In an effort to be more efficient and more organized this year – I am making a runDisney packing list! 

I’ll have one dedicated “race bag” and then I’ll worry about my regular park clothes, toiletries, and ears later.


The Ultimate runDisney packing list


runDisney Packing List: Dopey Challenge Essentials


running shoes for rundisney packing list


  • Shoes, two pairs.  I’ve been running in Brooks Glycerin and ON Cloudace.  The plan is to switch between those two shoes for the four races!
  • Socks, all the pairs.  My sock preference changes with my mood but these Balega Blister Resist socks will be my go-to this trip.
  • Sports Bras – I have the lamest sports bras.  Open to suggestions for good ones. 
  • Running Bottoms – I’m bringing a pair of pants, a pair of capris, and a pair of shorts. Because options.  And weather.
  • Chargers.  iPhone, headphones, Apple Watch… I have one of these and just keep all cords plugged in and go from there.


runDisney Dopey Challenge Packing List: The Costumes

We’re super big fans of running in costume at these races. So you know I’m not leaving that part off my runDisney packing list. 

  • Sparkle Athletic Skirts – ALL the Sparkle Skirts.  Perfect for all runDisney race costumes. Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t have a costume plan yet for the races.  So, I’m bringing all the skirts.
  • Running Skirts – I’m going to bring a handful of my favorites.  The kind with the shorts built-in (a mix of Sparkle Skirts and iGlow Running).  Not sure if I will wear them to race, or just wear them to the parks, but I’ll be bringing a few.
  • Tank Tops – Again, throwing all of these in there.  I’ve collected several fun Disney themed shirts over the years, and if I’m going to throw together a last minute costume, I better have them on hand!  … I’m also going to throw in some solids.
  • VisorsSparkle Athletic again for the win.  I’m bringing all the color options (and planning on picking up a new one at the expo…)


running across the finish line at rundisney race weekends


runDisney Dopey Challenge Packing List: The Race Gear

  • Headphones – I got a pair of Trekz Titanium for my birthday and I love them for races.  
  • Backup Headphonesthese and these will also go in my bag because I’m terrified of headphone failure.
  • Race Belt – I’m honestly probably not going to need this, as I’ll most likely be running in capris/shorts that have built-in pockets, but we picked up one of these at the expo in San Antonio and it’s excellent. Add this to your runDisney packing list for sure!
  • Interval TimerGymboss Interval Timer is my life.  I’ll die if I forget this.  I don’t set intervals on my watch for two reasons.  A) Battery Life and B) I don’t want to be stuck in an interval and want to change it mid-run.  Sure, it’s bulky and kind of annoying, but the piece of mind way outweighs those cons.
  • Fuel – I was introduced to Science in Sport Energy Gel running the Rock n Roll series last year.  I gotta tell you guys… I love it.  It’s thinner than other gels so I don’t feel like I’m eating slime, and the flavor is good too.  
  • Bib Boards – I got a set last year from runDisney and pretty much don’t ever race without them.  These made me LOL though…
  • Body GlideSkin Glide is my favorite because it goes on like a lotion.  I’m not a fan of the stick.


running outfit for rundisney packing list


Dopey Challenge Packing List: Recovery

  • Oofos – I live in these.  
  • Epsom Salt – Yes. I will travel with an entire bag.  I don’t want to worry about getting it when I get there, and I’ll very easily go through it all.
  • Roll Recovery – I had the opportunity to test out the R8 Roll Recover last year and it very quickly became my most favorite torture device.  So it’s on the runDisney packing list too. I’ll be bringing this with me…


Runners New BFF | The Roll Recovery R8 Review


  • Fluffy Fizzies – shop small alert!!!  This is one of my favorite small businesses, and she has recovery bath bombs specifically designed Bounce Back Muscle Recovery bath bombs for the Dopey Challenge.  I placed my order this morning and will pick them up when I get to the expo.  So, not technically packing, but I do need to remember to pick them up… 
  • Supplements – so this is new to me this year.  I’ve started drinking Beachbody Energize before working out, and almost always drink Beachbody Recover after.  I’m bringing them with me this trip, for sure.


And here’s a printable list of great items to take on your runDisney vacation. Be sure to check these items off your runDisney packing list!


runDisney packing list



Okay okay okay, so I think everything is in here and runDisney packing list is complete. What did I forget? Do you have anything clever you throw in your race bag to use on your racecations?


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