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How To Pick Up Your Bib At The runDisney Expo

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This question is asked a lot: how do we pick up our bib at the runDisney expo? Especially if you had registration or expo pass issues. This guide will help you learn the steps to pick up your bib at the expo so you can be on your way to the next runDisney adventure!

rundisney bib pick up at expo
how to pick up your runDisney bib at the expo

How To Pick Up Your Bib At The runDisney Expo

Runners… Set…. GOOOOO!

runDisney is officially back and we’re not going to lie: it feels GOOD.

This guide to the runDisney expo will help remind you of the steps it takes to pick up your bib- or just give you a heads up in case this is a first-time race.

It’s not hard, but there are some steps that need to be taken to make it go smoothly.

Here’s how to pick up your bib at the runDisney expo.

sign your digital waiver for rundisney expo bib pick up

Sign Your Digital Waiver To Pick Up Your Bib At the runDisney Expo

New for the 2021-2022 race season: Digital Waivers.

You can find your waivers inside your account.

  1. –> manage account
  2. Important reminders section
  3. Sign digital waiver

Once that’s taken care of, you can get your Expo Pass.

waivers at rundisney expo

What If You Can’t Sign The Waiver Digitally?

The runDisney expo has plenty of pre-printed waivers for you to sign.

There are adult and minor waivers, so make sure you sign the appropriate one.

For Bib Pickup, Screen Shot Expo Pass

While still logged in, go to your registration section of your dashboard.

Click on your current event, and choose Get Your Check-In Pass.

expo pass rundisney bib pick up at expo

When you click on the blue box, you’ll get the pass below.

It will have your name, age, DOB, and home location on the pass.

Your bib number and shirt size are also listed. This is where you find out what number you’ll be running in for the race.

This information is all used by the folks at the expo to find your bib and hand it over.

expo pass rundisney bib pickup

If you have the Expo Pass and a signed waiver, you can move on to the next step.

(Finally!) Picking Up Your Bib At runDisney’s Expo

Head over to the race that you are running.

There are long booths with bib numbers overhead; join the line that corresponds to your bib number which is found on the Expo Pass.

Show your photo ID and your Expo Pass, and you’ll be good to go!

If you have a paper waiver, they will accept it at this location as well.

5k bib pickup expo

The volunteer or staff member will hand over your bib, ask you to sign that you accepted it, and you’ll be on your way to the next step: picking up your race t-shirt (see below).

But I Don’t Have An Expo Pass Or A Registration Or a Waiver… HELP!

With IT and Disney, you never know what you’re going to get!

Thankfully, runDisney is aware of the issues and has put together an Expo Pass Check-In team to help straighten everyone out.

The good news is that it was simple.

The bad news is that you may be in line with a lot of other folks, depending on when you arrive at the expo.

Visit this booth to get the Expo Pass concerns addressed.

rundisney expo check in pass problems

We had a runner who needed to pick up her bib at the runDisney expo but couldn’t find her registration anywhere in her account.

The fix was fairly fast and simple.

runDisney looked her up, saw there were 2 accounts created for her, merged them together, and voila! She had access to her digital waiver and then her expo pass.

The whole process took about 5 minutes to sort through.

wine and dine expo bib pickup

You Have Your Bib: Now What?

You have one more stop on your runDisney Expo journey that is required.

You’ll need to head to the Visa Athletic Center to pick up your official race t-shirt and gear check bag.

Inside this building, you’ll find anything a runner may need!

Costume shirts or skirts? Yes.

Aftershokz headphones? Yes.

Shoes, socks, fuel, glide: yes, yes, yes and yes.

rundisney expo shirt pick up

And in the very back of this section of the expo, you’ll also find your race shirts.

Head there, pick up your appropriate shirt and you’ll also be given a bag and safety pins as well.

There is also a t-shirt exchange in case the size you originally chose at registration no longer works!

And NOW you are ready to runDisney!

Need more runDisney Expo tips? Join us in the No-Guilt Disney Facebook group. We love to chat runDisney!

runDisney expo Virtual queue wine and dine

NEW! Virtual Queue for runDisney Merch Shop For 2022-2023

This was a new process for the official merchandise purchases at the Wine and Dine 2022 expo.

We expect to see this come back for the 2023 races as well.

This year, rather than waiting in a standby line, you can access the first day of the runDisney Merchandise Shop from the comfort of your Walt Disney World® Resort Hotel or home* by joining our virtual queue! Keep in mind, the virtual queue will be the only way to access the shop on the first day of the Expo.

How to join the runDisney expo Virtual queue

How To Join the runDisney Merchandise Virtual Queue

  1. Download My Disney Experience and make sure you have location services on. You can only join the queue if you are within 45 miles of Walt Disney World.
  2. Make sure you have everyone who wants to shop loaded on your Family and Friends list in the app.
  3. Go to the Virtual Queue section of the application and find the ESPN section.
  4. Tap “Join the Virtual Queue”. It will be open at 7:30 am (and may reopen throughout the day so keep an eye on it!).
  5. Select your party guests (can have up to 6 people on one pass).
  6. Tap Join the Virtual Queue again. You will be given an estimated timeframe for return (ex: 125 minutes).
  7. You’ll get a push notification when your return time comes around. You’ll have one hour to get to the expo and enter the official line.
How to join the runDisney expo Virtual queue

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Thursday 15th of December 2022

This was awesome, thanks! I've heard there was a queue now to sign up for the runDisney merch stuff, but hadn't heard details about how it works. This will help a lot! Appreciate the info!

Patty Holliday

Thursday 15th of December 2022

Glad it helps! Good luck!


Thursday 3rd of November 2022

My friend can’t make the expo on Thursday due to work restraints. Can I pick up her bib for her?

Patty Holliday

Thursday 3rd of November 2022

Unfortunately, they do require the person to pick up their own bib. She should be able to do emergency bib pick up on the morning of the race if she shows up early and brings her ID!

Lauren Bullard

Monday 31st of October 2022

I’m registered for the wine & dine 10K 2022, and I don’t have my expo check-in pass yet??

Patty Holliday

Monday 31st of October 2022

I don't think they sent them out just yet! Should be soon. But if you don't see it online, you can get it taken care of at the expo. No worries! Happy running!