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Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Marathon Weekend 10K Course

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Run, walk run, pee… repeat! Okay, so hopefully it’s not that bad. But if you’re looking for the Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Marathon Weekend 10K Course: we’ve got your restroom stops covered.

2023 rundisney marathon 10K medal

Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Marathon Weekend 10K Course (2023)

We know you’d like to avoid the portapotties during your runDisney races.

Because: ewwww.

That’s one of the huge perks to running runDisney: real bathrooms on the 10K course for Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend.

portapotty seating sign rundisney. where to find the real bathrooms on the rundisney course.

We did our best to estimate where you can make a real bathroom stop while running the 10K.

Not ALL of these may be available, so if you see one when you need to go: go ahead and pop on in.

And also?

Don’t forget a good 20-second Disney song while washing your hands.

You’ve been momm’ed!


2023 Marathon Weekend 10K Course: Real Bathroom Locations

1. Depending on where exactly you enter Epcot from the bus loop area, you may be able to use the restrooms located outside of the parks. It’s hard to tell just where the entrance is on the maps in relation to these bathrooms, but if you really need one, you could run to them in a pinch!

2. There is a bathroom as you enter onstage into Epcot by the Imagination Pavillion on the right.

3. Possibly another one on the left as you head toward the Moana construction area. It’s called the World Nature bathroom- but don’t count on this one. It might be too far off the course to make sense.

4. You’ll run past the Rose Walk bathrooms (on the right where Starbucks used to be as you enter World Showcase)

5. You might go past the UK restrooms (but the map is unclear if you use that exit to the park or if they are using another one).

10K course: Real Bathroom Locations. United Kingdom restrooms.

6. Coming back into Epcot, you will see the International Gateway bathrooms (on the left after the Skyliner).

7. As you run towards Remy’s Ratatouille’s Adventure, there is a great bathroom in the back of France on the right.

8. Morocco may be skipped by the course (hard to judge on the map, but if not, this is a good stop to make)

9. America’s bathrooms are pretty far back but if you are making a character stop here, it might work for you.

10. Germany is up next. Bathrooms on the right.

11. Norway’s bathrooms are big and beautiful! If you need one last stop before the finish, this is a prime location.

12. Final real bathrooms on the Walt Disney World Marathon 10K course are the World Discovery Bathrooms (as you run toward Test Track, they will be on the right-hand side after passing Club Cool)

10K marathon weekend course map runDisney 2023 with bathrooms

Happy running! Hope this made it easier to plan ahead for the Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Marathon Weekend 10K Course.

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