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Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Princess Half Marathon Course

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When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! But when you’ve gotta go in the middle of 13.1 miles, welp, you can run into some issues. Don’t get the tutus twisted- we’ve got you covered! Thankfully that’s one of the perks to the runDisney Princess half marathon course: real bathrooms are available. Here’s a list of the real bathrooms on the runDisney Princess Half Marathon Course for the 2024 Princess Half Marathon Weekend. If you need the full marathon bathroom list for Marathon Weekend, we have that one too! 

princess half marathon weekend half marathon map 2024

Real Bathrooms On The runDisney Half Marathon Course

There are many reasons to runDisney, but one of our biggest ones happens to be a matter of comfort. 

As in comfort stops along the courses. 

Real bathrooms are a luxury on any half marathon course but thankfully they are plentiful on the runDisney Princess Half Marathon course. 

Want to skip the porta-potties and plan your bathroom stop?

Knowing when you can go will make those 13.1 miles a little more magical!

rundisney princess half marathon proof of time dates and details

List of Walt Disney World Restrooms: runDisney Princess Half Marathon

We’re using the 2024 runDisney Marathon Weekend Half Marathon race map as our guide.

It’s generally the same half marathon course from year to year, or very similiar.

It has been for the past 14+ years so we don’t expect this to change anytime soon!

princess half marathon medal

Restroom At The Ticket and Transportation Center- Maybe?

1. The first real bathroom on the half marathon course will be found at the Ticket and Transportation Center around Mile 4. This one isn’t always open for use, but it’s worth noting *just in case it is!*

runDisney Real Bathrooms in The Magic Kingdom 

2. The race now takes you through the front entrance of Magic Kingdom. There is a bathroom just to the right of Guest Services before you enter the park. If you are able to go off course just a bit, this might be worth making a stop for!

A “secret” potty, ie, a real bathroom on the Princess Half course, is just off Main Street by the Plaza Restaurant.

3. A secret potty- ie, bathrooms on the runDisney Princess course- that people miss: between The Plaza Restaurant and Tomorrowland Terrace around mile 5 inside the Magic Kingdom. You’ll have to peel off Main Street to hit this one up, but there should be no wait AND it will make that castle jumping shot more comfortable. Ahem.

4. The Tomorrowland bathrooms on the left basically way across from Space Mountain about mile 5.5. This one will have a wait. It’s the most “known” bathroom on the course and the first one runners hit directly on the course. There are some across the way by Space Mountain, but we were told no by CMs when we tried to go that far off course before.

a real bathroom on the rundisney princess half course is near the mad tea party

5. Just to the left of the Mad Tea Party there is a bathroom. Usually, there is an Alice in Wonderland character line in front of the teacups, so if you leave someone in line and head off the to bathroom (make it quick!) you might time it just right! 

6. The bathrooms by Gaston’s Tavern and Pinocchio’s Restaurant. Before you head through the castle, look to the far right for real bathrooms on the runDisney Princess course.

7. Big set of bathrooms as you head out of Magic Kingdom. They are between Frontierland and Adventureland on the left around mile 6.

This is your last real bathroom on the runDisney Princess Half Course until you make it to Epcot! 

EPCOT Bathrooms on the runDisney Half Marathon Course 

8. Outside the Imagination Pavilion as you run “onstage” into Epcot. Look to the right.

9. World Nature bathrooms on your left. This is before you make the turn and see Spaceship Earth.

10. World Discovery restrooms on the right side.

11. Right past Spaceship Earth on the left before you leave the park: a set of real bathrooms on the runDisney Princess Half Course right before you finish your race!

After that, you head backstage again. And porta-potties at the finish! 

runDisney Princess Half Marathon Finish: your last real bathrooms on the runDisney Princess Half course are by Spaceship Earth

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