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Real Bathrooms On The 2024 runDisney Marathon Course

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I have a special gift: I know where all the bathrooms can be found at Walt Disney World. Any park, any land, any potty. And nowhere will this skill come into better use than on the runDisney racecourses. Here’s where you can find all the REAL bathrooms on the 2024 runDisney Marathon Course

disney world marathon course maps 2024


Why Post A Bathroom Guide For the runDisney Marathon?

Running with a full bladder sucks- there’s no other way to put it. 

But so do portapotties. 

Luckily, runDisney racecourses have generous miles through all four theme parks, and even a stop through the Blizzard Beach parking lot as well.

I wouldn’t say I like to give Marathoning advice myself, but in this case, I do feel I’m an expert. Ahem. 

Here’s a list of all the real bathrooms on the runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Course for 2024. 

Real Bathrooms On The 2024 runDisney Marathon Course

Bathrooms in EPCOT

You’ll enter Epcot next to Mexico. Traditionally you’d head through World Showcase, but this map takes us on a different adventure.

You’ll turn right and toward Spaceship Earth this year.

  • Mile 2.5- First bathroom on the course in Epcot. There’s a large bathroom right off to the left hand side of the course as you turn toward Spaceship Earth.
  • Mile 2.65- Bathroom right before you exit the park to go backstage. It’s the Imagination Pavillion bathrooms.
imagination pavilion bathrooms in epcot

You leave Epcot and come back later through World Showcase.

Ticket and Transportation Center Bathrooms

  • Mile 7.25- TTC bathrooms

Bathrooms are located on the right side of the course.

They are not always open, but if they are, this is a great place to stop before heading to Magic Kingdom.

TTC bathroom on the runDisney Disney World Marathon Course
The TTC bathrooms. Photo: Katie Preston

runDisney Real Bathrooms in The Magic Kingdom 

  • Mile 8.25- As you get ready to enter Magic Kingdom, there is a bathroom to the far right of Guest Services.
  • Mile 8.50- A secret potty that people miss: between The Plaza Restaurant and Tomorrowland Terrace
  • Mile 8.60- Space Mountain bathrooms on the right before you head toward Tron.
  • Mile 9- New Fantasyland bathrooms by Casey Jr.’s Splash area.
  • Mile 9.1- Gaston’s Tavern Bathrooms. A bit off the course but still should be accessible.
Gaston meet and greet after a runDisney race. 3 girls with medals and gaston
  • Mile 9.2- The bathrooms by Pinocchio’s Restaurant. Before you head through the castle, look to the far right for real bathrooms in the runDisney course. It’s pretty far back there, but again, it’s doable if needed.
  • Mile 9.5- Big set of bathrooms as you head out of Magic Kingdom. They are between Frontierland and Adventureland. If you’ve hit Country Bears, you’ve gone too far.
bathrooms in magic kingdom on the full marathon course

Animal Kingdom runDisney Bathroom Stops

  • Mile 15- Next to Tamu Tamu (if they let us get to it- not sure about that).
  • Mile 15.25- On Your Left! Scream it like Cap- when you see Mr. Kamals.
  • Back behind Yak & Yeti quick-serve which will also be on the left.
list of real bathrooms on the runDisney marathon course
You might get one for yourself! photo: Crystal Parkinson
  • On-course bathrooms on the left- this is right before you get to Everest
  • Across from the old Primeval Wheel location, on the right in Dinoland after Mile 17
Animal Kingdom real bathrooms on the full marathon course

Disney’s Hollywood Studios Restrooms During runDisney Marathon

  • Mile 23- The Tower of Terror restrooms.
  • Mile 23.3– Bathrooms are on the left of Sunset Blvd. as you head toward the park exit.
  • By the Skyliner after exiting DHS- I love that these exist!
skyliner restrooms hollywood studios
hollywood studios bathrooms on the rundisney full marathon course rundisney

EPCOT World Showcase Bathrooms

Have you heard of drinking around the World?

Here’s your chance to pee around the World if you need to.

  • Mile 24.5- International Gateway bathrooms are a bit off course, but it might be an option.
  • Mile 24.6- As you enter the United Kingdom look for the phone booths. Bathrooms on the right side. These have been out of commission for a bit, but they might be an option.
  • My favorite runDisney course bathrooms: Morocco. Easy in, easy out!
bathrooms on the rundisney course for marathon weekend
Morocco bathrooms. Photo: Jennifer Donnals
  • Mile 24.8- America has excellent bathrooms, but this always feels way off course and tucked into the back. But it’s worth the stop if you need to go before the finish line.
  • Germany is another popular and easy bathroom pop-in.
  • Norway if you just can’t hold it! But you’d have to go back to get to it, so, I don’t know if this is worth it. 
epcot bathrooms on the runDisney full course world showcase miles
runDisney character stop in epcot with Mickey Mouse

Can you run 26.2 without stopping to pee? If you do- you are legit my hero!

But for the rest of us, this list of real bathrooms on the runDisney racecourse just might be a lifesaver. 

Share with a friend, plot your stops, and GOOD LUCK, runners!

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