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Funny runDisney Race Signs: Inspo For Your Next Spectator Gig

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We absolutely love being spectators at runDisney! Kathrine Switzer, the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon, once said: “If you are losing faith in human nature, go out and watch a marathon.” Even better than just watching one is actively supporting your runner on the course with funny runDisney race signs. Here’s some inspiration for the upcoming runDisney race season!

funny rundisney race signs. Jungle Cruise Skipper jokes

runDisney Schedule For 2023-2024

If you happen to be around the Walt Disney World Resort on certain weekends, you may find yourself in the middle of a road race.

runDisney has been running The World for 30 years and the passion of the community has grown year after year.

Many say they didn’t know anything about the races until they happened to stumble upon the crowds racing down theme park streets.

And that inspires them to do one of two things: sign up for the next one OR show up and cheer with a funny runDisney race sign.

How To Cheer At the Next runDisney Race: Spectator Guide

runDisney will be racing through the streets of Walt Disney World on the following dates:

rundisney princess half marathon runners through Epcot

2023 runDisney Race Weekends

  • Marathon Weekend 2023- January 4 to January 8
  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2023- February 23 to February 26
  • Springtime Surprise Weekend 2023- April 13 to 16
  • runDisney 2023 Summer Virtual Series- June 1 to August 31

2024 runDisney Race Weekends

  • Wine and Dine Half Marathon Weekend 2023 – November 2-5 (BOOKING VACATION PACKAGES NOW) Registration begins TBD (March was the previous timeframe)
  • Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2024- January 3-7. TBD (Registration was in April previously)
  • Princess Half Marathon Weekend 2024- February 22 to February 25. TBD (Registration was previously in June)
  • Springtime Surprise Weekend 2024- April 18- April 21. (Registration was previously in August)
  • runDisney 2024 Summer Virtual Series- June 1- August 31

Find the full runDisney event calendar here.

Here are some of our favorite funny runDisney race signs from past years to act as inspiration for your next marathon race sign.

Funny runDisney Race Signs

funny runDisney race signs
funny rundisney race signs
funny rundisney race signs. marathon race signs
funny rundisney race signs. Dopey and marathon race signs.
funny rundisney race signs.
funny rundisney race signs
kanye medal rundisney signs
marathon race signs.

More Funny runDisney Race Signs

funny rundisney race signs rundisney marathon weekend
funny rundisney race signs (4)
funny rundisney marathon race sign booze miles
funny rundisney race signs (3)
celebrity corner race signs at runDisney marathon
funny rundisney race signs
funny rundisney race signs
funny rundisney race signs. you run Disney better than Chapek
funny rundisney sign
runDisney race signs

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