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How To Get Your Ride Photos From Cosmic Rewind At Epcot

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Listen up, Guardians! You’re going to want the on-ride photo opp from the newest and first roller coaster at Epcot. The sheer joy coming out of this attraction is definitely something you’ll want to remember with photographic evidence. Here’s how to get your ride photos from Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind at Epcot. Mild attraction spoilers included below. Affiliate Links may be included in this post.

how to get your photos from cosmic rewind

How To Get Your Ride Photos From Cosmic Rewind At Epcot

On-ride photos are some of the best souvenirs from a Disney vacation.

They really capture your family in the moment, and sometimes the results are absolute perfection.

The on-ride photos for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind are no different.

Here’s where you need to look for the photo and how you can download them for all your social media sharing needs.

get your cosmic rewind on ride photos

1. Sign Up For My Disney Experience To Download Your Cosmic Rewind Photos

If you haven’t used this program just yet, now is the time to get signed up.

To get started, simply visit My Disney Experience and complete the steps below.

  • Register or Sign in to this website. You can do this on a laptop, tablet or phone. This will take you to the My Disney Experience Website
  • Link Your Disney Package Reservation number OR your tickets. Once you’re signed in, enter your resort confirmation number if you have a package. A Disney World vacation package is when your resort and tickets are bundled together in one purchase. If you have stand-alone tickets (purchased via a military base or online separate from your room), follow the next step.
  • Link Your Walt Disney World Ticket or Pass. The numbers needed are on the back of your ticket or on your email confirmation.
my disney experience app is needed for cosmic rewind on ride photos

2. Download the My Disney Experience App

You will honestly use the app everywhere at Disney.

Even if you choose not to purchase the on-ride photos, this app has become an important and necessary tool for a Walt Disney World vacation.

So go ahead and download it so you’ll be all set for your trip!

3. Scan This QR Code In The Ride Queue Of Cosmic Rewind

One option: Scan the QR code as you enter the ride.


It’s located on the wall as you head up the ramps after the first room with the planetarium-type display.

If you missed that photo QR code, follow the next steps.

4. Use Your Mobile Device And Bluetooth To Automatically Connect To the Cosmic Rewind Photos

Before you enter the ride, turn your device’s Bluetooth settings on.

Open the My Disney Experience app and sign in at least once before riding.

This will automatically signal the ride camera to connect for your photo as you fly past!

cosmic rewind photos: how to download yours on the new guardians roller coaster

5. Wear A MagicBand

As long as your MagicBand or MagicBand+ is linked to your My Disney Experience account, your ride photos will be collected by the system.

It’s- well- Magic!

You won’t need to do anything special; just wear the MagicBand and you’ll be good to go!

You’re probably using one to scan into the ride anyway, so this is the no-brainer option.

magic band cosmic rewind

6. Where Is The Camera On Cosmic Rewind? Know When To Expect The On-Ride Photo

The ride photo opportunity happens pretty early on the attraction.

And while we can tell you where it is in general, we can’t give an exact location because you’re mid-rotation twirl when the camera comes around.

It feels like you turn into the camera, but as the pictures show, most riders are caught looking to the right.

cosmic rewind on ride photo camera location

Here’s how the photo opp goes down:

  1. Once you board the Starjumper, you will go up a small incline and enter a dark room.
  2. Here your vehicle will rotate and turn in the complete opposite direction. If you were in the front of the coaster train, you are now in the back.
  3. Rocket says something like ‘Rock N Roll will never die’- and this is when the fun begins!
  4. You’ll be reverse launched into the roller coaster and at the top of the launch, you begin another rotation.
  5. This is where the camera is located.
  6. After being shot back and up into the ride, as you rotate for the first time, you’ll see the flashes from the camera.
how to get your photos from cosmic rewind coaster at epcot

7. Check Your My Disney Experience For New Photos From Cosmic Rewind

Give the PhotoPass crew a bit of time to upload the new ride photos.

We’ve had them show up within minutes, hours, and even days at times.

So try to have a little patience!

But go to the My Disney Experience app to see your latest photos.

  1. Open the app. Click on the 3 lines on the bottom right-hand corner of the app.
  2. Photos will be an option in the left-hand column near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Click on the Photos section and your latest Disney PhotoPass options will appear.
find your cosmic rewind photos

If you have purchased Memory Maker, Cosmic Rewind photos are included in that purchase. You can download and save the photo immediately.

But you can also choose to download an individual ride photo if you did not purchase the Memory Maker photo package.

8. What Happens If My Cosmic Rewind Photo Does Not Show Up In My Account?

There is hope!

The PhotoPass crew is pretty good at finding lost photos.

You can call the PhotoPass team at (407) 560-4300 to report a missing or lost Cosmic Rewind photo.

They’ll need the date and approximate time you were on the ride to help narrow the search.

where is the camera on guardians of the galaxy cosmic rewind coaster?

Tips For Great Cosmic Rewind Photos

  • If you have long hair, you may want to tie it back for photo purposes! Or let it fly and embrace the wildness that comes from Cosmic Rewind. Either option is a good one, to be fair.
  • If you are in the front row, be mindful of your arms. You can easily block the riders behind you (and that’s not cool!)
  • Look to the right or straight ahead as you finish the reverse launch.
  • Sport your love for the Guardians of the Galaxy. If you have Guardians T-shirts and gear, this is the attraction to wear them on. The on-ride photo takes a pretty clear picture of those special shirts!
  • Stop at the PhotoPass Photographer in the courtyard after the ride for fun magic shots.
Groot Cosmic Rewind PhotoPass magic shot

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