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Hack Your Way Onto WEB Slingers

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Disneyland and Walt Disney World keep upping the game with new attractions- and some of those are requiring virtual boarding groups. Want to ride Rise of the Resistance? Get a boarding group. Want to race around a Paris kitchen with Remy? Get a boarding group for Ratatouille. Need to save Avengers Campus with Spider-Man? You’ll want to hack your way onto WEB Slingers with these tips to grab your next virtual queue boarding group.

hacks and tips for web slingers virtual boarding group

Hack Your Way Onto WEB Slingers At Disney California Adventure

Avengers Campus is open at Disneyland and if you are a Marvel fan, this is the place to be!

There are so many cool experiences to check out while you are there, including a ton of Marvel easter eggs at Avengers Campus.

But the newest attraction is also one of those hard-to-get attractions: WEB Slingers does not have a standby line. The only way to get onto this ride is via boarding groups obtained during the virtual queue process.


How To Ride WEB Slingers Without a Boarding Group

things to skip at the oogie boogie bash

This is a brand new hack we discovered during Oogie Boogie Bash last week.

You can get on WEB Slingers without going through the virtual queue if you are attending one of the special events in the parks.

There are a few things you should NOT do during Oogie Boogie Bash, but taking advantage of this “golden ticket” opportunity is one you absolutely should jump on!

During the party, you can walk on through the standby line of WEB Slingers.

No virtual queue drama, no boarding groups, no problem!

Tips To Grab a Boarding Group For WEB Slingers

If you aren’t going to the special event party, you’ll need to follow these tips to get a WEB Slingers boarding group.

  • Turn off Wifi. For most locations, WiFi will slow you down. Unless your phone is showing 1 or 2 bars, turn off Blutooth and WiFi for this process. Close all background apps on your phone as well; let your phone know the only thing that matters is getting a WEB Slingers boarding group.
  • You have two chances to get a boarding group: 7am and noon. You do not have to be in the park for the 7am attempt, but you DO need to have checked into one of the Disneyland parks for the noon option. Noon seems to be easier to come by than a morning boarding group.
  • Confirm your boarding group party up to an hour before. In the app, navigate to the virtual queue and confirm who will be in your party that day. Remove anyone who is connected with you via the app, but does not plan on riding that day. Please note: everyone in your party will need a themepark reservation for Disney California Adventure if you are trying for the 7am option.
confirm party web slingers virtual queue
  • Set an alarm on your phone for 6:58am. Trust me, that’s all you need. Once the alarm goes off, open your Disneyland app and navigate to the virtual queue page. Click Join Virtual Queue. It will be too soon to get your WEB Slingers boarding group, but you will be in the right place. You’ll see the “Confirm Your Party” button. This goes away when the virtual queue is open.
  • Refresh Refresh Refresh! Drag your finger down the screen to refresh your virtual queue page. Do this repeatedly until the time changes to 7am and the Join Queue button is highlighted. Here’s an example from Rise of the Resistance. Note the blue highlighted section between the park names and the word Attractions. That is the time Disney is using, so that’s the time you are waiting on to turn to 7:00 or 12:00.
  • When you see Join Virtual Queue replace Confirm Your Party, SMASH that button! That will (fingers crossed) be the final step to hacking your way to a WEB Slingers boarding group.
  • Check your boarding group number & estimated return time. The app will notify you when the ride is ready for your return, and you have 1 hour to join the physical line. HOWEVER: don’t wait! This is important. These rides can go down (and do!) often- and due to their complexity, it can take hours for WEB Slingers to come back online. So don’t hesitate: if your group has been called, go ahead and get your Spider-Bot slinging action on!

Extra Tips For Grabbing a WEB Slingers Boarding Group

1. Some sites suggest using the USNO Master Clock to determine the EXACT time, but we found that was completely unnecessary.

The only time that matters is Disney’s time, and using the refresh drag down plan worked every morning and afternoon for us.

2. WEB Slingers Virtual Queue Tip: The newest phone typically wins! If you have more than one cell phone in your group, have EVERYONE try at the same time.

hack your way onto web slingers board group tips

3. If you don’t get into the first queue, go ahead and set an alarm on your phone for 11:58 and try again for the afternoon! And if you have park hoppers, go ahead and try to get Rise of the Resistance in the second boarding group window.

You can successfully get on both rides on the same day, but you do need to get on WEB Slingers before the noon window opens.

4. If the attraction is closed when your boarding group has been called, don’t panic! But do go ahead and take a screenshot of your boarding group number.

WEB employee lockers web slingers virtual boarding groups
Be sure to check out all the easter eggs in the WEB Slingers queue. Get your Marvel nerd ON!

Once the attraction re-opens (and no, Disney does not notify you, you will have to check the app for the update) you will be allowed to enter the line.

5. If you are late, also don’t panic! The Cast Members won’t let you ride early, but they are pretty generous if you happen to arrive late for this attraction.

We showed up over an hour after our boarding group was called due to a dinner reservation and they allowed us to ride without a problem.

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