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Disney Closure Got You Down? Take a Virtual Vacation To The Magic Kingdom

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Parents, I know you are looking for virtual field trips with your kids. As the next few days roll into weeks, consider taking virtual vacations to Disney. The best part: this vacation is free and easy to do with kids! Here’s how you can take a virtual vacation to the Magic Kingdom to enjoy Disney at home.  

take a virtual vacation to the magic kingdom. Virtual field trips for kids

Take a Virtual Vacation To The Magic Kingdom

With so many parents working from home with kids in the house– and all these kids out of school- there’s only so much that Disney Plus can offer to fill our days. 

How about taking the kids on a virtual field trip to the most Magical Place on Earth?

I’ve pulled together a few videos to offer the best virtual vacation your favorite travel agent can buy.

The best part?

It’s all free on YouTube and no magic bands needed!

magic band options

Though these are a lot of fun! If you have one at home, go ahead and put it on. No reason we can’t have some fun here!

Virtual Field Trips Are For Adults, Too!

Look, while the parents are the ones who are seeking out free ways to entertain kids, I know there are some adults that need this too. 

So settle in, saddle up, and enjoy this virtual vacation through the Magic Kingdom: no matter what your age is!

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virtual field trip and virtual vacation to Disney World Magic Kingdom

Run the Impossible: Treadmill Walk Through of the Magic Kingdom

One of the best channels out there for running in costume entertainment is Run the Impossible

I love their creativity and race videos. 

And I adored walking through Disney World’s Magic Kingdom on my treadmill with this video playing on the iPad in front of me.

It’s not quite runDisney, but since the Star Wars Rival Run is canceled, it’s as close as we’ll get for now. 

You don’t have to be on the treadmill to enjoy this one: maybe even walking in place in front of the video as it plays will get the kids moving!

Virtual Field Trip: Ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

A Virtual Vacation should kick off with an E-Ticket ride.

And there’s nothing my family loves more than the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

This is an excellent way to decide if your younger child is ready for roller coasters at the Magic Kingdom. 

Don’t Miss Peter Pan’s Flight On Your Virtual Vacation

Peter Pan’s Flight is on my must-get FastPass list, so naturally it needed to find a home on my virtual field trip as well. 

Here… we… gooooo!

Winnie The Pooh POV Ride Through

Kids still like Winnie the Pooh, right?

I know mine do!

One note: the ride vehicles bounces up and down a bit when you ride it. And you do get a feeling of that on this video. 

Yo Ho Ho, It’s a Pirates Life For Your Virtual Vacation!

I’ll confess I like the Disneyland version a bit more, but since we’re sticking with the most Magical Place on Earth- this will do.

 Pirates of the Caribbean: you might spy someone you know from the movies, kids!

Splash Mountain Ride Through- No Poncho Needed!

The best part of a virtual field trip: rain or shine or splash mountain… you will stay dry. 

Gotta love that since no one likes soggy shoes. 

Real vacations and field trips will be back someday- have faith!

But for now, make sure you can find some happy with the most magical YouTubers on earth. 

And if you are into podcasts, be sure to check out some of the best Disney podcasts out there. You know they will keep sharing content even with the parks shut down. 

Need more? Jana has some great ways to bring Disney to your home

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ceci martin

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

Thank you. I was looking for somthing to share with my students in this quarentena and I think they will enjoy it so much.I will show them one of these videos.