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runDisney Race-Ready Running in Makeup Tips

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The training is done, the costumes are chosen, and you consider running in makeup. Is there special running makeup? How do I keep the makeup from sweating off? These are all questions I had once upon a time, and I’m here to help you look flawless while you run all the miles. Here are the best exercising and running in makeup tips for runDisney racers. Affiliate links are included in this post.

tips for running in makeup. runner with jack sparrow character at runDisney.

runDisney Picture Perfect Finishes: Exercising and Running Makeup Tips

One of the best parts about a run Disney race is the character stops and photos along the way. 

And while running may not have us looking our absolute best, a little makeup can go a long way to help your photos look amazing.

Trust me: I ran my first runDisney race without makeup and have regrets!

tips for running in makeup.
Makeup-free Jane running the Wine and Dine Half Marathon in 2011

In this guide, we’ll unveil a treasure trove of makeup tips and tricks that will keep you looking flawless from start to finish, no matter how many pixie-dust-covered miles you conquer.

Before diving into the makeup portion, let’s set the stage for your Run Disney adventure.

Picture yourself amidst a sea of runners; the DJ plays energetic music, and the environment is exciting. 

These races have very early start times, so it’s best to plan your morning accordingly. 

You can check out this beginner’s guide to runDisney for more information on planning your morning.

tips for running in makeup. two runners ready for a runDisney race.

runDisney Race-Ready Running in Makeup Tips

But make sure you build in some time to prep your canvas for the makeup ahead.

We don’t want the makeup to sweat off, so before the first stroke of makeup touches your face, we must prepare the skin. 

Follow your morning routine for skincare, cleansing, and moisture. 

Here are some running in makeup tips that will help you prepare for your next race.

Running In Makeup Tips: DO NOT (and I cannot stress this enough) FORGET SPF. 

It gets HOT and super sunny for runDisney races, even if we start so early in the morning when it is pitch black. 

I had forgotten my SPF before and had big regrets with makeup sweating off and running into my eyes. 

Find the sunscreen that works best for you.   

I love this Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen because it’s lightweight, and my makeup looks so nice over it.

1. How do you keep makeup from sweating off?

Once you have completed your skincare and added in SPF, a primer will be your next step.

Primer helps to even out the skin and will help to stop the makeup from sweating off your face. 

Think of it like paint primer on a wall.

One of my tried-and-true primers is this elf primer, which is affordable and accessible in most drugstores.

It really grips onto the makeup and helps it stay in place and not sweat off.

2. How do you apply makeup so it doesn’t sweat off? Running In Makeup Tips

For this, you need to decide what works for YOU. 

When I started wearing makeup on race day, it was simple. 

I wanted to wear something on my lips and make my eyes look better in photos. 

I already looked like a sweaty mess from running, so how could I make those photos look a tiny bit better? 

Over time, I have evolved what I wear on my face.

Here is the order in which I apply my face for race day (feel free to skip steps that you don’t use):

  • Foundation
  • Contour
  • Blush
  • Highlighter
  • Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick or Gloss

I know you’re thinking WHOA, that’s a lot. 

For me, that takes 10 minutes and is a very routine process. 

But use what works for you and makes you feel super confident. 

I skip eyeshadow because I have hooded eyes, and the cameras never pick up the shadow unless I’m trying to be overdramatic for a character (think Ursula makeup or Yzma). 

tips for running in makeup. putting lipstick on before a rundisney event

3. How do you set makeup to make it last through a runDisney race?

Setting Spray is the last step that can make or break your day. 

After all your makeup is on, a setting spray will keep that makeup right where you applied it. 

We need all our help to avoid sweating it off mid-run. 

I love the Mehron Barrier Spray that you can get on Amazon. 

I once heard that “friends” of the Disney Princesses in Walt Disney World used this. 

I don’t know whether that’s true, but this product sets my makeup flawlessly for long, hot park days and runDisney races.

Another great option here is the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray.

tips for running in makeup. runner holding up a medal at the finish line.

How Do You Remove Your Makeup After Running Or Exercising?

After the race, it is important to remove your makeup properly so that we can have amazing skin to help with the next application. 

I highly recommend the Cerave Makeup Removing Balm, which will melt the makeup right off your face. 

I use this for makeup removal, and then once the makeup is off, I cleanse with my usual cleanser and moisturize

Keeping the skin healthy will ensure flawless face finisher photos for many more miles.

This whole process might sound overwhelming, but remember to start simple: Cleanse, & SPF always, even if you aren’t wearing makeup. 

But running in makeup is three simple steps: prime, apply, and set. 

These extra steps before the race can make a big difference in loving your photos.

For a full list of products I use while running and other information about skincare and makeup, you can check out the best sweatproof makeup for runners on Wisteria Jane.

tips for running in makeup

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