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runDisney Anniversary Dates | AKA, When The Bling Gets REAL Good

runDisney Anniversary Dates | AKA, When The Bling Gets REAL Good

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runDisney runners absolutely love an anniversary race. When a race weekend hits 5 years, 10 years, or 25 years it generally means a quick sellout. It also means threre’s going to be some sweet bling! Here’s a list of all the runDisney anniversary dates you’ll want to track going forward. See you running around Walt Disney World real soon.

2020 marathon weekend medals goofy 15 year anniversary runDisney

What is runDisney?

If you haven’t runDisney just yet but really want to, you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve got a runDisney 101 podcast series for you as well as a runDisney beginner’s guide

Plus a whole lot more from runDisney costumes to runDisney medals and how to run with a charity.

So what is runDisney? It’s a series of endurance events that happen over 4 race weekends at the Walt Disney World Resort and over 2 race weekends at Disneyland Paris. 

And no, there are not any races currently at Disneyland: here’s the deal on Disneyland runDisney race cancellations

runDisney character stop in epcot with Mickey Mouse

How Can I Register For a runDisney Event? 

You have a few options. 

First, you can book with a travel agent who specializes in runDisney events

Second, you can book a race through a runDisney charity provider. 

And third, you can use these runDisney registration tips and book through on registration day. 

When Are the runDisney Anniversary Dates?

As noted above, runDisney anniversary years are special race dates. 

The bling tends to be pretty amazing, the characters and the expo feels plussed, and overall it’s just a great time to celebrate with the runDisney community. 

Here are the runDisney anniversary years you want to mark on your calendar. 

castaway cay challenge medal rundisney anniversary dates

  • Castaway Cay 5th year anniversary: January 2019
  • Wine and Dine 10th year anniversary: November 2019
  • Goofy Challenge 15th year anniversary:  January 2020
  • Star Wars Dark Side 5th year anniversary: April 2020


  • Disneyland Paris 5th year anniversary: September 2020
  • Disney World Half 25th year anniversary: January 2022
  • Walt Disney World Marathon 30th year anniversary: January 2023
  • Dopey Challenge 10th year anniversary: January 2023


  • Walt Disney World 10K 10th year anniversary: January 2023
  • Princess Half Marathon 15th year anniversary: February 2023
  • Princess Enchanted 10K and Fairy Tale Challenge 10th year anniversary:  February 2023
  • Castaway Cay 10th year anniversary: January 2024


runDisney marathon weekend medals and anniversary dates


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