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Chris Evans: Captain America Sanitizer

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Look, 2020 is weird, y’all. And I’m going to lean in and embrace it. When I saw this Chris Evans appreciation thread on Twitter by @buttsandevans I knew it needed to be spread far and wide. Chris Evans as Hand Sanitizer? Sure… why not. Captain America wants you to have clean hands and to fight germs, too.

Chris evans in a sweater but also has hand sanitizer

All credit goes to butts and evans on Twitter so give them a follow if you agree that this was the weird we needed in 2020. 

Chris Evans: Captain America Sanitizer

I love Chris Evans.

Chris Evans loves his dog Dodger.

Chris Evans is Captain America.

Chris Evans loves Disney.

captain america spiderman homecoming so you've got detention

Therefore… this post makes perfect sense to share here. 

At least I think that’s the rules of 2020 as they are being written. Ahem. 

Man, this year is SOMETHING, eh?

And Twitter is not disappointing. If Twitter is not your thing, no worries, I’ve got you. 

Here is the best thread of 2020 so far: Chris Evans as hand sanitizer bottles. 

You are welcome, my friends. Stay well. 

Chris evans and dodger

Chris Evans As Hand Sanitizer

This is the kind of thing, that frankly, I think the internet is made for. 

Sure, it’s also for sharing news and finding recipes and learning the best Olaf quotes from Frozen too. 

All those things are super important. 

But this content? It’s why I keep coming back over and over again. 

Twitter: you complete me. Never change. 


chris evans as sanitizer kids sanitizer


chris evans as sanitizer pink shirt


chris evans as hand sanitizer purple with dodger


chris evans as hand sanitizer brown suit



chris evans as sanitizer black pearl casual hoodie look


chris evans as hand sanitizer red suit


chris evans as hand sanitizer gold sweater



chris evans as sanitizer olive green shirt and jeans



chris evans as sanitizer lime green running jacket



chris evans as sanitizer blue suit



chris evans as sanitizer orange


chris evans as sanitizer black and white


chris evans as hand sanitizer blue


Need More Chris Evans Sanitizer Like Content? Of Course We Do

There will be a companion piece to this post, Chris Evans as Canned Goods or possibly Chris Evans as Toliet Paper Brands. 

Please stay tuned for more v important content like this as the quarantine with 4 children, 1 dog, and 2 work from home parents continues through the month of March. 

Y’all, if 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that 2020 can and will get wilder and weirder. So let’s embrace the crazy things like, oh, Chris Evans as hand sanitizer that come into our lives.

At least this will give us something to do while the Disney parks are closed.

Weird, right?


Sharing is caring!