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2020 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Medals

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The 2020 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend medals have all been revealed. I think they got better with the more time you put in on your feet, to be honest! What do you think about the runDisney 2020 Marathon race weekend medals?

2020 runDisney Marathon weekend medals: 5K, 10K, Dopey, Goofy, Half Marathon and Marathon at Walt Disney World.


2020 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Medals

UPDATED: 9.9.2019 with the REAL medals from runDisney. I’m not sure it totally changes my mind, especially for the 10K, but it is officially official: here are the 2020 runDisney Walt Disney World Marathon weekend medals.

2020 marathon weekend medals 5K



2020 marathon weekend medals 10K


2020 marathon weekend medals


2020 marathon weekend medals marathon



2020 marathon weekend medals goofy



2020 marathon weekend medals dopey


runDisney shared the full Walt Disney World Marathon weekend medals this week. 

They elected to just share the mock-ups of the medals, and they shared via videos. So remember that these are slightly grainy screenshots and they should be sharper and better looking when the real deals are released. 

In the past, we saw actual medals sometime in September and they generally make an appearance at Disneyland Paris runDisney weekend. 

I gotta say- these are leaving me a little underwhelmed.

A lot underwhelmed.

As a grouping, it might be a cool visual, but if you are only running 1 race- wellllll…. meh. 

For a company that is so steeped in imagination and creativity, these are frankly boring and lame. Sorry- not sorry- but they are. 


rundisney marathon medals 2019

The 5K race is sold out, but the other races are still available to book through a travel agency (2-night stay minimum package). 

Let me know if I can help you runDisney by completing this form!

2020 runDisney Half Marathon Medal

Marathon Medals for 2020 runDisney Weekend

It’s a spinner!

Mickey Mouse 2020 runDisney Marathon medal

Minnie Mouse 2020 runDisney Marathon medal

Dopey Medals for 2020 Weekend

Dopey Medal 2020

Dopey Medal 2020

Goofy’s Race and A Half for 2020 (15th Anniversary!) 

Goofy Medal 2020

Castaway Cay Challenge Medal

Earning this bling is probably my favorite thing ever. 

runDisney at Walt Disney World then hop on the Disney Dream and run at Castaway Cay? 

Gotta love the Castaway Cay Challenge cruise!

Castaway cay Medal 2020


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Sunday 5th of January 2020

I totally agree the medals are so lame. For what it costs to run these races you would think they could at least have someone design some awesome medals that will most likely hang in people's homes. The spinner type of medal is overplayed and wish they would do something that had some more pizazz. I think the goofy challenge medal is super disappointing especially since it's an anniversary year.

Mike Yestrumsky

Friday 13th of September 2019

My faughter who will run then full race pacage is EXTREMELY disappointed with the Dopey Medal. They've broken with tradition and taken the crystal eyes out of Dopey.

I'm a stockholder and even I think that they're cheap, penny-pinching bas#%@s.

Patty Holliday

Sunday 15th of September 2019

I've heard people are disappointed with this years crop too. I wish they were more appealing to her!