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2021 runDisney Registration Tips

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runDisney registration just got a lot more streamlined! Here are the runDisney Annual Passholder registration dates plus the important runDisney registration tips.

Running a Disney race but not sure how to register? Here are all the tips you need to win that first race: runDisney registration. All the races follow this basic registration process: Princess Half, Tink Half, Walt Disney World Marathon, Star Wars, Wine and Dine, Avengers, and Disneyland Half weekends.

2021 runDisney Registration Tips

Change is good and with runDisney it is inevitable. That’s a good thing. Usually. Ha!

While they are still popular destination races, it feels like the race to register for runDisney has slowed down to a leisurely pace.

Or has it? 

In this current time of race cancellations around the country, it seems that runDisney might still be running strong. And if they are the only race in town (badumbum!) that might make registrations go FAST. 

Some races continue to sell quickly (looking at you, Wine and Dine!) and with the 2021 race registrations opening soon, you’ll want to be prepared. 

Being ready and utilizing these runDisney registration tips will help the process go smoothly. 

NOT a smoothie! HA!
NOT a smoothie! HA!

Registration Tip 1: Book In Advance With a runDisney Travel Agent

Because then you can skip all the other drama that comes with race registration. 

And you save the 6.6% fee you’ll have to pay when you register on runDisney.

All you need for a runDisney package is a 2-night stay on property (no Shades of Green, no Swan and Dolphin, and no DVC bookings eligible, however). 

The link below takes you to a quote form or feel free to email [email protected] 

2020-2021 runDisney Race Packages

running with mickey patty holliday rundisney travel agent

Registration Tip 2: Set Your Account Up In Advance

If you don’t have a account, go ahead and get one set up now. 

  • Go to
  • Click the Help & Support Tab
  • Click through to Manage Account

Fill out the profile information completely.

Registration Tip 2: Be Prepared

You’ll need to block out some time in your day for registration. It can happen quickly, or you might be in the virtual waiting room for a few hours. 

Yep- hours. 

Make sure you also have proof of time information for anyone running the half marathon or longer distances (including a webpage link for results to the race), t-shirt sizes, and date of birth.

You can register more than one person at a time, but runDisney prefers to have each adult on their own account.

But when you are trying to beat out others, if each adult cannot log in on their own, go ahead and move forward on one account. 

2020-2021 runDisney Registration tips you need! Dates and details to run Disney. Here's what you need to know about the running races at Disney World! Princess Half, Marathon weekend, Wine and Dine and Star Wars races are going on sale soon.

Registration Tip 3: Go Go Go! 

Registration opens at 10 am ET but sometimes you can get started just a few minutes early. 

So start refreshing just in case you can slip in if they open the widow at 9:55 am for example. 

Once you are in the queue to register, DO NOT REFRESH. 

You can open another browser and check out these fun runDisney memes, however! 

Inside Out stages of runDisney registration memes

Registration Tip 4: Prioritize By Race

Races sell out quickly depending on the distance. 

Recent years show the 5K and 10K stand-alone races sell the fastest.

Challenges and kid’s races are next.

Half marathons and the full marathon usually hang around for quite a while.

Put the most popular races (ie, the 5Ks) into the cart first and then add the others. 

After you fill your first registration, you can choose to “add another registration” at the bottom of the page and go on to add another race or another participant. 

Star Wars race weekend sell out

Back in the day, runDisney gave us a countdown along with a race fulfillment bar. No longer- your guess is as good as mine!

Registration Tip 5: You Can Use Gift Cards As Form of Payment

But as always, make it quick, people! 

Using one payment is the only option, but it can be a gift card for runDisney races.

Make sure the card has plenty of room on it over the amount of the races AND the fee. Don’t forget: unless you book with a travel agent for runDisney races, there will be a 6.6% fee added to the checkout.

More runDisney Registration Tips

I also wanted to point out a great resource for the new runDisney runner.

I put together this mega-post of runDisney experiences. If this is a new thing for you or if you just need a refresher on what to expect at a runDisney racecation, then please go check it out!

There are links to running costumes, past years Event Guides and corral tables, course maps, and a lot more.

The Ultimate Guide to Magical Miles

Video Walk Through for runDisney Registration

This video shows the process of what to expect with runDisney registration online.

Here’s what you can expect to see when it comes to runDisney registrations.

Additionally, I have a few tips for runDisney registration that I think can help you prepare for the process.

  • If someone else registers you, you can have access to that information on your own. You will need to have the individual who paid for the registration send an email (and cc: a second registrant who wants to manage their own registration) via the Contact Us section on giving permission to unlink the registrations. Please include the specific event category and participant information in the email. You will then be notified by Technical Support when complete or if they have any questions regarding the request.
  • Social media is your friend. If you are not in a runDisney group on Facebook such as my group No-Guilt Disney, be sure to follow runDisney on Twitter. The links to register tend to show up in the groups first, so you might want to find a good one to join (and we love runDisney run around here!).
  • Don’t enter your proof of time if you are worried about losing your spot; you can go back and add it after you register by editing your info through the runDisney portal.
  • If you are shut out of a race, you have options! Be sure to visit this post talking about how to register for a sold out runDisney racerunDisney Charities and travel providers (ahem- ME!) might still have bibs available. All bibs do require a 2-night stay package and we cannot “waive” that for a bib only option. 
  • Be sure to reach out to us and let us know what you need. We are thrilled to help you run Disney.  [email protected] is the best contact for me OR fill out this “request a quote” form.

Note to AP and DVC members: there are a very small amount of bibs released for early registration, so don’t sweat it if you can’t get one. There will be plenty on public registration day. 

Step By Step runDisney Annual Passholder Registration Process

I just went through the registration process for the Marathon weekend as an AP holder.

Please note: You CAN register a non-AP holder under the AP account. It just asked who you were registering for and you could put in a child, spouse, friend, etc.

Here’s what happened:

I started on and the Marathon weekend website. I had already created my runDisney account (or in my case, just used the same Disney account I use for My Disney Experience).

Under registration, there was a highlighted section that took me to the Walt Disney World Annual Passholders website.

early registration rundisney

First, you are taken to an Annual Passholder benefits page. You can see all the special events and opportunities for an AP at Disney World on this page.

Scrolling down a bit landed me to the runDisney portion. I clicked on that and found this page.

On the right-hand side, you will see the Register Now button.

Disney World passholder benefit page runDisney


Clicking that took me to the actual link page on where I was able to choose which race I wanted to register for.

This is where the live registration links lived, but it looks like you needed to go through the other steps to gain access to his page.

I clicked the link for the 10K race and ended up here.

Yup, the Virtual Waiting Room is back!

rundisney passholder virtual Queue

I switched over to mobile because screenshots are easier there. Ha.

When my wait time was over, I was able to choose who I wanted to register. And there are options; so you aren’t locked into just another AP holder according to the website.

rundisney registration tips screen shot

After putting in all the usual information, I noted at the bottom of the screen that I could add another participant to the same checkout.

This is great for families and friends who want to ensure that everyone gets in!


rundisney registration tips screen shot

When I clicked next, I was taken to the merchandise screens. I just moved through them and didn’t purchase anything for my fake friend Lisa. #SorryLisa

On to the payment screens, I went.

Note the highlighted portion: here is the point of no return on changes. You’d have to reenter the line if you forgot a race once you moved past this point.

rundisney registration tips screen shot

As noted above, runDisney registration can only be paid with one form of payment.

So get those gift cards combined if you plan to use them!

rundisney registration tips screen shot

Not too bad a process, though there were some issues reported with certain browsers not showing submit buttons!

Dopey runners were asked for the estimated finish times of ALL their races; so make a not of that change this year.

What Happens When a runDisney Race Sells Out?

You’ll still have some options. 

Here’s what you need to know about registering for a sold-out runDisney race. 

Mark Your Calendars 2020-2021 runDisney Registration Dates

As a reminder, all races still are scheduled for this season as planned, and here are the revised runDisney calendar for the 2020-2021 runDisney Walt Disney World race event weekends.

runDisney 101 Podcasts

If you are new to runDisney- or if it’s been a while!- listen to these runDisney 101 Podcast episodes. 

More runDisney Posts You’ll Love

If you need all things runDisney, you’ve come to the right place!

Here you’ll find a list of important runDisney posts that will help you run the next Disney World race- where every mile is magic!

All the tips you need for the expo, corrals, bibs, costumes and more.


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Friday 1st of June 2018

Bibs are TRANSFERABLE through the travel agency?! You just have to find someone to transfer to that will be subject to the same ticket and resort requirements? Are you able to cancel your hotel? (up to some given date of course) this could be just the thing for my autoimmune flare up prone self. Please tell me I understood correctly. Thanks for passing on the rundisney update.


Friday 1st of June 2018

Yes! Through the runDisney contracted registrations you can transfer a bib if needed. Travel Agents can also sell standard runDisney packages that do not offer bib transfers, so be sure you know which product you are purchasing. And yes the person you find would also have to purchase the resort and tickets, but they don't have to be your exact dates or package. You can cancel the hotel up to 30 days out. Hope this helps!

Liza Lewis

Friday 1st of June 2018

I only do travel agents now for the races - too much stress and time otherwise. Thanks for a great Princess weekend, Patty!


Friday 1st of June 2018

Thanks Liza! I love sending people on these racecations, as you know. :)


Sunday 12th of June 2016

I have to be honest, registering with charities (AND travel agents) is increasingly appealing!!!