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2018 runDisney Race Calendar

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Welp- I won’t lie. This 2018 runDisney race calendar is a tad bit depressing.

But here it is, folks!


2018 runDisney Race Calendar


With the news that was announced recently about all runDisney Disneyland races being put on hiatus, there was some small hope that Disney World would get an extra race to make up for it.

I personally didn’t see how that could happen due to the weather and crowd issues at WDW already, but hey, there was also a small hope something might come out of it.

So this tells us everything we needed to know for 2018 – 2019.

I’ll be watching the groups and the races to see how this works out for runDisney.

The early races (Marathon weekend and Princess Half weekend for 2018) have sold out, but Star Wars Dark Side is still wide open.


2018 runDisney Race Calendar


I’m a bit concerned that this might be a blow to their current fan base, and with the half marathon running wave in decline… it could be a blow for runDisney’s bottom line as well.

But we shall see how things suss out over time!

How are you feeling about the changes?

Has runDisney crushed your Disney running loving mojo or are you still in it as long as there’s a castle to run through?

I still think it’s going to be OK.

It bites, but in the end, the community will survive.


2018 runDisney Race Calendar



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