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Enchanted 10K Recap 2015 | Princess Half Marathon

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The Princess Half Marathon weekend is the one runDisney race I can’t seem to stop attending.

No, really, I’ve tried.

Maybe not very hard, but I did consider NOT running it for 2015.  I then made the same vow for 2016 (and yes- I’m already signed up!).

If you plan on signing up for your first Princess weekend (registration opens Tuesday!) then rest assured: you are in for an event like no other.  Check out my post that gives you an honest rundown of the Princess Weekend and make sure it *IS* the type of race you want to run.

GSC medals 2015

By the way, for those that are believers in rumors and conspiracy theories: the fact that I’ve signed up for PHM again is a sure bet that runDisney will announce the much-discussed east coast Star Wars race.

I kept saying I wanted to only make one race trip to WDW this year and hoped to hold out for Star Wars.  But I didn’t, because I’m weak and love being called Princess.

BAM- Star Wars will be announced next week.

You’re welcome.

But back to the Glass Slipper Challenge of 2015…

The Enchanted 10K Recap

I run the Princess events with my best runner friend (BRF) Julie.  We seem to have this down to a science:  we both legitimately train for January races, then stop training, and count on muscle memory and sheer “BTDT” willpower will get us through the Princess weekend.

Do me a favor?  Don’t do this. It’s much more fun to run races confidently and pain-free.

So far, it’s worked though.  Barely.

Julie and I were joined on the 10K course with our Disney Parks Moms Panelist buddies Diane and Susan.

We chose 15-second run 45-second walks for our intervals.  Partly this was to conserve energy for the half and partly this was due to my complete and utter out of shape condition.  Ahem.  I’m thankful for friends who forgive me for sucking at times.

When we got to the staging area we were met with a nice surprise. runDisney made some major improvements to the early morning corral call.

PHM 15.5

They had food trucks out!  Cupcakes, breakfast items, and most importantly…coffee.

AND they took our magic bands.  Huzzah!

Julie and I went with an Incredibles theme: I was Edna Mode and she rocked the Mrs. Incredible look.

phm 15.1

As you can tell by the arm warmers, tights, and stylish jacket wrapped around my race, it was a chilly morning.  I don’t remember the exact temperature, but knowing me it must have been in the lower 40s.  I’m comfortable in bare legs and arms when it’s 50 or above.

This 10K is one of my least favorites… until we hit Epcot.  Then it quickly changes into one of my favorites.  So it’s a worst of times best of times kind of race.

The front half of the course consists of a parking lot (bah) & the highway.  There were a few characters out and we stopped for the White Rabbit.


We decided the lines were not worth waiting in out on the highway so we skipped the other characters.

Once we got into Epcot we made quite a few stops and took pictures of the gorgeous sunrise.  That sunrise over the lagoon makes the World Showcase one of the best places to run at Walt Disney World.

The path is also mostly flat (moderate inclines) and the course is wide enough to accommodate Princess level crowds.

I put on the brakes when we saw Marie in France.  I’ve always missed this picture opp- but NOT TODAY!

PHM 15.2

As we rounded the corner at the Boardwalk we saw baseball Donald waiting for us- no line!

So heyyyy Donald!

We stopped a lot during the Enchanted 10K.  We were in NO hurry on this one!

Why was there no line?

Because everyone was waiting back at Royal Minnie- that line was crazy long. By far, this was the longest line I saw on the course all weekend.

And it’s Julie’s “white whale” of characters. Butttt… we just couldn’t take the risk of stopping for this one.

She settled for the far off photobomb selfie.

PHM 15.3

Back on the Boardwalk we were THRILLED to see some Moms Panel friends out cheering.  Bless these girls, they got up early, made signs, and cheered all 7,500 runners to the very end.

DisBroad & Disney MP Tania had the best sign out there and it went Insta-famous.

signs phm 10K

We made it around the Boardwalk, high-fived Susan’s family (who wondered if she was doing ok since she was WAY behind pace- the perils of running with the slow crowd!) and headed back into Epcot for the finish-line.

Guys.  You know one of my biggest dreams is to be on the Disney Parks Moms Panel.

Here’s why.

They are the best.  Not only are they the experts on all things Disney, but the panel attracts generous and loving people.

First of all, there was Susan and Diane slowing down to run with Julie and I- just for funsies.  I love it when the faster runners are happy to take a back seat and enjoy our shenanigans!

PHM 15.8

Then a whole crew of the Moms Panelists were out at the Boardwalk to cheer us on.

Amy M, Amy H (aka Cruella), Tania, and Jen:  THANK YOU!  You brought a HUGE smile to our faces and we loved the hugs.

But wait- there’s more!  At the finish line was none other than the runDisney Mom, Faith, waiting for us to pass by!

PHM 15.4

With that quick hug from Faith, we finally finished the 10K.

We were all smiles with our fabulous Enchanted medals.


The race was more a fun walk through the park with friends than a serious race.  But that’s pretty much how I roll through Disney these days!

Diane and I had a special high-five moment.  With the completion of this race, we were half-way to a couple of our goals:  the Glass Slipper Challenge AND the Castaway Cay Challenge.  We were almost there… almost there…

Are you running the Enchanted 10K this year?  What part do you most look forward to?

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Wednesday 15th of July 2015

I think you rock, Patty! I'll never forget when we "met" in 2010, both training for the 2011 Princess - you run that thing prego with #OhLucy :)


Monday 13th of July 2015

Whoa! Star Wars is announced next week?!?!?

Oh dear. Currently dying with excitement.


Monday 13th of July 2015

Oh that's me just being silly. It stands to reason that IF there is another race coming they will wait to announce until after the princess sign up. I really don't know when or even if it is happening. But... Strong rumors say it's coming.


Monday 13th of July 2015

Yes! I LOVE the PHM Weekend, too. 2016 will make three years straight for the Glass Slipper Challenge. I love the girl-power atmosphere of these races. I have to limit myself to one runDisney race a year (for now), but may try to save my pennies to run Wine & Dine next year, too. (Unless there is an east coast Star Wars race -- then all bets are off!)


Monday 13th of July 2015

It's hard to pick and choose! :)


Sunday 12th of July 2015

We love you!! <3


Sunday 12th of July 2015

Smooches my friend!