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You Can Do This (Almost) All Day: Your Guide to Securing a Seat For Rogers: The Musical

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Fans of the Disney+ series Hawkeye are rejoicing in the news: Rogers: The Musical is real and it is fabulous! But how can you make sure you get a seat to the hottest show in Disneyland this summer? Here’s your guide to Rogers: The Musical with step-by-step instructions on navigating the virtual queue, premium seat package, and standby line.

guide to rogers the musical at disney california adventure
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About Rogers: The Musical

As part of the Disney100 celebration, Disneyland Resort presents “Rogers: The Musical” – an all-new, one-act musical theater production – at the Hyperion Theater in Disney California Adventure Park for a limited time, June 30 through Aug. 31, 2023.

A classic tale of heroes, time travel, and romance, the approximately 30-minute show features a talented cast of singers and dancers telling the story of Steve Rogers – Captain America, joined by Peggy Carter, Nick Fury, and select members of the Avengers.

The real-life production of “Rogers: The Musical” draws inspiration from the fictional Broadway musical theater sequence featured in the first episode of the Disney+ series “Hawkeye.”

“Rogers: The Musical” is scheduled to perform several times per day, Tuesday through Saturday most weeks during its limited-time engagement. 

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3 Ways To Get Seats To Rogers: The Musical At Disney California Adventure

After a very long closure, the Hyperion Theater at Disney California Adventure is full of music once again.

And this time: they can do this all day! (Okay, so they also used to do it all day with Aladdin and Frozen as well, but you know… we had to do it.)

We’re celebrating the re-opening of the Hyperion with this Guide to Rogers The Musical to help you score seats to this limited-time show.

In this guide to Rogers the Musical, we’ll cover the three ways you can get seats to watch the show: virtual queue boarding group process, premium seating package, and the standby line.

rogers the musical virtual queue tips and hacks

1. Guide To Rogers: The Musical: Use The Virtual Queue Process

Our first tip for watching Rogers The Musical: hack your way into a virtual queue (or boarding group- the terms can be used interchangeably).

Each day that “Rogers: The Musical” is scheduled to perform, distribution for the complimentary virtual queue will begin at 10:30 a.m. PT for the first two show times of the day and 2 p.m. PT for the remaining show times of the day.

So you’ll have 2 chances at the Virtual Queue for this show.

Here are the secret tips and hacks to get a boarding group for Rogers The Musical.

These tips and hacks were successfully used for previous boarding groups such as Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, Rise of the Resistance, WEB Slingers, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure.

rogers the musical hyperion star spangled man

Tips To Grab a Boarding Group For Rogers: The Musical At Disney California Adventure

  • Turn off Wifi. For most locations, WiFi will slow you down. Unless your phone is showing 1 or 2 bars, turn off Bluetooth and WiFi for this process. Close all background apps on your phone as well; let your phone know the only thing that matters is getting a Rogers The Musical boarding group.
  • Most Guests have two chances to get a boarding group: 10:30 am and 2:00 pm PT. You have to be in the park for both of these attempts. Typically, afternoon showtimes seem to be easier to come by than a morning boarding group. Reminder: you cannot park hop at Disneyland until 11 am! So choose your park reservations accordingly if you want to attempt the first boarding group.
  • Confirm your boarding group party up to an hour before. In the app, navigate to the virtual queue and confirm who will be in your party that day. Remove anyone who is connected with you via the app, but does not plan on riding that day. Please note: everyone in your party will need a theme park reservation for Disney California Adventure and will need to have checked into the park if you are trying for the 10:30 am option.
  • Set an alarm on your phone for 10:28 am. Trust us, that’s all you need. Once the alarm goes off, open your Disneyland app and navigate to the virtual queue page. Click Join Virtual Queue. It will be too soon to get your Rogers The Musical boarding group, but you will be in the right place. You’ll see the “Confirm Your Party” button. This goes away when the virtual queue is open.
  • Refresh Refresh Refresh! Hit the refresh button or drag your finger down the screen to refresh your virtual queue page. Do this repeatedly until the time changes to 10:30 am and the Join Queue button is highlighted.
  • When you see Join Virtual Queue replace Confirm Your Party, make like Hulk and SMASH that button! That will (fingers crossed) be the final step to hacking your way to a Rogers The Musical boarding group.
  • Check your show time. The app will notify you when the line is open and ready for your return. You do not get to choose which show you want to attend, so keep this in mind when entering the VQ. The morning VQ is for the first 2 shows, the afternoon one is for the later shows.
rogers the musical virtual queue tips

More Tips For The Rogers The Musical Virtual Queue

1. Some sites suggest using the USNO Master Clock to determine the EXACT time. You’ll want to watch this clock until 10:29:59 and then hit that refresh button.

However, using the refresh drag-down plan worked every morning and afternoon for us with other virtual queues.

2. Rogers The Musical Virtual Queue Tip: The newest phone typically wins! If you have more than one cell phone in your group, have EVERYONE try at the same time.

3. If you don’t get into the first queue, go ahead and set an alarm on your phone for 1:58 pm and try again for the afternoon. Everyone in your party must have entered Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure before they can be added to the virtual queue.

Rogers the musical premium seating lanyard. gold with black lettering. guide to Rogers the Musical with step-by-step instructions on navigating the virtual queue, premium seat package, and standby line.

2. Guide To Seeing Rogers: The Musical: Purchase Premium Seating

Another option that will work for some guests is to purchase a premium seating package for Rogers The Musical.

The Premium Viewing Experience package can be purchased from the Studio Catering Co. Truck in Hollywood Land. This is located near the bathrooms of Hyperion Theater.

We’ll be upfront about this one: it’s not for everyone for a few reasons.

  • It’s super limited. Only about 100 people per show will be able to snag the premium seating package.
  • It will cost $29 per person for the premium seating package for Rogers: The Musical. If you have a big group, this may not align with your Disney dollar spending plan.
  • You’ll need to be in the park at Rope Drop. That means late sleepers need not apply! You’ll also stand in a few lines before you actually achieve your goal of purchasing the premium seating package and you will need the full party with you. You can’t send Dad in early to score the seats: everyone will need to be in the park for this package.
rope drop rogers the musical premium seating package line.

What You’ll Get In The Rogers: The Musical Premium Seating Package

If you can handle all of the above, here’s what you get with the premium seating package for $29 per person (no discounts are accepted at this time).

  • Access to lounge seating before the show
  • Priority choice of seating in the theater
  • A “Rogers: The Musical” popcorn bucket with kettle corn and a choice of bottled beverage
  • A souvenir lanyard
  • Access to a unique photo opportunity
rogers the musical premium seating package wristband

Guests will go to Stage 12 at the Hyperion Theater to check in up to 90 minutes before their showtime and will be let into the theater about 30 minutes before the show begins

On opening day, all packages sold out by 8:50 am (the line opened at 8 am).

But this really does look like the best option to make sure you get a seat.

Keep this in mind: if you want this package, you will need to show up early and pack some patience for the lines you’ll encounter, at least for the first couple weeks of the show.

rogers the musical premium line

Is The Premium Seating Package For Rogers: The Musical Worth It?

As always when it comes to answering this question, your mileage may vary.

Do we think the premium searing package for Rogers the Musical is worth it?

As huge Steve Rogers fangirls: YES. For us, absolutely we’ll pay for it at least once.

We would say the $29 is well spent to ensure we had one viewing of this Broadway-caliber show.

Do we think the popcorn bucket or lanyard is super special? No, no we don’t.

We honestly feel Disneyland dialed it in on the merchandise for this limited-time event. Perhaps because it is a limited-time event (so they say- we’re holding out hope for an extension!) they chose not to put too much into this launch.

rogers the musical merch

We would have thrown some money at a great Rogers: The Musical Playbill hoodie, Corkcicle water bottle or Loungefly bag. Just sayin’!

Time is money at Disneyland and if we can limit how much time we’d have to wait in the Standby line, we would spend the money for it. About that Standby option…

3. How To Use The Standby Line For Rogers: The Musical

Unlike most of the Virtual Queue attractions at the Disney parks, Rogers: The Musical will also have a standby line.

But please note: the standby line will be the absolutely last folks seated.

As a Cast Member told our friend, “Standby is a total crap shoot.” Yikes.

It’s essentially going to fill in the seats that virtual queue winners don’t use.

You could, in fact, stand in a line and be denied entry to the show.

The Standby line will not open until about an hour before the show, so you also will not be able to “do (standby) all day.” (Listen, we love that Steve Rogers line so much that we will, in fact, use it all day.)

guide to rogers the musical: hulk smash

No, But Really: Can You Do This Show All Day?

In theory, yes!

You could snag a premium viewing package in the morning.

Then score a Virtual Queue at either 10:30 am or 2 pm. (You can’t get into both, just one.)

And finally, stand in line for any standby show you don’t have a premium viewing package or VQ for.

One reminder: you cannot choose your VQ return time. You can, however, choose your premium viewing package time as long as later shows are still open.

If you want to do both VQ and a premium time, consider booking for an afternoon premium seat and entering the early VQ.

We hope this Guide to Rogers: The Musical helps you get the great seats you’re looking for!

As a reminder, this show will only run through August 31st.

Avengers fans: ASSEMBLE!

rogers the musical hyperion

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