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WATCH: Rogers: The Musical From D23 Expo and Sing-Along With The Lyrics

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When Hawkeye’s first trailer came out, we all fangirl squealed over sighting Rogers The Musical on Broadway. Look, it’s no tick…tick… BOOM! but Broadway stans are HERE FOR IT. Now you can sing-along with the lyrics from Rogers The Musical on Hawkeye. Bonus: We have footage from the full performance of Rogers: The Musical ‘I Can Do This All Day’ from D23 Expo!

hawkeye Rogers the Musical Lyrics

Sing-Along With The Lyrics From Rogers The Musical On Hawkeye

It’s here!

And it’s gloriously awful. Tony award-winning this is not- unless Tony Stark is giving himself one.

But we can’t stop singing along with the lyrics from ‘Rogers The Musical’ on the Hawkeye series.

Here are the quotes from Hawkeye that will have you singing along as well.

As the posters around the theater remind us, Rogers The Musical:

Captures the heart of a hero.
An All-American Musical for an All-American Hero.
A timeless story of a timeless hero

rogers the musical lyrics from Hawkeye
  • All: Help us win! Save us all from the state we’re in
  • Man: Things look dark but I know this can’t be the end.
  • All: There’s a future I know that
  • Man: With the strength you bring us we’ll rise again
    Avengers unite cause we’ve all got to hear you say
  • Captain America: I could do this all day!
  • All: Save the City
    Save us all from the state we’re in
    The Hulk is incredible
    Smashing things up
    While Iron Man takes to the sky
    Captain America’s strong
    And that Thor is a god
    And Lord knows they’re easy on the eyes!
    Black Widow’s a knockout who can knock you out!
    And when Ant-Man flies you won’t hear a sound!
  • Captain America: Get the Tesseract. The battles just begun
  • Black Widow: We’ll conquer the Chitauri
  • Iron Man: Then get shawarma when we’re done!
  • Hawkeye: Just how are we to fight them
  • Captain America: We’ll fight them as a team, Natasha that’s your cue
    Then Hawkeye hit the bullseye there’s no better shot than you!
    Tony you’ve got nukes to catch
    Be careful not to crash.
    And Hulk you know the magic word is
  • All: Hulk you know the magic word is- Hulk you know the magic word is!
  • Hulk: Smash! Smash! Smash!
  • All: City’s trashed when you take your bow.
    We’ll blame you then, but you’re good for now!
    Avengers unite! Cause we’ve got to hear you say
  • All: got to hear you – got to hear you- got to hear you say
  • Captain America: I can do this all day!

Now you too can sing along with the Lyrics From Rogers The Musical!

Bonus Content | Rogers: The Musical Full Performance D23 Expo 2022

It’s wild, but fans were treated to the full performance of the song at the D23 Expo.

This footage was provided by @dvc_chris on Twitter. Give him a follow!

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Sunday 9th of January 2022

*cue, not queue. THANKS for posting the full lyrics!

Patty Holliday

Monday 10th of January 2022

Doh! Thank you! That's what you get when you type and sing :P