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2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend Medals: Booyah, the 90s Are Representing!

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Listen, we’ve seen and heard it all about runDisney medals. They’re fabulous- they suck- they’re boring- they’re amazing- etc etc etc. But we’ve never seen anything like the 2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend Medals. As the 90s kids used to say: BOOYAH! Here’s what you’ll earn for running these races at Walt Disney World in January 2023.


2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend Medals

Love or hate them, the runDisney medals are always a topic of discussion.

Especially the marathon weekend medals since this is often a first marathon or first big challenge race runners attempt.

The 2023 runDisney Marathon Weekend medals are here, and they are… something else!

90s kids are gonna love them.

The rest of us might be thinking, “get off my lawn!” cause these are loud.

And a total 180 from the classy designs of the 2022 runDisney Marathon Weekend medals.

What do you think? Are you earning any of these?

Join us in the Facebook group to discuss!

runDisney 2023 5K Marathon Weekend Medal

2023 rundisney marathon 5K medal

runDisney 2023 10K Marathon Weekend Medal

2023 rundisney marathon 10K medal

runDisney 2023 Half Marathon Weekend Medal

2023 rundisney marathon half medal

runDisney 2023 Marathon Weekend Medal- 30 Years Running

2023 marathon medal runDisney 30 years running

runDisney 2023 Goofy Marathon Weekend Medal

2023 marathon goofy medal rundisney

runDisney 2023 Dopey Marathon Weekend Medal

2023 marathon dopey medal rundisney 10 years of Dopey

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