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How To Make a Convincing Argument For runDisney- A PowerPoint Presentation

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We’ve all been there: a spouse or bestie needs  alittle nudge to make your runDisney race weekend dreams come true! A few weeks ago a fellow runner shared her PowerPoint slide presentation on why her family should runDisney this year. And I’ll admit, it was a convincing argument for runDisney! Take notes in case you need to employ these tactics for your next runDisney race weekend negotiation.


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Look, not everyone is on board with the cost and travel and training that goes into a runDisney weekend. Sometimes people need a little extra convincing!

Around here, we are clearly not those people. Ahem.

But I had to laugh out loud when I saw an actual slide presentation posted in one of the runDisney Facebook groups a few weeks ago. 

I reached out to the writer, Angela Benton, to get the story behind the slides. She has a great sense of humor (and so does her family!) as you’ll see! Here’s what she had to share about her tongue-in-cheek PowerPoint slide presentation. 

why you should rundisney a powerpoint presentation

How To Make a Convincing Argument For runDisney

By Angela Benton

I am a recent PhD grad (Microbiology and Immunology). I started running as a way to deal with the stress of graduate school.

When I first started (July 4th weekend of 2017 in central MS… what in the actual hell was I thinking) I could barely run around our 0.5 mile block without feeling like I was d.y.i.n.g.

But my sister had offered to pay for the 2018 Fairytale Challenge for my 30 birthday present so I was determined to stick with it. I stumbled across Jeff Galloway run/walk and sprint training, then changed my diet a little here and there.

I signed up for 5ks and 10ks. By the time February 2018 rolled around I was 48 lbs lighter and so confident! I loved every magical mile. I have since run 4 more 1/2 marathons (PR’d the last one by 13 minutes), countless 5ks and a handle full of 10ks since.

The slide show was kind of a joke to/for/at my husband.

why you should rundisney a powerpoint presentation

He is a data analyst for a large company, so he deals with large number sets and information all day. He has also been listening to me practice my “job talks” and dissertation defense for months at this point so I thought this would be a welcomed change.

To be fair, I made him a margarita first!

He has never been to Disney, so this was my way of “convincing” him to go and run a race with me. My sweet husband is an actual unicorn!

He would never not let me do any race, this was all in good fun… mostly making fun of how many presentations I have made him sit through.

why you should rundisney a powerpoint presentation

He has made me supper at 2 am, brought me lunch, washed my clothes, held me while I cried, and much more during the last 5 years of a very strenuous doctoral program that is wrapping up in 3 weeks. I would not have gotten my degree without him.

My new job starts 5 days after graduation, so we aren’t getting to do the big graduation trip we planned.


You can check out the full Why We Should runDisney PowerPoint presentation here.

Ahhh man, I love this! Not that you don’t get to run, but that you had a little fun with the presentation. And congrats on the degree AND job!

Angela, you have a great man, and I hope you guys get your runDisney racecation soon!4

ps- I love the bargaining chip slide the most. HA! 

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