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Oswald Are You Serious?! 2019 Walt Disney World Marathon Medals

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The Disney news is flowing today! Check out the 2019 Disney World Marathon medals from the Disney Parks Blog. GUYS: OSWALD! 


I’m so excited to see these come out today! I needed a little runDisney inspiration this morning- and this totally sealed the deal.

2019 Disney World Marathon weekend medals have been released- and I love them.

I know not everyone digs the circles, but I sure do. And I’m particularly loving the change in the Marathon medal for this year.

But nope- not running that one!


2019 Walt Disney World Marathon Medals

All the medals you can earn in one long runDisney weekend!




Pluto is not happening this year. I’m a little bummed by that because I did want a Pluto medal, but…

OSWALD is a most excellent substitute!

How many Oswald costumes do you think we’ll see?



Dopey looks adorable here- and I love how Goofy’s ears are flying!

The Castaway Challenge is my all-time favorite 5K and the blue and yellow of this medal are perfection!



Kids: here’s Pluto!

Mickey and his best pal— love it!



But really, can you believe this medal?

If you are running your first marathon this year, I think you’ve picked a good year to tackle the distance.

What a stunner!

It feels so – I don’t know, substantial?

It’s the gold color scheme they have going on that’s got my eye, anyway!



But back to Oswald… ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!

I know I said it, but really… this is AWESOME. I’m thrilled with the runDisney medals for this race weekend and I hope you are too!

(And the marathon medal almost makes me want to run again. Almost. Okay- not really, I just like shiny things!)


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