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Disneyland Hotel Room Tour: Why Runners Love This Resort!

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When I think Disneyland and nostalgia, the first thing that comes to mind is the Disneyland Hotel. There’s just something about the resort. There are many reasons why runDisney runners and Disney vacationers enjoy this resort, and we’re going to show off a few of them. What’s the best Disney resort for runDisney half marathon weekends at Disneyland? This Disneyland Hotel room tour makes a strong case!

Disneyland hotel pillows- a dream is a wish your heart makes when you are fast asleep. Disneyland Hotel room tour.

Why Runners Love The Disneyland Hotel

You might be a Disneyland Hotel lover if you love the nostalgia of early Disneyland days with a touch of luxury.

For you, chilling at the hotel pool or getting a great meal just a few steps outside your door is key.

We get it- and we’re here to say you make very good choices. As I’ve become a more seasoned Disney traveler (okay, older… I’m getting old over here!) I’ve appreciated where I stay much more.

While making smart financial choices is still key, when it comes to a runDisney weekend, I also like to splurge with a little pampering at the Happiest Place On Earth.

disneyland hotel room tour. 2 queen beds reflected in a mirror.

The Disneyland Hotel is one of our favorite resorts for a runDisney weekend for all those reasons and more. 

It’s also a great place to stay if you are NOT a runner. Disney guests often rank this resort as one of their favorite options when choosing where to stay at Disneyland.

While we love the hotels on S Harbour Blvd in Anaheim, there are some nice perks for staying on Disney property at Disneyland that we think make it worth it. Maybe not for every trip, but when the budget allows, we absolutely think it’s worth the upgrade.

Here’s a Disneyland Hotel room tour from September 2023 to help you decide if staying here is in your future!

disneyland hotel room tour. Disneyland Hotel sign.

Running Trails At Disneyland: Where Can You Get Some Miles In?

Unlike Disney World, there are no distinct jogging trails at Disneyland.

But there are plenty of surface streets you can easily reach to get some miles in.

Running through Downtown Disney will only be an option early in the morning when security is open, so we don’t recommend this as a path. You’d be better off getting miles in running around the theme park and resort rather than through it.

Disneyland hotels map.

From the Disneyland Hotel:

  • You can run a 4.5-mile loop on city sidewalks. Start on Magic Way and turn left to get to S Walnut. Turn right and run Walnut to Ball Street. Take another right and head up over the overpass. Turn right again on Harbour Blvd. Run down Harbour to W Katella. Turn Right again. Take Katella back to Disneyland Drive (you will run past Paradise Pier Hotel and can follow signs back to Disneyland Hotel from there).
downtown disney sign. Things to do in downtown disney with kids at disneyland.

Photo Room Tour of a Disneyland Hotel Standard Room

Disneyland Hotel has a lot going for it as a resort in general: location, location and location are is the big draw.

It’s an easy 6-8 minute walk through Downtown Disney to the theme parks.

And, we love that Monorail access in Downtown Disney. More on that in a bit.

The completely walkable location is one of the main reasons runners think the Disneyland Hotel is the best resort for a runDisney race weekend.

disneyland hotel room tour - pool.

Frontier Tower Standard Room At Disneyland Hotel

Your room will be located in one of the 4 towers at the Disneyland Hotel: Fantasy Tower (the main building), Adventure Tower, Frontier Tower and the new DVC Villas Tower.

You’ll only be in the DVC tower if you specifically book that one; otherwise you have an equal chance to be in the other 3 towers.

With one exception: Club level rooms will be located in the Adventure Tower.

Here are some pics that help you see what you get inside the room. 

We tried to take photos of major elements that matter to Disneyland vacationers- and yes, you runners and your need for coffee were at the top of our list!

Best Disney Resort for runDisney Marathon Weekends: Disneyland Hotel Coffee Maker and Supplies

It’s a single-pod coffee maker at the Disneyland Hotel.

If you need more supplies, just call Housekeeping. 

We tend to use a lot of coffee on race weekends, so we always ask for a big bag of creamer and pods and cups.

disneyland hotel room tour- coffee maker and supplies.

Disneyland Hotel Room Tour: The Beds

We’ve been in love with these beds- namely the headboard– since our first Disneyland Hotel stay in 2012.

You can press a button on the headboard and hear, “A Dream Is A Wish” play as “fireworks” light up. Even as a grown woman, it’s perfectly adorable and I might squeal a bit every single time.

You still get 2 beds in each room (unless you book a King) and you may also get an additional daybed if you book with 5 people.

This room did not have the daybed but have stayed in one before and it’s completely comfortable for a single full size adult.

And all the pillows you could possibly want.

But of course, if you need more: just call Housekeeping and they can deliver.

disneyland hotel room tour. two queen beds with a light up headboard at disneyland hotel.

Disneyland Hotel Room Tour: Bathrooms 

The bathroom in our room was pretty small, but we somehow made it work with 4 women.

It was a split bathroom, allowing someone to get ready in front of the sink while someone else was taking a shower.

There was enough storage underneath the sink for us to spread out as needed.

This makes spreading out as a family or group much easier now that there are more options loaded into the restroom area. 

The powder room and shower are together in one area.

And we have the standard bulk shampoo and conditioner and body wash located here. 

disneyland hotel room tour - bathrooms

Extra Things To Note in the Rooms At The Disneyland Hotel

The room comes with a standard Disney phone, and they actually work. 

We can’t say that for all the phones we’ve used in the Walt Disney World resorts, ahem. 

You also get a chair for additional seating, a safe, a fridge, drawers, a big screen TV, TONS of plugs and USB outlets. 

There were also 2 cozy white robes hanging in the closet!

disneyland hotel room tour (5)

Beyond the Disneyland Hotel Room Tour: Pool, Food, Drinks And Ambiance

Listen, I didn’t have any complaints about staying at the Disneyland Hotel for my last Oogie Boogie Bash trip.

The pool is phenomenal and the food options on property are pretty great.

I had two mobile ordered meals at Tangaroa Terrace (breakfast and lunch- both winners!) and have Goofy’s Kitchen booked for the next trip.

Tangaroa Terrace is a delight at the Disneyland Hotel.

Trader Sam’s is iconic for those over 21 who are looking for a stiff drink and some Tiki Bar vibes.

Our tower was located near the Adventure Lawn Pavillion and we spied more than one couple getting married during our stay!

It was well protected so their events were not interupted by people walking by and it’s a beautiful location.

But what we really enjoyed was the quick and easy walk back to our room at the end of the night.

We got to stay “in the Disney bubble” without crossing Harbour Blvd where we usually stay, taking the magic from the parks all the way to our hotel room evey night.

It was peaceful and lovely, and we really enjoyed hopping on the Monorail for a scenic cruise around the parks.

monorail at disneyland

If you’ve booked the Disneyland Hotel for any visit, you’re in for a real treat. I’ve stayed at all the resorts at Disneyland and Disney World and I rank this one in the top 5. But- I admit we have a significant Disneyland bias! But still- I wouldn’t steet you to an expensive stay for no reason!

The Disneyland Hotel is high on the list when it comes to the best Disney resort for runDisney half marathon weekends because the expo is *usually* held at the hotel. We’re still waiting word on the location for the 2024 race, but fingers are crossed that it will still be at the Disneyland Hotel.

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